Marni Jameson’s New Book: “What to Do with Everything You Own”

Click to order: Marni Jameson’s new book: “What to Do with Everything You Own to Leave the Legacy You Want,” includes instructions on preparing your digital legacy.

MarThe great Marni Jameson, syndicated home and lifestyle columnist who authored five bestselling books, has another must-read to “inspire you through every step of your final downsizing project.” Published by: @experimentbooks

Maya Angelou quote: “If you’re going to live, leave a legacy. Make a mark on the world that can’t be erased.”

EXCERPT: You can’t take it with you, but you can ensure that what you leave behind has value and meaning.

Whether you want the fruits of your life’s work to benefit your family, the environment, science, human rights, the arts, your church, or another cause dear to you, one thing is certain: It won’t happen unless you plan.



What to Do with Everything You Own to Leave the Legacy You Want is a step-by-step, DIY guide to turning your money and “stuff” into something meaningful that will outlast you—whether you are in the prime of life or your later years, single or partnered, have kids or not, are well-off or of modest means.



With her trademark practical wisdom, downsizing expert Marni Jameson offers plenty of comfort (and even some laughs).


FORBES: “The Challenges Of Preserving Your Digital Legacy.”


Whether you are in the prime of life or your later years, whether you’re single, married, widowed, divorced, remarried, or somewhere in between; whether you have no children, five children, or someone else’s children; whether your family is blended, extended or upended; whether you have little or much, this book will help you identify the legacy you want to leave, and make it happen. “What to Do With Everything” is for anyone who wants to leave those they love with a blessing not a burden.

Marni Jameson is America’s most beloved home-and-lifestyle columnist. Besides writing a weekly nationally syndicated column, Jameson is the author of five bestselling books, including her Downsizing the Family Home series. “At Home with Marni Jameson,” Marni’s popular syndicated column, appears weekly in more than twenty papers nationwide, reaching five million readers with her trademark humor and advice. The mother of a blended family of five grown children, Marni lives in Winter Park, Florida, with her husband, Doug, and their three unruly dogs.

The profile:

marnib 207x300 - Marni Jameson's New Book: "What to Do with Everything You Own"








marnic 300x230 - Marni Jameson's New Book: "What to Do with Everything You Own"marnid 300x232 - Marni Jameson's New Book: "What to Do with Everything You Own"













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PRESS RELEASE: Retailers: Don’t Believe the Amazon Prime Day® Hype!

ScanMyPhotos DigitalRetailers: Don’t Believe the Amazon Prime Day Hype! The “deals” aren’t what they seem, and some merchants are fighting back

[Irvine, California, June 2021]— It’s that time of year again when the well-trained masses will flock to Amazon by the tens of millions, looking to scoop up a “bargain” or two for Prime Day, unknowingly filling the online megaretailer’s coffers while choking the life out of small merchants who depend on the platform.

Prime Day is at best a gimmick, at worst a marketing hoax.

Only subscribers of Amazon’s paid “Prime” membership have access to the 48-hour online shopping marathon, unlucky souls who pay a monthly fee for the privilege of giving Amazon more money.

Among consumers, Prime Day’s restricted access and artificially short duration stokes Fear of Missing Out (or “FOMO”), a form of anxiety that manifests when people fear an opportunity might be passing them by. It’s a potent bit of psychological manipulation Amazon wields like a weapon. Retailers experience FOMO as well, giving already slender profit margins to sell on Amazon’s Marketplace platform, and away from their own doors.

Amazon’s purpose for Prime Day is to move Prime memberships, collect customer data, and push Amazon’s private-label merchandise, the profits from which far eclipse any marginal bump in revenue it sees during Prime Day itself. How many of the so-called “deals” aren’t deals at all? is offering a free photo scanning deal that’s better than anything you’ll find on Amazon’s Prime Day. The company is encouraging other retailers to push back against Amazon’s dominance by offering their own discounts coinciding with Prime Day, a silent protest by David to Amazon’s Goliath.

Gizmodo called Prime Day “The Internet’s Worst Garage Sale.” As they point out, most discounts are only a few dollars off the regular price, and many sellers artificially inflate their prices ahead of Prime Day so the “discount” looks comparatively larger.

Once Amazon has its Prime hooks in you, you’re trapped in a vicious cycle of spending money within their closed retail ecosystem, a dependency on which only deepens the longer you’re in it.

