10 Cool Photography Apps to Download for Your iPhone or Android

SMP-best-photo-appsOne of the best things about our smartphones is that they’re with us wherever we go—making it much easier to capture incredible, last-second shots, and unforgettable memories. But are you capturing the best photo possible with your smartphone’s standard camera and settings?


To help enhance your next photo shoot, try out some of the fun and creative photography apps the gang here at ScanMyPhotos recommends:


iPhone Photography Apps


  • Noir Photo – Want to give your photos a haunting edge? This app will add drama, flair, and tons of intrigue to the photos you take.

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Google’s Dr. Vinton Cerf Warns of “Information Black Hole”

One of the most important pronouncements that affects the entire photography industry was discussed by Google’s vice-president, Dr. Vinton Cerf, who is also the co-founder and pioneer of the Internet.


Genealogy and preserving historical documents has been the foundation for our success at ScanMyPhotos.com. It is the cornerstone of why we have digitally preserved more than one-quarter billion photographs. However, as Dr. Cerf warns, older storage technologies and even those analog photos can be lost forever. Yahoo! Tech’s founder, David Pogue had coined the best term that describes this threat; “Data Rot,” where environment and technology force obsolescence to past archival platforms.


As the chief internet evangelist at Google, Dr. Cerf raises concerns about lost generations of data and photos.  He recommends you make prints from your digital files, we recommend you also make digital files from analog snapshots, 35mm slides and film. From our perspective, another thundercloud comes from decades old snapshots that are stored in unprotected boxes. These pictures risk destruction from mildew and other environmental conditions, even a child with crayons and scissors can jeopardize an entire lifetime of memories as they turn those precious moments of nostalgia into “art.”


ScanMyPhotos.com is Dr. Cerf’s biggest advocate and we have a simple solution. Beyond printing digital pictures, backup your past data with today’s current devices; as technology shifts from, say JPEG files to the next format, convert it again.

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How to Capture Great Videos With Your Smartphone

WRaise your hand if you remember lugging around an 8-pound video recorder, complete with a tripod, battery pack, and extra blank tapes. Well, those dark days are now over thanks to our handy-dandy smartphones! You can take amazing video right now by simply taking out your phone and hitting record.


Even though it’s much easier to record videos today than it was back then, you can still enhance your next smartphone video shoot with some of the following tips and tricks:


Avoid that zoom feature

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Forbes: ScanMyPhotos.com “Worth Every Penny”

Having digitized more than one-quarter billion analog photos is a weighty endeavor, but forbes logo - Forbes: ScanMyPhotos.com "Worth Every Penny"something equally as celebratory just happened.  If you are a longtime fan of ScanMyPhotos.com, you have followed the media profiles explaining how we help preserve generations of photo snapshots. Here is our newest media profile from Forbes’ contributor Tony Bradley, who covers trends and new technologies that impact real people.   Excerpt:

There are services, now, that take the pain out of that process. I wrote about ScanMyPhotos.com last year. You load all of your print photos in a box and ship them off to ScanMyPhotos. A week or two later, you get all of your print photos back along with a DVD and/or USB thumb drive containing all of the scanned images. The service wasn’t cheap, but it was worth every penny, in my opinion. Now ScanMyPhotos.com is offering a very affordable package that makes it a virtual no-brainer. I guarantee that you won’t regret the investment if your house burns down and all of your print photographs are turned to ash.  Do yourself a favor. Get out all of your photo albums and shoeboxes filled with print photographs and get them scanned. Then you can do your part to contribute to the storage economy, and share your old memories with the world every #TbT to fuel social media.

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Creative Valentine’s Day Photo Gift Ideas To Give Loved Ones

Wall with pictures and garland hanging on clotheslineFebruary 14th is just a few days away. If you’re running out of Valentine’s Day gift options, or if you want to add some extra points to the gift you did buy, we have a few ideas for you to use. And, of course, our gift ideas center around using photos of your loved ones!


So, round up some good pics of you, your significant other, and your friends and family, and use them to create one of the following touching gifts.


1: Design a Photo Book Dedicated to Loving Memories


Creating a book of memories is a great way to make your loved ones feel special. Check out our recent article on some photo book options and services to try out.

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Observing Black History Month: A New Hashtag, Antique Photos, and Heroic Stories

1024px-Lyndon_Johnson_and_Martin_Luther_King,_Jr._-_Voting_Rights_ActA new social media trend happened over this past weekend and it’s filling Twitter and Tumblr with antique and vintage photos of real-life Black History.


If you search #HistoricPOC (which stands for Historic People of Color), your newsfeed will fill with photos of African American families captured in time.


“This hashtag just kicked off Black History Month like never before,” @Quartz tweeted—and they couldn’t have put it better. This is one of the best ways to see Black History unfold, as told by the families who lived it firsthand.


Scrolling through the newsfeed, you’ll see tales of courage and strength emerge and catch glimpses into the private lives of families and friends.

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