A Step-by-step Guide to Organizing Digital Photos and Pictures

organizing digital photosWe’ve talked before about digital clutter, but it’s a never-ending issue that will only continue to grow with time. As it is, we all have the old laptops or computers that are basically “albums” of digital photos we haven’t seen in years—it’s such a shame! Our digital photos should be ready at our fingertips to use for the next #tbt or Facebook post opportunity.

So if you’re ready to tidy up your digital clutter, let’s start with what we know the best: digital photos and pictures.

The following steps will take you through how to organize, catalog, and maintain your digital images. It may take a bit of effort at first, but once you put a system into place, the upkeep will be a breeze.

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4 Cloud Storage for Photos Services You Need to Check Out

SMP-cloudDigital clutter is a very real phenomenon—especially when it comes to photos. Case in point? Take Instagram for example—approximately 21.9 billion photos are uploaded in one year to the popular social site (check out this site for an out-of-this-world demo of just how many photos that is).


So, what do you do with this tangled mess of photographs? We recommend preserving, organizing, and sharing—all of which can be easily done with a good cloud storage service. Here’s a list of some of the best options of cloud storage for photos that will help de-clutter your digital collection.

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Losing History: The Plight of Local Historical Societies

Patriotic_old_women_-_American_FlagIn just a few days, the United States will celebrate its 239th birthday. We may remember the major battles of the Revolutionary War and can name some of the Forefather’s who signed the declaration of Independence—but what if we couldn’t? What if their names and deeds were completely washed away in the sands of time? What would we be celebrating this Fourth of July?


While our nation still holds the memory of our Independence near and dear to our patriotic hearts, historical societies across the country are having trouble keeping their version of history alive. The plight of local historical societies includes deep budget cuts and risk of endangerment—and with their extinction, the pieces of our local American history could be lost forever.

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Change Is Coming for iPhone Users: The New Apple Photos App

Girls Taking Selfie Seated at BarLast year Apple made the announcement that they will cease production on the popular iPhoto app, which will leave many iPhone users reluctant to say goodbye—but don’t worry! This app will be replaced by the new Apple Photos app—a sleeker, more streamlined application that will sync photos across devices.


Still, it’s hard to say goodbye to an app we’ve known and loved since 2002. In fact, Robert Lachman, in his recent LA Times article, Saying goodbye to iPhoto, accurately sums up what it means for iPhoto fans during this transition.


“For me, it (iPhoto) was the missing link, a simple way to keep my family photographs organized for so many years.”

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Celebrate #GetOrganized Month With These Handy Tips and Tricks

White office shelves with folders and different stationery, close upFeeling scattered and stressed? Disorganization can make everything feel out of control and difficult—even if it’s as simple as not being able to find your keys first thing in the morning.


Thankfully, the gang here at ScanMyPhotos is dedicated to keeping things organized—it’s what we do to help our customers free up space and time, while preserving invaluable memories.


This month we’re celebrating January as the National Association of Professional Organizer’s official Get Organized month. We’ve even pulled together some of our favorite tips, tricks, and articles to help make things feel more organized in 2015.


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