According to Gizmodo, this year Amazon is offering a $10 credit for every $10 you spend on Prime Day, but if you read the fine print, you’ll see the credit is essentially worthless, and not usable on things like video downloads, e-books, digital music, Amazon gift cards, Prime memberships or Prime Now orders.

[be]Amazon Prime Day

To break this cycle, smaller retailers need to beat Amazon at its own game, leveraging the occasion of Prime Day to offer deals of their own that Amazon would never offer.

A new retail revolution is possible, and it starts with revealing Prime Day for what it is: a marketing ploy concocted by a giant corporation to strengthen its stranglehold on retail at large.

Contact: Mitchell Goldstone, CEO,, Goldstone (at)


Follow for news updates like this: “Not Everyone Is a Fan of Amazon Prime Day.” 

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Better than Amazon’s Prime Day®, FREE PHOTO SCANNING

As a lesson for all merchants, don’t get mad at Amazon; get even because Prime Day® can be a calamity for businesses. Read below for how to score free photo scanning from

PRESS RELEASE: Retailers: Don’t Believe the Amazon Prime Day® Hype!

No charge for standard fill-the-box photo scanning–Save $170 and more. Just pay for return delivery, digital media, upgrades, and extra services to enhance your photo digitization order.


FREE PHOTO SCANNING [Promo code: “FreeScanning”]

Amazon Prime Day Many consumers shop for the deal, but is #PrimeDay a discount?


What are the hidden costs?


Everything you need to know to understand why this is JUST a giant marketing gimmick to score massive media attention–billions in free advertising for Amazon. Listen to Rick Wilson’s (MIVA, CEO) Dragonproof podcast for more. Excerpts below:

  • A lot of fuss for what amounts to less than an average days Amazon revenues
  • #1 goal is to add Prime subscribers (marketing bait) and email addresses
  • Sell Amazon private labled stuff
  • FOMO (“fear of missing out”) pressures retailers to engage and give up profit margins
  • Transfer future sales through the Amazon marketplace platform–away from retailer’s doors
  • Consumers get trained to wait and ONLY shop during Prime Day
  • Choose products that go well with add-on, additional full price products
  • All about time pressure to buy a deal NOW

You are forced to pay $119 before you save a penny. If you are not an Amazon Prime member, good luck, you can’t play their game. This is a pure definition of a “pay-for-play” scheme. You are charged an annual Amazon Prime fee of $119 before you even click to order anything.

CLICK FOR INSTANT ORDERING. Use “FreeScanning” promo code at checkout to save $170 on each standard social media resolution fill the box photo scanning service (limit 5).

Bloggers, the media, and influencers crow about Prime Day deals but fail to explain the caveat. The first rule. There is a $119 upfront signup fee. The other problem is how shopping during Prime Day is an assault on America’s small businesses.

Businesses must engage and create their own eye-popping discounts that spur everyone to exclaim, “that’s crazy!” We did with FREE PHOTO SCANNING.

To challenge Prime Day, we created this model for fighting back with this super deal

We designed FREE PHOTO SCANNING to challenge Prime Day and because we are content providers for family reunions and all photo-sharing apps. Your legacy of nostalgic photographs is the centerpiece for displaying your history during gatherings.

As we get back to post-pandemic normalcy, family reunions are returning. The Summer of 2021 promises to be the largest family reunion gathering ever. The challenge is how to share your archives of past family adventures, celebrations, and history from your photo albums?

Love Free Stuff? This is the perfect time to have your pictures digitally preserved, and scanning is free.

Think this is fast, as your pictures are professionally digitized? Even better is thousands of snapshots are now free*, and with free delivery.


This past year of grief and emotional heartbreak included a staggering number. Forty percent of all photo scanning orders at were from grieving families preparing for online Zoom memorials. The encouraging news is now 70% of all digitization projects are from people readying for summertime reunions to show off their pictorial history.

INSTANT ORDERING (Enter “FreeScanning” promo code at checkout).

We used our creativity to draw attention to how businesses can fight back against Prime Day, the site-wide sale across all of Amazon’s product categories.


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BOGO Free; Save $599.95 on pro 8mm movie film scanning

SAVE $599.95 Today. Remember all your nostalgic family memories captured on movie film?

10d6abe8 11b4 400a ab40 366e9f7db11b - BOGO Free; Save $599.95 on pro 8mm movie film scanningWe cooked up a $599.95 savings for you. Rather than watching NetFlix and streaming movie services, watch your own movies.


BOGO (buy one get one) box to digitally convert your 8mm home movies to digital files with the new fill-the-box service. Each box holds up to 55 3″ 8mm movie film reels or 10 7″ 8mm movie film reels, or mix to fill the box for $599.95.

