Tales From The Pictures We Saved – Episode 2: The Last Gift

tales from the pictures we savedWelcome to this week’s episode of our new podcast: Tales From the Pictures We Saved. 


We’ve spent the past 26 years helping our customers preserve tens of millions of happy memories, milestones, achievements and events—all of which have incredible stories behind each and every photo.


And now we’re eager to share these stories with you.


In this week’s episode one ScanMyPhotos customer assists a family on the creation of a very special gift.


Preview: “A photo is so much more than just a photo—each one is a moment of life and love captured as keepsakes. So if a single photo can mean so much, imagine compiling all the photos you’ve ever taken throughout your life. All those moments, smiling faces, breath-taking scenery, these snippets are like time capsules they help us remember all the good times. It’s hard to even describe how important these photos become—impossible to quantify the value.

Do you have a photo story to share?


tales from the pictures we saved



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How to Photograph Fireworks: 6 Tips from Experts

Fireworks July 4, 2012 in Avalon, NJ

Fireworks July 4, 2012 in Avalon, NJ

July 4th is on Monday – are you ready? If part of your plans include watching a fireworks display and capturing it on film, you’re in luck. I scoured the web for top tips from experts on how to photograph fireworks, and there are 6 basic things they agree on. If I could sum up their advice, it would be this: Prepare beforehand.


Here’s how to photograph fireworks:


1. Use a real camera


You can certainly try to photograph fireworks with your smartphone, but the results will be less than stellar. Your smartphone’s camera is just not designed to take beautiful photos at night from a distance, so leave it at home and bring your real camera.


2. Bring your tripod and a remote release device


Unless you can hold your camera absolutely still for long periods of time, plan to bring your tripod and a remote release device with you. The reason is simple: You’ll need to use a slow shutter speed to let in as much light as possible. If your camera moves at all, its movement will affect the photos – and not in a good way.

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5 Tips for Taking Amazing Underwater Photos

underwater photosWith temperatures around the country going sky-high, let’s take this party down to sea-level. Or, at least, water-level. It’s time to grab an inner tube and head out to the nearest beach or pool – and hey, don’t forget your camera!


Taking photos in the water can be magical – everyday moments become gravity-defying, ethereal masterpieces. Whether you’re capturing shots of goofy kids, tropical fish, or attempting an ultimate ocean selfie, you’re sure to come away with photos (and memories) that you’ll want to hold onto when the days turn colder.


Here are 5 tips for making those underwater photos the best ever:


1. Get a camera that is (truly) water-safe


Waterproof cameras don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg – you can get a disposable one for as little as $6. If you have a little more to spend, here is a list of good options starting at $95. You can also get a special waterproof case for your smartphone, but buyer beware! Not all waterproof cases are meant for extended submersion – read the product specs carefully and do a test first in your sink to make sure all seams are sealed before trying it out in the real world.


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5 Photogenic Vacation Spots to Inspire Your Wanderlust

Photogenic Vacation Spots School is out, the weather is warm, and the urge to call out sick from work is becoming an actual sickness – must be vacation season! Wherever you choose to go, your phone or camera is likely primed to capture every drop of beauty you can squeeze out of your destination.


If you’re still planning your trip this summer, or just need to take 10 minutes to daydream about spectacular vistas, here are five photogenic vacation spots to explore:


1. Cinque Terre, Italy


Cinque Terre (meaning “five lands”) is a cluster of villages along the northwest Italian coast. Visitors to the area who hike between each of the five villages along rustic dirt paths will be rewarded with spectacular views of the colorful, terraced buildings against the backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea. If you make it here, your camera will only stop clicking for as long as it takes to eat a bowl of pasta al pesto.


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Cool Summer Photo Projects

Scan My Photos
The ScanMyPhotos.com Journal:

Looking for a cool summer project for the long hot days?

