An 80th Birthday Surprise Becomes the Best Gift of All Time

Finding the perfect birthday gift to give a loved one is always a challenge—especially when that loved one is celebrating their 80th birthday!


So, what do you get the octogenarian that has everything? We recommend a sentimental trip down Memory Lane. At least, that’s what ScanMyPhotos customer Elena Shockman did to great success.


A few months before her 80th birthday, Elena and her grandmother started to work together on their family tree.


“My grandmother and I sat down and went over our family tree that she and her sister had made. As we were going through the print photos of the relatives that went along with the tree, I spotted some really old photos of great, great grandparents and great grandparents. My grandmother told me cute anecdotes and stories to go along with the photos.”


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Should You Hire a Personal Memoirist to Honor Your Family’s Legacy?

personal memoirist It’s an issue we are all too familiar with here at ScanMyPhotos. Every day we preserve thousands of print photos, videos, and negatives for families who are looking to honor legacies and pass memories and history down to future generations. The tales we’ve heard through the scanning process have been incredible—whether it’s someone’s great grandfather moving across the country on the back of a Harley Davidson or a granddaughter preserving the photo of her great, great, great grandmother taken in the late 1800s.


This is why the New York Times article Have a Story to Tell? Your Personal Memoirist Is Here made an immediate impact on us.


The article itself follows Modern Memoirs, a company based in Amherst, Massachusetts that employs a three-person staff dedicated to assisting clients in the creation of memoirs. They conduct professional interviews, edit and do light fact checking, work on book design, and more.


When Isaac Ehrlich—who is profiled in the NYT article above—is questioned about the price of hiring Modern Memoirs, he responded, “It’s my mother, the cost doesn’t mean anything.”


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Customer Reviews; What People Are Saying About ScanMyPhotos?

Each day, we score new raving, loyalist fans and are grateful to all, especially for these below random messages.  Thanks for your feedback and comments on ScanMyPhotos!


How many companies do you know that do not rely on advertising?


At, our source for scoring raving fans and outreach for our e-commerce photo digitizing is from our customers. They are the reason for our 26-years of success. What this means is the money saved by doing no advertising – to promote our photo digitizing services – gets passed back. That is how we can scan about 1,800 pictures with free 3-ways delivery for just $145, and completed in just days, when ordering our popular prepaid fill-the-box service online.



Customer Reviews

Here is a sampling of customer comments we regularly receive.



Great service. Quality scanning
September 02, 2016


I am happy with the quality of the scans. Sent 775 pictures. I would do it again since the DVD loaded on my laptop easily and all I had to do was adjust the photos that needed to be vertical.
August 29, 2016


From the moment they received my order, they notified me of receiving it as well as each step in the process, including making changes or adding to the order with easy convenience. They are excellent in their customer relations.
August 25, 2016


The photos sent to me from ScanMyPhotos on DVD were of excellent quality, and I appreciated them emailing me when they received my order, then emailing me and telling me an update of when to expect my order, and lastly when they sent it out and when I would be receiving it.
August 24, 2016


Love this company!! Great service!!
August 24, 2016


Great service
August 23, 2016


I sent in 3,000 photos, and I am very happy with the way my order was handled. While I haven’t compared photos to make sure they are complete, the quality is what I expected.
August 21, 2016

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During the wildfire season in Southern California, learn how to digitize photo snapshots to protect irreplaceable family pictures.


During wildfire season in Southern California. Residents must be prepared in case their entire collection of irreplaceable family photos are destroyed.

Today, is launching a new walk-in photo scanning service emphasizing quick and affordable scanning of photos, slides, negatives and videos at its Irvine corporate headquarters. Just in time for the threat from those dreaded Southern California wildfires, mudslides and other natural disasters that can destroy precious photo memories forever, comes to the rescue.

“It is important to remember that beyond gathering survival items when preparing for natural disasters such as fires, hurricanes or earthquakes residents should also protect the irreplaceable items in their homes and offices, including photo snapshots,” says Mitch Goldstone, President and CEO,

In the aftermath of a disaster, insurance usually covers the replacement of possessions that have a monetary value yet items with emotional value can never be replaced. Those shoeboxes and albums of family photos tucked away in closets and attics are often overlooked until it is too late. Family photos can also be lost due to neglectful storage, sun exposure, water damage, deterioration and even mischievous young children.

“Preparing for a natural disaster is a year-round imperative. In an instant, when disaster strikes, families risk losing their precious photo memories. Family photographs document lives in a way that material items cannot. Once those photos are destroyed, that part of the family history is lost forever,” said Goldstone.

There is an urgency to preserve photo memories today so it is enjoyed for generations to come. The challenge was the cost and time investment to have it professionally scanned and digitized to post online on sharing sites like, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook or on tablets like Apple’s iPad (r).

How to Preserve Photos?


Reserve a time to walk-in orders by submitting a simple online appointment request. reservations require just one day advance booking prior to dropping off pictures for digitization. CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE A PRIVATE APPOINTMENT

After scheduling an appointment, follow the easy photo preparation guidelines to prepare all those photos, negatives, slides and videos. Orders should be brought to the corporate headquarters in Irvine, CA. Online prepaid fill-the-box and other ecommerce featured services for people outside the local area are available. For walk-in services, photo scanning concierge specialists greet customers with a friendly smile and expert assistance.

Photo Scanning:
Scanning entire generations of family photos just got simpler. An upgrade to professional high resolution 600 dpi scanning is offered along with custom photo index albums and Photo Soap to enhance faded pictures.

35mm Slide Scanning: delicate hand scanning of 35mm slides includes color and density correction for an optimal scan. Digital ICE technology removes dust, dirt and scratches so your images look crisp and clear.

Negative Scanning: delicately hand scans 35mm, 120mm and APS film, correcting each image for color and density using Digital ICE technology to remove dust, dirt and scratches.

Video Transfer:
VHS, VHS-C and Hi8 tapes are professionally digitized to once again enjoy watch those special memories with friends and family. Even 8mm and Super8 film reels and precious moments captured on video can be expertly digitized. Scene-by-scene density adjustment and manual retiming with full frames and chapter selections are offered.
Read source article at Yahoo! News.


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Pinch to zoom in on your favorite Instagram photos and videos

One more reason why we’re HUGE Instagram fans and love their 500 million users who share life’s pictures and special moments.  You can “pinch” to zoom on photos and videos in feed, on profiles and on Explore. Dive into an adorable puppy’s smile or into every detail of your friend’s new shirt. There have been loads of other smart changes including a new way share everyday moments with Instagram Stories. has been a staunch advocate for all the popular photo-sharing apps and is playing a big role in helping to solve their biggest problem.  Users can’t easily upload thousands of analog photo snapshots, but, here’s the fix.




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