Washington Post: How to tackle those boxes full of old photos

We all have decades of irreplaceable pictures. Yet most are fading away. Thanks to Nicole Anzia, freelance writer and owner of Neatnik for sharing these smart and important tips.

If you’re over the age of 30, you probably have at least a few — and maybe even a dozen — boxes filled with old printed photos and photo albums. You probably haven’t looked at them in years, and yet you can’t just throw them away. Or maybe your parents are moving, and they’ve asked for help in determining which photos to keep and whether anyone wants part of the collection.

Another option is to have all of your newly organized pictures scanned and digitized, so you can toss the prints and easily send electronic copies to friends and family. There are a number of online companies that provide this service based on a per-print cost, such as ScanCafe, DigMyPics, ScanMyPhotos and Legacybox.

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California Wildfire Wakeup Call — Scan, Save, Protect Now (USA Today)

fire1 300x157 - California Wildfire Wakeup Call — Scan, Save, Protect Now (USA Today)Jefferson Graham, tech columnist at USA Today shares mandatory tips for backing up your pictures. We just heard from a former photo scanning customer whose home was destroyed in the Woolsey, California firestorm. The scanned photos were not archived off-site. If only she had read Jeff’s column before. But, this is a wakeup call not just to digitize and backup your lifetime of pictures (because this keeps happening), but keep the images off-site.

California wildfire wakeup call — Scan, save and protect now (USA Today)

Excerpt: This week, Trevor Hughes saw up close the devastation that comes with those massive California fires, when people found their belongings and memories burned up, leaving them homeless in a flash.

Outside of the devastating human toll, “When you’re watching and looking at a disaster like this, it really forces you to think about what you own, how safe it is, and where your valuables are stored,” says Hughes, a USA TODAY reporter who covered the fires in Paradise, California, that turned an entire town to ash.

Things have been very rough in Malibu as well to the south, where the whole town was evacuated in the wake of the fires.

Scanmyphotos.com ($145 to scan 1,800 photos, free shipping)

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Accuweather: Protect Cherished, Irreplaceable Photos Before Natural Disasters

Hurricane preparedness tips - Accuweather: Protect Cherished, Irreplaceable Photos Before Natural DisastersImagine if your lifetime of irreplaceable photographs, representing the window on your family history were all lost?

The focus on this Accuweather profile explains why there is a one hundred percent guarantee pictures will not be lost if digitized.

Excerpts from the Accuweather story, by Ashley Williams

Imagine returning home after a major storm wreaked havoc on your neighborhood to discover not only that your house has suffered significant damage, but also that your precious family photos are unrecognizable due to mud, rain or floodwater.

It’s a reality for many people who have gone through natural disasters including wildfires, flooding, and hurricanes.

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Evacuation checklist: How to get your family out safely in the face of an imminent disaster

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Same-Day Expedited Photo Scanning Is Here

JUST ANNOUNCED: SPEEDPASS–No waiting. Why same-day expedited professional photo scanning is here and at no additional charge from ScanMyPhotos.

sameday scanning 300x175 - Same-Day Expedited Photo Scanning Is HereWhat’s new from the world of photo scanning? Now same-day SPEEDPASS scanning has arrived at ScanMyPhotos, but for a limited time.

● Place your fill-the-box, or pay-per scan photo scanning order today and it will be digitized the same day it is received. Free shipping includes your returned digital media. If you want your pictures returned too, it’s $19.95 extra per box.scanning.

● Limit 25,000 photos per order

● MUST TYPE: “Free rush same day photo scanning” under “special instructions” at check out.

Why Same-Day Photo Scanning Has Finally Arrived

As the trend toward buying stuff online has soared, so too does the desire to get things instantly. Why wait a month, two months or more? This is a big pivot as ScanMyPhotos changes the way scanning pictures works. Why take the time with a DIY scanner costing hundreds before a single photograph is digitized?

As many companies now offer the new same-day fulfillment model, it was incumbent on us to lead way within the world of photo scanning. This compelling value proposition represents a major shift to help solve the biggest challenge in photography: how to affordably and quickly digitize your lifetime of pictures.

freeshipping - Same-Day Expedited Photo Scanning Is HereYou asked for more convenience and quicker same-day scanning and we listened. Immediately upon receiving your photo order when you type “free rush same day photo scanning” under “special instructions” at checkout, your order is rushed to the front of the line. [Sorry, this only applies to pictures, not 35mm slides, film and other services, or prior orders].

