Change Is Coming for iPhone Users: The New Apple Photos App

Girls Taking Selfie Seated at BarLast year Apple made the announcement that they will cease production on the popular iPhoto app, which will leave many iPhone users reluctant to say goodbye—but don’t worry! This app will be replaced by the new Apple Photos app—a sleeker, more streamlined application that will sync photos across devices.


Still, it’s hard to say goodbye to an app we’ve known and loved since 2002. In fact, Robert Lachman, in his recent LA Times article, Saying goodbye to iPhoto, accurately sums up what it means for iPhoto fans during this transition.


“For me, it (iPhoto) was the missing link, a simple way to keep my family photographs organized for so many years.”


iPhoto, like most Apple products, was (and still is) an easy-to-use application that allowed users to organize and store digital photos. You could set up your photo gallery by events, photo date or even by faces. The app also stored the original photos, making it incredibly difficult to accidentally delete something forever.


However, Lachman still stresses the importance of backing up and properly storing your photos. “Back in the day it was a pretty simple approach to archiving photographs…After having your film processed and printed you just tossed the photographs and negatives in an old shoebox in the closet…Of course there was no backup. I guess this is a good time to remind you to back up your digital images.”


In addition to using iPhotos to back up his digital assets, Lachman also used the app to store his scanned photos.


“My collection starts well before I was using a digital camera. I do recommend scanning in your old snapshots; it’s amazing how good they look as digital images.”


Before the big change to the new Apple Photos app arrives, we encourage everyone to scan in that old shoe box of photos. If you’re lacking the time or energy to do it yourself, check out our Photo Scanning page for the option that best suits your needs. Once you have everything scanned in and organized, the transition to new Photos app should be seamless.