5 Ways to Make Graduation Photos Special

grad with blooms 200x300 - 5 Ways to Make Graduation Photos Special

Graduation is one of the most important moments in a person’s life, and photos of this moment remain uniquely untainted. Looking at them years from now, only pride and a sense of accomplishment will last the distance of time.


Unlike weddings, family reunions or photos with your college girlfriends where divorce, family conflict and that time your roommate hooked up with your boyfriend leap to mind with one scroll through your album, graduation photos are forever happy. These days, grads are coming up with creative ways to capture the moment.



PHOTO 1. Find a quiet spot

Maybe it’s a favorite tree under which she got in a lot of reading or the football field where he played. Take the cap and gown-clad grad to a most-frequented site for a personalized touch to the shot.


PHOTO 2. Make it active

Gorgeous portraits of grads gently blowing glitter or rose petals from their hands communicates the magic of the day.


PHOTO 3. Remember the library

College students still use these beautiful spaces to study and learn. Take photos among the stacks or at your grad’s favorite study group table surrounded by books.


PHOTO 4. The cap is key

Grads who decorate their caps are making increasingly elaborate/funny/touching/statement art for all to read. Photograph it on his head from behind, in his hands, and tossing it into the air. Twenty years from now, he’s sure to get a laugh or a warm spark of memory for making a statement about something he cared about.


PHOTO 5. Style a photo that relates to their studies

Is he a sculptor? Snap a photo in his studio or with a work. Did she just earn her M.D? Put a stethoscope over her gown. These extra touches are especially nice for friends and family who couldn’t attend the ceremony.


Wishing all the graduates success and happiness from Scan My Photos!