5 Important Tips for Using Your New dSLR Camera

photographerA few months ago we wrote an article to help aspiring photographers and photo-taking enthusiasts select the right dSLR for their needs. Now that the holidays—and holiday sales—have passed, we think it’s safe to say some of you are now proud of owners of a shiny new dSLR camera.


So for all those who have spent the past few weeks tinkering with this new toy, we’re sharing some of our favorite tips to help you maximize using your new dSLR camera.


1: Know the key terms


Photography in general has a ton of key terms you need to know in order to get the photo just right. But you don’t need to know everything at once—it’s okay to take things one setting at a time. Also, we’re here to help! We have a blog post that goes over the important camera definitions you need to know—check it out here.

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ScanMyPhotos.com Award Update (Bloomberg)

For those of you who have been following and supporting our efforts since 2005 in the merchant credit card antitrust litigation, here is an update from Bloomberg News:

Excerpt: “The historic settlement in this lawsuit would not have occurred without the participation and the efforts of the class representatives,” lawyers for plaintiffs nationwide said in a court filing this month. The award, just a fraction of a percent of the billions of dollars at issue in the case, is “conservative” and warranted by “extraordinary efforts and sacrifices,” the lawyers said.

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The Photo Scanning Gift That Keeps On Giving

Antique photo of Patricia Fee's mother

Antique photo of Patricia Fee’s mother

It’s tricky to find just the right gift for loved ones. We often spend hours hunting online or in the stores to find a gift that’s sentimental, exciting, and useful. Fortunately for Pat Fee, ScanMyPhotos would help her give the perfect gift to her children this Christmas—and it was one that would keep on giving.


Pat discovered ScanMyPhotos right before the holiday season and decided to take advantage.


“We’re in the middle of downsizing/moving and had tubs and tubs of photos. It’s been a six-month process sorting through everything—the photos go as far back as my mother’s childhood.”


Pat sent us 4,000 photos to be scanned—some of which were of her grandmother and possibly dated back to the late 1800s.


“You’re basically entrusting ScanMyPhotos with your life—and your lineage. I was sending my whole life away boxes and it was scary. But after talking with your customer service, I felt completely at ease. You guys have great communication and are extremely responsive. It’s the best thing I ever did,” Pat told me.


So how did these photos end up as a Christmas gift?

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Celebrate #GetOrganized Month With These Handy Tips and Tricks

White office shelves with folders and different stationery, close upFeeling scattered and stressed? Disorganization can make everything feel out of control and difficult—even if it’s as simple as not being able to find your keys first thing in the morning.


Thankfully, the gang here at ScanMyPhotos is dedicated to keeping things organized—it’s what we do to help our customers free up space and time, while preserving invaluable memories.


This month we’re celebrating January as the National Association of Professional Organizer’s official Get Organized month. We’ve even pulled together some of our favorite tips, tricks, and articles to help make things feel more organized in 2015.


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Jefferson Graham, USA TODAY: Scan your old photos

Fans of ScanMyPhotos.com will enjoy this USA Today Tech Talk behind-the-scenes view for how easily and affordable it is to scan your pictures.


[I]t’s time to finally get your analog photos digitized, scanned and archived. USA TODAY’s Jefferson Graham visits Scanmyphotos.com, which uses high speed scanners to process 250,000 photos daily.


IRVINE, Calif, – It’s a new year and time to finally take care of that long-neglected project– digitizing your old analog photos and archiving them. Scanning is still the most efficient, and affordable way to do that.


Many of you may be wondering–do people still scan photos anymore? Aren’t we in the digital age?


That was my thought, as I started pulling even more old photos out of the closet to get archived in the new year. I had a full box’s worth, and brought them down to Scanmyphotos.com here, a business that does nothing but scan old photos, negative and slides for folks.


Scanmyphotos has digitized over 250 million photos over the last 5 years, “which may sound like a lot,” the company’s president Mitch Goldstone told me. “But there are still 3 and a half trillion analog photos, spanning multiple generations. So it’s huge.”


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