Beyond the Frame: 6 Crafty Photo Ideas to Take Your Pictures to the Next Level

It can be a challenge to find new and creative ways of displaying your photos – there are limits to what one can do with a picture frame. But if you enjoy the occasional DIY project, you can turn your Sunday afternoon into a photo-optimizing bonanza with results that are sure to wow your friends and family.


These crafty photo ideas make for excellent gifts, but beware: you’ll love them so much that you’ll want to keep them for yourself!


1. PVC pipe + photo = vase


We know, it sounds strange. But if you take three varying lengths of PVC pipe and attach them to a base, you’ll have a beautiful set of bud vases to keep as a memento or share with a loved one.


2. Give your wall clock a facelift


Let’s face it: in the iPhone age, wall clocks are mostly decorative. Why not make it official? Replace the face of your existing wall clock with a photo from your collection:


3. Or, scrap your traditional wall clock and create your own


Create your own “clock” by positioning 12 photos on your wall, with clock arms mounted in the middle. Add vinyl décor for extra flair – g

4. Map it out


Whether you’ve spent time backpacking around Europe or road tripping cross-country, incorporating a map is great to display your photos. Use pins and strings to link photos to locations on a map for a fun wall display. Or, cut photos into regional shapes, like states or countries to really make your map pop.


5. Take a page from Sia’s book


You probably can’t swing from it, but you can make a photo chandelier using embroidery hoops, clothespins, and wire. Here’s how!


6. DIY photo coasters


Once you get started on this project you’re going to need a set for your mom. And your aunt. And your friend Trish. So, get the scoop on making your own photo coasters!


But wait, before you start pulling out the crafting supplies, make sure you’ve made a digital backup of print photos – especially any older or vintage photos in your collection. You can easily back up all your prints by sending them ScanMyPhotos and then using the reprints for your project. It truly would be a crime to decoupage the only original copy of your great-great grandmother’s wedding photo!