Ultimate 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift GuideScanMyPhotos.com Holiday Gift Guide

Throughout the year, we poll thousands of our customers – photo devotees who had their entire decades-worth of analog photo memories digitized to marshal together their favorite sites, products and services to help organize and better use their brand-new scanned pictures.


This year’s list of leading holiday gift recommendations has added punch as it includes several new categories, encompassing genealogy, professional organizing, family DIY projects, and tech products for every photo buff. Enjoy these sensational holiday gift giving tips. But, we want to add more and hear from you. What did we miss? Tweet your personal best gift ideas to @ScanMyPhotos


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Give the Unique Gift of Preserved Memories

snowflakesThis Holiday Season, Surprise Your Family and Friends With the Gift of Beautifully Preserved Photos


Like a snowflake, a photo is something rare and special. It’s a moment caught in time – a moment that will live on for days, weeks, years, and even decades after it was captured.


Unlike a snowflake, a photo won’t melt a few seconds after you touch it – but it could be lost forever if not properly cared for.


For the parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins in your life who already have everything, consider giving them the unique gift of treasured memories that have been beautifully preserved in digital format.

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When You Get Slides Scanned, You Might Learn Amazing Things About Your Family

When You Get Slides Scanned, You Might Learn Amazing Things About Your FamilyAs loyal readers of this blog know, ScanMyPhotos transforms thousands upon thousands of print photos into beautiful, accessible, shareable digital images for our customers every year.


Well, we do a lot more than that: You can also come to us to get slides scanned, and thanks to the Internet, a customer in Austin, TX found us when she suddenly became the caretaker of 1,000 slides, taken over a span of 50 years, that had belonged to her father – and hundreds more that were her grandmother’s.


“I went through my father’s slides first and grabbed the ones that were pictures of family and friends that had meaning,” Jennifer Peters told me by phone. “The slides went back to the early ‘50s, and I have sent [ScanMyPhotos] three orders with probably 200-300 slides per order.”


When I commented that it must have been amazing to look through the slides, her enthusiasm was obvious. “The quality of the color and just being able to see them on a computer screen – nothing’s faded and it looks like they were taken yesterday!”

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10 Tips From the Neat Freak on How to Organize and Store Your Print and Digital Photos

“Attics are notoriously bad places to store things.” – Perri Kersh, Neat Freak


10 Tips From the Neat Freak on How to Organize and Store Your Print and Digital PhotosWant the inside scoop from a professional organizer on the best way to store your print and digital photos? We caught up with ScanMyPhotos customer Perri Kersh, who has been helping people organize their lives through her company, Neat Freak, since 2005 (you can find her on Twitter – she shares lots of great tips every day!).


Before you run up to the attic to haul out your grandmother’s photo albums, read through Perri’s tips so you know the best place to store them:


1. Break the photo-organization task into small, manageable chunks


I work with a lot of clients who have inherited boxes of old photos from parents and grandparents. I recommend that people break the task of organizing them down into manageable chunks. Unless you are retired, you don’t have 8 hours a day to organize photos!

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