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Jefferson Graham, USA TODAY: Scan your old photos

Fans of will enjoy this USA Today Tech Talk behind-the-scenes view for how easy and affordable it is to scan your pictures.



[I]t’s time to finally get your analog photos digitized, scanned, and archived. USA TODAY’s Jefferson Graham visits, which uses high-speed scanners to process 250,000 photos daily.


IRVINE, Calif, – It’s a new year and time to finally take care of that long-neglected project– digitizing your old analog photos and archiving them. Scanning is still the most efficient, and affordable way to do that.


Many of you may be wondering–do people still scan photos anymore? Aren’t we in the digital age?


That was my thought, as I started pulling even more old photos out of the closet to get archived in the new year. I had a full box’s worth, and brought them down to here, a business that does nothing but scan old photos, negative,s and slides for folks.


Scanmyphotos has digitized over 250 million photos over the last 5 years, “which may sound like a lot,” the company’s president Mitch Goldstone told me. “But there are still 3 and a half trillion analog photos, spanning multiple generations. So it’s huge.”