As the pioneer and dominant player in the field of professional photo scanning, we are always listening to you and studying ways to become more efficient and meet your needs. Whether it’s for last minute anniversary gifts, family reunions, an unfortunate memorial service or just to finally get your photo preservation project off your to-do list, photo scanning is extra fast.

Photo Scanning Reviews: What People Are Saying About ScanMyPhotos

That is why we are announcing today this expedited and enhanced speedy-fast service. Playing on our strengths, a great deal of work went into our logistics and workflow processes to meet this new demand.

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HuffPost: Preserve Your Precious Photos Before Disaster Strikes

Hurricane preparedness tips 296x300 - HuffPost: Preserve Your Precious Photos Before Disaster StrikesOne billion pictures were destroyed just from the flooding due to the ravages of Hurricane Harvey last August. The recent wildfires have caused more devastation.

Now, more family memories were ruined by the recent wildfires. While this past Weather Channel explains why there is an urgency to protect your pictures, the Huffington Post shares these new insights and three solutions. Reported by Andrea Smith,  the award-winning technology reporter, producer, consultant, and speaker, shares smart tips to digitize your pictures.

ScanMYPhotosExteror1 300x86 - HuffPost: Preserve Your Precious Photos Before Disaster Strikes

Three Ways to Preserve Your Precious Photos Before Disaster Strikes


You hear it in each heartbreaking interview with a suddenly-homeless person. “We lost everything, our family photos, our wedding pictures, it’s all gone.”

With the ongoing fires in California, as well as the recent floods and hurricanes that ravaged several states and Puerto Rico, destroying an untold number of homes, it’s time to think about digitizing your precious memories. Losing everything you own in a flood or fire is an unimaginable thought. The good news is clothing, furniture, and even entire houses can be replaced, but charred photos are lost forever.

Yeah, I know, it’s the holidays and you’re busy, but before you move onto the next thing and completely forget about those shoe boxes of old photos tucked away in the attic, or the dusty albums your grandparents left behind, convert them to digital because no one ever counts on a disaster happening.

Scanning Service

pic2 200x300 - HuffPost: Preserve Your Precious Photos Before Disaster Strikes

We recently talked to Mitch Goldstone, President and CEO of ScanMyPhotos.com on my Parenting Bytes podcast.

You can listen to the interview to understand both how important and how easy it is to do, but he said the most popular option is the fill-the-box photo scanning service. Here’s how it works:

For $145, you order a pre-paid box, which you fill to the brim with photos. It holds up to 1800 (I sent in 1300) and the cost includes three-way shipping; a box to you, box to them, box back to you. Organizing the photos can be tricky because most people want to group them chronologically, but they ask you to group by size. You can top each group or select photos with an index card noting the subject, and that will get scanned as well.

ScanMyPhotos handles photos from 3”x 3” up to 8”x 10” and they also offer a photograph restoration service, as well as slide and negative scanning. Processing takes about 5-10 days and is done at their lab in California. There’s an option for expedited processing at an additional cost.

ScanMyPhotos.comLogo 300x100 - HuffPost: Preserve Your Precious Photos Before Disaster Strikes

The pictures are scanned at 150 dpi resolution, which is great for sharing on social media and adding to a family slideshow. Higher resolutions (300 and 600 dpi) are available at an additional cost. When you receive your box back, you’ll get all your original pictures, along with a DVD with all the scanned images on it. You can order an extra copy, or have them burned to a flash drive, all for an extra cost. From there, you can upload them to your computer, organize them however you want and easily share them with your friends and family.

Now comes the important part. Make copies of that DVD or flash drive and put them in locations outside of your home. Whether you give them to a relative, send them to your kids, or store them in your safe deposit box at the bank, make sure you have a copy outside of your home, just in case.

In addition to storing a disc with my sister, I also uploaded all the images to Google Photos which uses its image recognition software to help me organize them into albums. And I have the extra security of knowing they’re stored safely in the cloud.


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