Should You Hire a Personal Memoirist to Honor Your Family’s Legacy?

personal memoirist It’s an issue we are all too familiar with here at ScanMyPhotos. Every day we preserve thousands of print photos, videos, and negatives for families who are looking to honor legacies and pass memories and history down to future generations. The tales we’ve heard through the scanning process have been incredible—whether it’s someone’s great grandfather moving across the country on the back of a Harley Davidson or a granddaughter preserving the photo of her great, great, great grandmother taken in the late 1800s.


This is why the New York Times article Have a Story to Tell? Your Personal Memoirist Is Here made an immediate impact on us.


The article itself follows Modern Memoirs, a company based in Amherst, Massachusetts that employs a three-person staff dedicated to assisting clients in the creation of memoirs. They conduct professional interviews, edit and do light fact checking, work on book design, and more.


When Isaac Ehrlich—who is profiled in the NYT article above—is questioned about the price of hiring Modern Memoirs, he responded, “It’s my mother, the cost doesn’t mean anything.”


The DIY memoir approach


While having a professional memoirist service document the legacy of our older generations is appealing, there are other ways to preserve their legacies for years to come.


ScanMyPhotos customer Peter Farnsworth wrote an entire book on how to preserve memories and honor past generations—and he does so in a way grandchildren can connect with. His book, The New Grandparent’s Guide to Technology, can help you find ways to use today’s technologies to create a memoir for a family member you’d like to honor.


Last Thanksgiving, StoryCorps promoted the “Great Thanksgiving Listen” that encouraged families around the world to interview the older generations in our lives and upload the stories to the Library of Congress. In general, recording interviews with older generations is a great way to make sure their story is preserved. You could then create a DVD with these recordings and add photos to the audio as they make sense.


So, whether you decide to create a photo book and accompany it with audio recordings or hire your own personal memoirist, scanning old print photos is the first step to ensuring your family’s memories are preserved. Send them to us to be scanned today.


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