Since 1990, over one billion photo memories preserved.

Washington Post: How to tackle those boxes full of old photos

We all have decades of irreplaceable pictures. Yet most are fading away. Thanks to Nicole Anzia, freelance writer and owner of Neatnik for sharing these smart and important tips.

If you’re over the age of 30, you probably have at least a few — and maybe even a dozen — boxes filled with old printed photos and photo albums. You probably haven’t looked at them in years, and yet you can’t just throw them away. Or maybe your parents are moving, and they’ve asked for help in determining which photos to keep and whether anyone wants part of the collection.

Another option is to have all of your newly organized pictures scanned and digitized, so you can toss the prints and easily send electronic copies to friends and family. There are a number of online companies that provide this service based on a per-print cost, such as ScanCafe, DigMyPics, ScanMyPhotos and Legacybox.

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