Why decades-past photographs are getting people to mingle at parties

party1 300x200 - Why decades-past photographs are getting people to mingle at parties Using nostalgia from years-past photographs to engage everyone at your next party to mix and mingle

The biggest challenge to create a fun way to ease strangers into the conversation is how to get people talking. How to have all guests get the conversation started as they arrive at your home or corporate gathering to engage and relate to each other? This trending social gathering icebreaker tip works by displaying everyone’s nostalgic pictures on your TV as they arrive.

Displaying everyone’s nostalgic pictures on your TV is a trending icebreaker for social gatherings.

party3 300x169 - Why decades-past photographs are getting people to mingle at partiesAt ScanMyPhotos.com, having digitized 600 million family photos, we often hear of creative ways people are using their decades-past rediscovered photo snapshots.

This social engagement tip has been trending at ScanMyPhotos as a fun and innovative way to use pictures to connect people together.

As the dinner party, family reunion or corporate event,’s invitations are sent out, this creative tip will get the party started with everyone talking, laughing and sharing stories.

party2 300x201 - Why decades-past photographs are getting people to mingle at partiesAlong with the traditional invitations, ask guests to revisit their decades-past favorite pictures which share a story, their seminal moments and past adventures. To go back in time, request that the photos not be recent pictures from a smartphone, but digitized pictures from their analog photo albums.


The memories spanning decades of past memories. Select categories, such as travel, goofy pictures, holidays, home, childhood adventures, first car, school and more. But warn guests that the pictures will be shared in a public forum, so nothing too personal or revealing.

party4 300x224 - Why decades-past photographs are getting people to mingle at parties


Family Reunion Tips:

From The Photo Detective Podcast

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How Businesses Are Using Economic Activism and Social Media For Advocacy Projects

In the age of Trump, businesses must use their voice and resources, including their communication departments, PR agencies, public affairs and their CEO’s outreach to challenge him. Loudly, widely, wisely and often.

IMG 1033 300x169 - How Businesses Are Using Economic Activism and Social Media For Advocacy Projects

What is your company doing? Today, it is more important than just promoting what you sell, but to use your platform to support the media and journalists.

UPDATE: From Rani Molla, data reporter at Recode is this list of “tech companies big and small are making money off Immigration and Customs Enforcement.” The latest economic activism hashtag is now #NoTechForICE.

Except form Recode

  • Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.
  • Inserso Corporation
  • Dell Federal Systems L.P.
  • US Bancorp
  • Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft Support Services
  • Comcast Business
  • John Wiley & Sons Inc.

Source: While we cannot authenticate this data it is reported to be from current contracts as of June 2018, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement

We have hundreds of narratives ever since Trump descended the Trump Tower escalator. Many now include other social issues and commentaries on everything from climate change to supporting a free and unimpeded U.S. election.

Corporate Advocacy Campaign To Protect U.S. Elections From Russia

Why The New York Times’ “1619 Project” on U.S. Slavery is a Must Read History Lesson

Massive NYC Flooding Led to Millions of Damaged Photographs. DON’T PANIC!

Why Amazon Prime Day Fails And Worse; Spend $119 Before Saving a Penny

fb3 300x199 - How Businesses Are Using Economic Activism and Social Media For Advocacy Projects

Why Not Upload Pictures To Facebook

WARNING: What’s Wrong with Facebook’s Cryptocurrency? EVERYTHING

Consumer Alert: Why Review Sites Link to Amazon, Revealed

WARNING: What’s Wrong with Facebook’s Cryptocurrency? EVERYTHING

Photo Industry Responds to Apollo Global Management’s Shutterfly, Snapfish Acquisition

Consumer Alert: ScanMyPhotos Reveals Why You Are Wasting Money Scanning Pictures

Legacybox and Southtree vs ScanMyPhotos: The Photo Scanning “Review”

Accuweather: Protect Cherished, Irreplaceable Photos Before Natural Disasters

NEWS: $6.2 Billion Settlement Win, Statement by ScanMyPhotos

With No Women Keynote Speakers, Does CES Have a Diversity Problem?

