NEWS PEG: With hands in the air, we nearly gave up in frustration, but instead…

It was frustrating to hear how so many family photos are destroyed by natural disasters. that is why free photo scanning is now a thing.


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Irvine, CA–This summer is going to be devastating. Across the country, an entire lifetime of family photos will be obliterated–destroyed from hurricanes and wildfires.

The challenge is how to preserve irreplaceable family history—decades of precious nostalgia?

Last year, even our CEO got caught in an emergency evacuation text alert. He had 30 seconds to rush in and grab the pets. When disaster strikes, from storm surges to encroaching firestorms, there is no time to gather pictures.

At first, nobody believed pictures could be digitized this fast. Now, the top comment is “why are pictures scanned free?”

We tried everything to save families’ photo history from natural disasters.

So many advisories and shared stories from people who lost everything, yet there are still trillions of snapshots at risk from a summertime of hurricanes and wildfires.

To inspire everyone to plan ahead, announces FREE PHOTO SCANNING

David Pogue, the bestselling author and “CBS Sunday Morning” correspondent wrote the book on preparing for natural disasters and profiled how helps protect pictures from climate change disasters.

Yet, stories like this past Weather Channel report keep happening.

The pandemic led to 40% of all photo scanning projects being placed by grieving families preparing for Zoom memorials. Now, 70% of orders are from families readying for summertime reunions to share their nostalgia.

Carl, the breakout tech innovation story is how digitizing pictures are now free! is on a philanthropic mission to remove any barriers from planning ahead—to guarantee there are no more heartaches like the stories from after a disaster decimates a lifetime of pre-digital snapshots.

“It was frustrating to listen to the stories of why people didn’t plan ahead,” explained the 30-year photo industry executive, Mitch Goldstone, CEO at, which has digitized 700 million pictures.



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