35MMNS thmb - Cool Summer Photo ProjectsIf you’re in need of a summer project that requires a cool, quiet, and air-conditioned atmosphere, then why not try delving into your genealogy? To get started, you’ll need an internet connection and some pieces of the past to help you unlock clues.Some of the pieces of your family’s past might be found in those boxes of photos stored away in your house (or the house of an older relative). As you rummage through these boxes, pay special attention to the negatives of photos that were never printed -these negatives could hold long-lost secrets. Lucky for you, we offer Negative Scanning that will help reveal those forgotten memories.

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Photography Tips
Photo Flag
Photography Tip
How to Use Your
Scanned Photos
During the day, when the light is not at its best, augment with fill flash, and focus on your family members. Try to keep the photography low-key so it doesn’t become the priority.
Once you have your film negatives safely scanned, you can keep your memories close by turning them into a wearable piece of art.
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Where to Start

ScanMyPhotos.com Testimonial
“Of all the photo scanning providers, this company is the fastest and by far least expensive. I can detect no lack of quality compared with other services that I have used.”

From the ScanMyPhotos.com Blog
4 Cloud Storage for Photos Services You Need to Check Out

Cloud Storage Solutions

Here’s a list of some of the best options of cloud storage for photos that will help de-clutter your digital collection.
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Little Girl with Camera
With Dad



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5 Artistic Snapchat Accounts to Follow

snapchat accounts

LACMA / hyperallergic.com

They say that beauty is fleeting – and never more so than on Snapchat, the mobile app that allows you to share photos and videos with your friends and followers… for 10 whole seconds. While this social media newcomer is often home to tween selfies and celebrity makeup routines, it is also a wonderful platform for artists to share their work with the world.


Incorporating humor, drawing, photography, and a huge serving of imagination, these five Snapchat accounts will blow you away with their creativity:


1. Dabttll


Dasha Battelle is a legendary Snapchat artist who creates intricate Snaps using only her phone and finger (never a stylus). Sometimes funny, sometimes breathtaking, Dasha’s Snaps are as thought-provoking as they are visually appealing.


Her advice for burgeoning Snapchat artists? “Layering is really key for shading and for creating finer lines. Additionally, utilizing the go-back function is great so that you can be picky about what you put down.”


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Three Reasons Scrapbookers Should Scan Their Photos

Scrabookers love being able to touch physical photos, but more and more are having them scanned and digitized. Could it be the right move for you?



ScrapbookingScrapbooking is one of the oldest hobbies, and it’s also an evolving one. Many people keep scrapbooks to collect mementos, photos and letters and combine them with artistic touches. It’s a powerful way to enshrine favorite memories and when given to someone as keepsake it can be a very moving gift. But while the allure of a scrapbook is its physicality, more and more scrapbookers are using digital tools in their art – such as turning photos over to a photo scanning service. So what are the advantages of digitizing your photos?


1. Backup. This is perhaps the single biggest reason why so many scrapbookers are turning to scanners. Scrapbooks are meant to be treasured and kept for generations – but if something happens to one, you’ll be glad your photos are safely backed up. Of course, scrapbookers are used to saving negatives or copies of photos “just in case,” but in the event of a house fire or flood they can all be lost along with the scrapbook. A photo scanning service can digitize and backup your photos by the box full, so that all those memories are safe if something happens to the paper version.

2. Photoshopping. Part of making a good scrapbook is knowing how to arrange things artistically – it’s not just a matter of gluing things onto pages. That same skill can extend to touching up the photos themselves. There are many reasons you might want to doctor a photo: to eliminate red eyes, to clear up a glare or to crop out an ex boyfriend. Scrapbookers who use a photo scanning service can easily digitally edit their photos before reprinting on photo paper and using in a scrapbook.


3. More creative options. Some scrapbookers are going even further with digital tools, creating whole pages digitally and then printing them out as individual works of art. This doesn’t exclude the addition of physical elements on the page after printing, it just means that custom borders, fonts and visual elements are easier. When you use a photo scanning service to digitize your photos, a whole new generation of options open up to to you.

These are just a few of the reasons that more scrapbook lovers are scanning. What do you think? Is a photo scanning service right for you?



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