4 Summer Photography Project Ideas To Do With The Family

Summer Photography Project Ideas The days are long and hot. The kids have been out of school for a few weeks, and—if it hasn’t hit already—boredom may be setting in.


For those who are searching for some arts and crafts projects to keep everyone cool and entertained in the summer heat, why not take this time to delve into some memories, too?


A summer photography project can be a lot of fun for the whole family. Plus, the following project ideas will help to create priceless memories to look back on in the years to come.


Stage a photo shoot


Lights, camera, action! On those days where it seems like there’s nothing to do, grab a camera and the little ones for a homemade photo shoot.


You can either take the photos outside in the bright natural sunlight or you could set up a mini photo booth indoors. No matter where you set up, we recommend using lots of props and clothes for dress up. The kids will love using the props to get silly with the photos, and it will make for some great candid and authentic smiles.


You can also take this photo shoot session as an opportunity to teach the kids about photography. Show them some settings on your camera, and then let them take a turn at being the artist behind the lens.


Create a photo book


Kids love reading stories and looking through picture books, so why not create a story where they’re the star of the show? Pull together a collection of photos of your son, daughter, niece, grandson—whoever—and make a photo book of their life.


If you’re looking for some photo book services to use, check out our recent article 5 Photo Book Sites for Illustrating Your Memories.


Start a summer photo scavenger hunt


For this project you’ll need to buy a few disposable point-and-shoot cameras and create a list of summer scenes for the hunt.


Get creative with the scenes you want the kids to capture—it could be anything from “a warm wind blowing through the trees” to “a nice place for a picnic.” When the kids are done taking photos of everything on their lists, take them to get the photos printed. They’ll love seeing how their pictures turned out, and you’ll enjoy seeing summer from their perspective.


Sort through those old boxes of photos and send them to ScanMyPhotos


While organizing those photos and sending them in to be scanned may sound like a chore, our customers often tell us how much they enjoyed the process. This project often brings families closer together as they go through those forgotten memories and reflect on all the good times.