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The Photo Scanning Gift That Keeps On Giving

Pat Fee 2 225x300 - The Photo Scanning Gift That Keeps On Giving
Antique photo of Patricia Fee’s mother

It’s tricky to find just the right gift for loved ones. We often spend hours hunting online or in the stores to find a gift that’s sentimental, exciting, and useful. Fortunately for Pat Fee, ScanMyPhotos would help her give the perfect gift to her children this Christmas—and it was one that would keep on giving.


Pat discovered ScanMyPhotos right before the holiday season and decided to take advantage.


“We’re in the middle of downsizing/moving and had tubs and tubs of photos. It’s been a six-month process sorting through everything—the photos go as far back as my mother’s childhood.”


Pat sent us 4,000 photos to be scanned—some of which were of her grandmother and possibly dated back to the late 1800s.


“You’re basically entrusting ScanMyPhotos with your life—and your lineage. I was sending my whole life away boxes and it was scary. But after talking with your customer service, I felt completely at ease. You guys have great communication and are extremely responsive. It’s the best thing I ever did,” Pat told me.


So how did these photos end up as a Christmas gift?

“I have a total of three grown kids,” Pat explained. “Each one got their own DVD of the photos we had scanned.”


Pat Fee 1 300x208 - The Photo Scanning Gift That Keeps On Giving
Childhood memories scanned to DVD

Her children have been using the gift to have a blast on Facebook. They’ve been posting weekly photos of each other or her husband, and poking fun at the dated styles or funny poses. “I love seeing them tag photos of each other for Throwback Thursday along with captions like ‘Nice hairdo!’ It’s hysterical and keeps us all close.”


Pat now plans to make the photo scanning a family gift-giving tradition. “I have five grandchildren and I want to start more scanning so I can give them the DVDs as gifts too.”


Want to start your own family photo giving tradition? In addition to purchasing the Prepaid Photo Scanning Box and scanning your own photos to DVD, you can also give your loved ones a ScanMyPhotos e-gift certificate.