SAVE 50%. Select quantity two, get the 2nd box free. Use promo code: “BOGOFreeMovie”

SAVE $599.95. Your second box is free. Must enter this promo code at checkout:

Never miss a deal or news on photography. Subscribe to the ScanMyPhoto Journal today. It’s free.

5ac14cfb 588b 496e b25e 0a9970dddcf1 - BOGO Free; Save $599.95 on pro 8mm movie film scanning

In time for your next home organizing project and family reunions.

Rediscover Your Family Movies — Save Money and Memories

Get up to 55 8mm movie film 3″ reels digitized

Select two boxes, the second one is free, to get up to 110 reels digitized.

[Use”BOGOFreeMovie” promo code to instantly save 50%]
Includes free shipping*


NEW fill-in-the box transfer of 8mm home movie film reels from ScanMyPhotos. Our customized professional movie film scanners have no sprockets or pinch rollers. This minimizes any risk of damage to your priceless movies. Your film is only gently touched on the edges with no image area contact. We do not use pressure plates, which often capture floating hair and other particles on the screen. Not using pressure plates also results in a cleaner digitized product.

CLICK TO ORDER: Prepaid 8mm Home Movie Film Reels Box to Convert to MP4 Files on DVD’s or Flash Drive (added fee)

Regularly $599.95 per box. Limit 2 boxes.


Each ScanMyPhotos fill-the-box holds up to 55 3” 8mm film reels or 10 7” 8mm film reels. Or mix to fill the box

Save your old 8mm home movies before it fades away from the ravages of time by converting your 8mm and Super8 film reels to MP4 files for the next generation to enjoy

About: Each prepaid box for digital transferring holds 8mm reel sizes between 3” up to 7” reels. You can fit approximately 55 3” reels or 10 7” reels in the new 8mm Transfer Box. Or you can mix and match reel sizes as well! The amount of feet totals to approximately 3000 feet when full.

NOT VALID for 16mm film or any other services. No credit for fewer items included in the box or film that is damaged or unable to be converted. It cannot be applied to prior orders. Today only. Some restrictions apply plus applicable sales tax. Must use promo code at the time of order to get the second box free. ALL WORK PROFESSIONALLY DONE IN IRVINE, CA.

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Unique Father’s Day Tech Gift To Digitize Pictures

fathersday 295x300 - Unique Father's Day Tech Gift To Digitize Pictures

Father’s day is coming up on June 20th—are you racking your brain trying to figure out what to get dad for the big day?

Well, don’t sweat it, you have plenty of time! To help you get some great Father’s Day gift ideas for photography-loving dads, we pulled together some options for you to consider.

This year, instead of a tie or cologne, give Dad a personalized photo gift and make it a holiday to remember. Surprise him with his lifetime of pictures digitized at


ScanMyPhotos Gift E-Gift Card-Certificates are now available

The perfect gift so others can have their lifetime of photo memories digitally saved. Pictures store a vault of history that must be preserved.

Give an instant gift

fathersday2 300x200 - Unique Father's Day Tech Gift To Digitize Pictures You choose the amount from $25 to $500. Each is redeemable for our entire menu of online photo scanning services and products.


It takes a minute to order online and your recipients instantly receive an online secured access code and gift message from you via email.

Fathersday1 300x200 - Unique Father's Day Tech Gift To Digitize Pictures

Any questions, use our free Live Support help desk at Your recipients also have access to our free Live Support help desk. Remember, all photo scanning orders are completed and mailed back the same day.

BONUS: Sign up here for instant discounts and news updates from

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Free Photo Scanning Vax Incentive by is Designed For Safe Family Reunions.


logosmpNEW 300x135 - Free Photo Scanning Vax Incentive by is Designed For Safe Family Reunions.

As content providers for family reunions, we understand that your legacy of nostalgic photographs is the centerpiece for displaying your history. We added free scanning in response to President Biden’s call for a “National Month of Action.”

As we get back to post-pandemic normalcy, family reunions are returning. What is missing are your archives of past family adventures, celebrations, and history.

UPDATE: Yahoo! News by Alexander Nazaryan (National Correspondent): “, which offered free photo scanning services for people who got vaccinated.” CLICK TO READ.

The company that provides all the photo content for family reunions announces free photo scanning to encourage people to get vaccinated to get back to post-pandemic normalcy.