Archived Stories:

An Entrepreneur’s Open Letter to Donald Trump

What The Tech And Coal Industries Can Learn From Kodak

Donald Trump was my hero, but he won’t have my vote

Businessmen Against Trump

Victor in a war over credit card ‘swipe fees’

How Small Firms Can Defuse a Political Threat and Blunt a Boycott

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“How Edward Weston Processed His Photos,” From Advancing Your Photography

How Edward Weston Processed His Photos

Thanks to Marc Silber, host of  Advancing Your Photography. According to Marc’s website, he “brings you tricks and tips directly from some of the world’s best photographers. The best way to learn is from those who have mastered it, so we go out and video pros like Chase Jarvis, Thomas Hawk, Bambi Cantrell and many more. Tune in and be inspired, go shoot, and share your passion.”

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From Advancing Your Photography:

We’re bringing you the final installment of our Edward Weston legacy series from 1948. Weston was one of the masters of 20th-century photography.



This segment covers how he processed his photos in his darkroom and discusses some of his inspirations for his photography. So join me again as we step back in time to explore the world of Edward Weston.

Be sure to check out Edward Weston’s books.


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Prepare for the Worst, Expect the Best: Observing National Preparedness Month

National Preparedness MonthWe’re in the business of preservation, so when National Preparedness Month rolls around each September, we take it very seriously. Disaster can strike anywhere, at any time, and for no reason whatsoever—but we can make sure we’re prepared.

Sponsored by FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security, National Preparedness Month was started to encourage everyone to be proactive in our approach to disasters. In fact, each week of September has its own theme:

  • September 1-5: Flood
  • September 6-12: Wildfire
  • September 13-19: Hurricane
  • September 20-26: Power outage
  • September 27-30: Lead up to National PrepareAthon! Day (September 30th)

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Why lessons learned from the MoviePass® debacle are scoring critical raves

This may be the first time anyone said “BRAVO MoviePass!”

ScanMyPhotos corpoate headquarters in Irvine 300x138 - Why lessons learned from the MoviePass® debacle are scoring critical ravesAt ScanMyPhotos.com, having digitized 600 million photographs, we know a thing or two about pictures.

From the new Regal Cinemas’ monthly subscription plan called “Regal Unlimited,” we noticed it is teeming with restrictions.

1) Range of pricing depending on the theater location;

2) A convenience fee of $0.50 for every movie you book through the app;

3) Surcharges for special features;

4) Must subscribe for a year.

The best lesson learned by the origins of MoviePass was simplicity and a price so crazy-low that it went viral and scored millions of subscribers. While it became a marketing disaster, it was a ‘teachable moment’ case study in what not to do. According to CNN, it is now “IMG 1044 300x200 - Why lessons learned from the MoviePass® debacle are scoring critical ravesgoing dark.”

But, MoviePass did create opportunities. It inspired and taught many — from AMC Stubs A-List, Regal Unlimited, Cinemark Movie Club and us.

There was an unintended benefit from MoviePass. The dream for every business is to create something so disruptive and unique that it changes an industry.  Every business needs to spark questions like “Wait! What? How can you provide a service so inexpensively?” The trick is it must be profitable rather than trying to make it up on volume.

Having pioneered bulk photo scanning, ScanMyPhotos scored years of media coverage for our prior innovations. But the newest sequel is more than magic. It is real and helping to digitally preserve millions of pictures THIS FAST so no more nostalgic family memories are destroyed like what happened in this past Weather Channel news story.

IMG 1042 300x199 - Why lessons learned from the MoviePass® debacle are scoring critical ravesHow This One-Cent Photo Scanning Tech Innovation and Disruptive Pricing Model Was Motivated By MoviePass:

  • One cent photo scanning became a thing due to lessons learned by MoviePass and from feedback after this Oprah Magazine profile

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