What Are the Best Photography Apps?

How to enjoy photography and get the most out of your smartphone camera’s apps?

One of the biggest challenges we hear is how to take better pictures and do more with your saved photos, especially from those pre-digital pictures after all are scanned. Our team of photo experts at ScanMyPhotos have compiled this comprehensive list of apps that are worth checking out. As you identify others, please let us know.

MemoryWeb photo metadata app. If you only read one recommendation, our must download photo app is MemoryWeb. This app is for family historians, genealogy archivists and everyone who had ScanMyPhotos digitize their pictures. It brings generations of photos together in one place, creates interactive connections between them, and preserves “back-of-the-photo” details forever. @MemoryWeb

Halide is a groundbreaking camera app for deliberate and thoughtful photography. Use gestures inHalide’s to change exposure and manual focus with a swipe. Halide’s professional tools include focus peaking, a detailed histogram, adaptive level grid, and RAW support. Halide is a Great, Gesture-Based Pro Camera App for iPhone — @halidecamera

Halide uses a fantastic gesture interface that is easy to use and can tap into the pro features of your camera like RAW, white balance, manual focus, and more.

Digital photography never looked so analog. Swipe through lenses and films with Hipstamatic, the original analog camera. The original analog photo experience, with an all-new editing suite. Hipstamatic is the best way to create beautiful photography. Order from the Apple Store. @Hipstamatic

Digital photography never looked so analog. Swipe through lenses and films with Hipstamatic, the original analog camera. Exclusively available on iPhone.

ProCamera HD, the gold standard for professional iOS photography, provides a highly intuitive interface for beginners as well as DSLR-like controls for experts. Leveraging the capabilities of the iPad, ProCamera HD is easy to use, yet deep when needed!  @ProCamera

In this video, you’ll get an idea of what you can do with ProCamera. Although there’s a lot more to explore, this should help give you a brief introduction to the app

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to photography or a pro, Polarr has it all. Novices will appreciate that Polarr offers advanced auto-enhance tools and sophisticated filters to edit all the details of your photo. Pro photographers will look forward to our layer support, curve tools, local adjustments. @polarrist

Polarr Photo Editor Tutorial Basics – Filters

Transform your world into a live cartoon. ToonCamera is an amazing video and photography app that turns your world into a live cartoon. Apply real-time cartoon and art effects to your camera feed, record video and snap photos. @ToonCamera

Transform your world into a live cartoon with the ToonCamera app

Take stunning 360 panoramas everywhere. Panorama360 turns your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad into a full-featured 360-degree panoramic camera. Easily capture immersive panoramas in seconds and instantly share your 360 views with the world. Simply pan the camera and watch as images are stitched seamlessly. Panorama360 captures the scene in a way you never could with a traditional camera. @TeliportMe

PicLab provides the tools you need to create neat photo collages, add text, stickers, and artwork, and apply one of over 50 filters. You can use image overlays and masks, adjust the brightness, saturation, and contrast, or add captions with text or drawing tools. @PicLab

PicLab Photo Editor is the premier all-in-one photo editor. Available on iOS & Android!
Watch 1,000 Photos Digitally Preserved in 5 Minutes at ScanMyPhotos.com
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How to Save all your pre-digital pictures this fast at ScanMyPhotos.com

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Why Genealogy Bank Is the Most Important Tool for Family Archivists

Over the years, we have asked people why they had their pre-digital photographs preserved. Among the top answers were to create genealogy projects by going back in time. Researching who was in each photo from yesteryear and engaging the entire family on a treasure hunt to commemorate and preserve all those family memories.

Along the way one name kept popping up for helping learn about a familys herritage. Genealogy Bank has become the leading answer as they help you learn about your past.

“Every Obituary Tells a Story. Dig In. Discover Your Family Story Today.”

Genealogy Bank: “Your Family Story. “

Excerpt from their website:

About GenealogyBank

GenealogyBank is a leading online genealogical resource from NewsBank, inc. Featuring a wealth of exclusive material-including modern obituaries and historical newspapersbookspamphletsmilitary recordsgovernment documents and more-GenealogyBank helps you discover fascinating information about your family history.

GenealogyBank’s 9,000+ historical newspapers include letters, speeches, opinion pieces, advertisements, hometown news, photographs, illustrations and more. These unique primary documents go beyond names and dates, providing first-hand accounts that simply aren’t available from census or vital records alone. With GenealogyBank, you’ll get a glimpse into the triumphs, troubles and everyday experiences of your American ancestors.

Become a Genealogy Bank Member and Access 2+ Billion Family History Records

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The History of The World Through NY Times’ Pictures

Archiving Historic Photographs

The New York Times has more than a hundred years of pictures never seen before. This Google partnership with the NYT is providing help to archive a trove of historic pictures.

Google Cloud is helping the New York Times digitize millions of photos from its archive. Picture what the cloud can do.

Follow “Past Tense” as the NYT’s digitize about six million photo prints in their files — dating back more than 100 years — they are using those images to bring vivid narratives and compelling characters of the past to life. Click to follow the adventure through these historical pictures


Prior to the digitization, millions of photographs, along with tens of millions of historical news clippings, microfilm records and other archival materials, existed only in a physical archive three levels below ground near The Times headquarters in New York City called “The New York Times Archival Library,” also known as the “morgue.” Though The Times officially began clipping and saving articles in the 1870s, they were not formally codified into a library until 1907.

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Tech Expert Marc Saltzman Interviews ScanMyPhotos

Go inside the world of photo scanning with tips and advice to digitize photos, 35mm slides and film negatives with ScanMyPhotos

Come inside the world of photo scanning as TECH IT OUT, broadcast on over 250 radio stations and all the top podcast syndicates interviews Mitch Goldstone, CEO of ScanMyPhotos.

Click to listen and subscribe.

Image 1 - Tech Expert Marc Saltzman Interviews ScanMyPhotos
Marc Saltzman is one of North America’s most recognizable and trusted technology experts, who specializes in consumer electronics, business technology, interactive entertainment and internet trends.

Along with his weekly syndicated column with Gannett and USAToday.com, Marc currently contributes to more than 40 prominent publications, including USA Today, AARP, Yahoo, Costco Connection (U.S. and Canada), MSN, Toronto Star, Metro, Media Planet, Rogers Connected, Common Sense Media, TELUS Talks Business, Homefront and Condo Elite.

Marc has written 16 books. His latest is Apple Watch For Dummies (Wiley).

ms - Tech Expert Marc Saltzman Interviews ScanMyPhotos
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