10 Tips to Make #TBT a Viral Hit

IMG 4225 - 10 Tips to Make #TBT a Viral Hit

10 tips to better enjoy Throwback Thursday by ScanMyPhotos.com. History of #TBT

At ScanMyPhotos.com, we polled 740 customers to find out what their key motivators were for digitizing analog snapshots. We expected to hear many were looking to preserve family history or salvage crumbling photo albums from ‘father time.’

We figured social media would play into their plans, but boy were we surprised. Nearly 45 percent of our new customers traced their motivation back to the viral hit #ThrowbackThursday!

Even pop-star Katy Perry’s family has trusted ScanMyPhotos, as reported in this Forbes article.

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IMG 4222 - 10 Tips to Make #TBT a Viral Hit

10 tips to better enjoy Throwback Thursday. History of #TBT

If you are a social media fan, especially if you love Instagram where the #ThrowbackThursday (#TBT) phenomenon started back in 2011, then you are already familiar with the raucous laughter that this trend brings to the end of a work week. After spending way too much office time surfing #TBT pictures, we realized that folks might like a little creative suggestion to help them make the most of their Thursday photo fun. We are sharing our top 10 considerations for making the most out of  #ThrowbackThursday.

Nothing Beats 80’s Hair – It was the era of the hair band for a reason, 80’s hairdos were totally tubular! Whether you were moussing a teen-angst Mohawk or straightening a mid-life mullet, share the hair man!

IMG 4223 - 10 Tips to Make #TBT a Viral Hit

10 tips to better enjoy Throwback Thursday. History of #TBT

Throwback FAILS – Often the most belly-laughing and nostalgic pictures we have are of life’s less-than-stellar moments, and they make the best #tbt fodder out there, so share the wipeouts and dumb ideas that made for lasting memories.

It’s not all self-deprecating fun – While the low-lights make us laugh, life’s the highlights can make us cry which makes graduations, birthdays and first steps some of the most sighed over #tbt posts every week.

Hit the kids where it will hurt – Whether sharing #tbt on Instagram, Facebook or any other social media site, your kids (and more importantly, their friends) will be watching; so take this weekly opportunity to embarrass the heck out of them with sailor outfits, cute hugging siblings or, for advanced users, the kids with their own hairpocalypse.

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How to Make a DIY Photo Booth for Holiday Parties

Young couple in a Photo Booth party with garland decoration backgroundPhoto booths are all the rage these days. Chances are you’ve seen them popping up at weddings, sweet sixteens, anniversaries, birthdays, block parties, and more. While these booths are typically set up by a professional photographer, it’s possible to have one at your party without the assistance of a seasoned pro.


With the right gear on hand, a DIY photo booth can be easily pulled together. Let’s take a quick walk through what you’ll need to build a fun photo booth for your holiday party.


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How This Gift Can Help a Loved One Re-live All the Good Times


Lois and her mom

In the daily course of our lives, it’s easy to get caught up in the present and focus on the negativity. Job stresses, personal life issues, bills to pay—the list goes on. But in the back of our mind exists millions of moments that when we recall, will bring an instant smile to our face. This is the magic of what pictures can do, and it’s why ScanMyPhotos customer Lois Thar decided to give the gift of the past to her mother for her 85th birthday.


“Mom’s birthday was coming up and we wanted to digitize her old print photos and create a slideshow for her birthday. We got the idea while we were cleaning up her apartment and found this big box of photos and I was like ‘Oookay, what can I do with these?’”


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The Surprise Anniversary Gift that Garnered Happy Tears

anniversary gift

We all know that classic love story where two kids grow up next door to each other and eventually fall in love, get married, and live a happily ever after tale. Well, one ScanMyPhotos customer shared a similar story with us–but with a twist.

Brian Jorgensen and his wife didn’t grow up together in the same sleepy home town. They didn’t share a similar childhood, background, or even culture. But despite their different upbringings, they got together in high school and just recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary where Brian pulled together a very special and touching gift for his wife.

“I was looking to scan the print photos I had of my wife and I so I could surprise her with them for our 20th wedding anniversary party. That’s how I found out about ScanMyPhotos—through a Google search.”

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