Free Photo ScanningLove Free Stuff? To incentivize the nation to get vaccinated before showing up at family gatherings,, the company that digitized 600 million pictures, is giving away free photo scanning.

“The Summer of 2021 promises to be the largest family reunion gathering ever,” said Mitch Goldstone, CEO at “This inoculation perk is a nudge to have safe reunions and get thousands of pictures digitized before reunions. Unlike free donuts or beer, the free photo scanning incentive will be cherished and become a storytelling heirloom for families.

This past year of grief and emotional heartbreak included a staggering number. Forty percent of all photo scanning orders at were from grieving families preparing for online Zoom memorials. The encouraging news is now 70% of all digitization projects are from people readying for summertime reunions to show off their pictorial history.

INSTANT ORDERING (Enter “FreeScanning” promo code at checkout).

“We used our creativity to draw attention to, bolster vaccination rates, and help get back to normal times. Free photo scanning to digitize pictures will be a focal point at reunions to narrate and share history.

No documentation is needed. An easier way to prove you were vaccinated is don’t risk getting disinherited. If you take advantage of our free photo scanning offer, then show up at your reunion unvaccinated, you’ll be the outlaw and likely be the disowned outcast.


Use this link to order free photo scanning. At the checkout, use this promo code: “FreeScanning” promo code to save $170 instantly. The social media scanning includes free social media resolution scanning of about 1,800 pictures with two-way free delivery of up to five boxes to fill with snapshots.

Before you can send out the invitations, the priority is to make sure all guests are vaccinated. To help, announced FREE PHOTO SCANNING*.with free delivery.

Start by saving $170 to have about 1,800 pictures scanned at social media resolution then choose from our entire menu of add-on services to enhance your order.

You must enter “FreeScanning” promo code at checkout to activate.

WHY WE DESIGNED FREE PHOTO SCANNING: We donated free scanning to help families affected by the pandemic. 40% of all orders were from grieving families preparing for Zoom memorial. Now, 70% are for reunions. But everyone needs to be vaccinated before planning and gathering for summertime reunions.

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Gifts to Help Senior’s Downsize and Unclutter their Homes

party3 300x169 - Gifts to Help Senior's Downsize and Unclutter their HomesWhat to get older relatives to help them downsize

This article shares smart tips for helping seniors who are in the process of uncluttering and downsizing. What to get them to help is the subject of this syndicated Creators “Senior Life” feature profile. Pictures store a vault of history that must be preserved.

For decades of photographs, how to help digitize all those nostalgic memories included a ScanMyPhotos mention.

Click to read

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How to Create a Video or Photo Slideshow — AARP

The top question we get at after pictures are digitized is what next, how to create video and photo slideshows from the scanned pictures?

Thanks to tech journalist, Marc Saltzman, he shares all the best solutions in this AARP primer.


These apps make it easy to make keepsake mini-movies

Unlike physical slides clunking through carousels of old, these digital shows can play almost like mini-movies, with images that segue smoothly from one to the next and options to add music, narration and visual effects. They can make for magical viewing that evokes emotions and tells a story, too — say, showing your grandchildren growing from babies to kids to young adults.

Making a slideshow is a great way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other milestone events, and to honor relatives and friends at funerals and memorials, whether in-person or virtual. A host of apps available for Windows, Apple and Android devices makes it easier than you might think — a couple even create the slideshow for you!

Before you begin

Paper photos

Digital images

Choosing a slideshow app

From AARP:

Steps to creating the slideshow

Unless the app does all the work for you, the process for creating a slideshow is generally similar across most programs.

1. Start a new project and import your photos or video clips.

2. Drag and drop to arrange them in the desired order across a visible timeline.

3. Edit your media. If you need to, say, crop or rotate photos or trim video clips, tap them in the timeline to launch editing tools.

4. Add special effects or filters, if you like. For example, you could turn photos into vintage-looking black-and-white or sepia-tone images, or go for a “Ken Burns effect” (a slow camera pan across a static image).

5. Select how long each photo will be displayed in the slideshow and how each will transition to the next, for example, a dissolve or swipe to the right.

6. Choose music to play during the slideshow. If the app doesn’t do it already, select to fade in and fade out the song (or songs) at the desired points.

7. Add on-screen titles or captions, if desired. You might want viewers to know the names of people in images, for example, or where and when they were captured. Some apps also let you add narration, using the microphone in your device.

8. Save your finished slideshow and follow the app’s instructions to “export” (convert) it to a common video format like .mp4 or .mov. That makes it sharable and playable on most devices.

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