THE STORY: From 200,000 CES Attendees to JUST One

Overview from Digital Trends: THE STORY: From 200,000 CES Attendees to JUST. An Empty Las Vegas Convention Center During CES

emptyvesas1 300x225 - THE STORY: From 200,000 CES Attendees to JUST One Read why traveled to Las Vegas as the only in-person CES attendee.

This personal narrative explains why virtual trade shows and conventions still need people to (SAFELY) travel to support the cities safely.

An Empty Las Vegas Convention Center During CES

“It was as if a neutron bomb exploded. The economic calamity wreaked havoc,” reported Mitch Goldstone, CEO at, who has attended CES for the past three decades.

Subject: A shell of its former self; what is the future of CES?

Las Vegas was emptyWhen it comes to trade shows, you either love or hate CES. The Consumer Electronics convention showcases the largest and most important tech convention of the year, which is the pinnacle of our year at ScanMyPhotos.

It gives us a chance to view the newest and most advanced technology on all fronts and helps us “skate to where the puck is going” when it comes to hardware that helps us store, secure, and retrieve our most precious memories.

So this year I couldn’t stay away. I ended up flying in for a few days to financially support Las Vegas in the doldrums of a long, dark winter to witness how things were going.

I went away saddened but inspired. As an act of economic patriotism, people must (safely) travel to host cities to support virtual conventions.

Las Vegas Convention Center was empty during CES2021Las Vegas is closed. Rather than the bustling lines, cavernous showcases, and hands-on demonstrations of all the newest technologies, there was nothing.

Upon arriving at Las Vegas, it was clear the absence of an in-person CES was staggering. Everything from the quiet hotels to the deserted sidewalks to the empty Las Vegas convention center, made things feel like a ghost town. With the entirety of CES now occurring virtually, I asked myself a single question: Will CES ever return?

I think it has to if only to ensure that Las Vegas can survive as an event center. But why?

Inside an empty LVCC during #CES2021CES is an integral part of the tech ecosystem.

It’s a fair, a circus, and an educational opportunity that delivers a quarter-billion dollars to the city, and offers a moment to catch up with old friends and make new ones. It’s a chance to network, expand your reach, and build a business. And it’s vital.

It was as if a neutron bomb exploded as the largest U.S. trade show switched to Zoom

Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® is partnering with Three Square Food Bank to provide meals for our hungry neighbors.

Without the glitz of Las Vegas and the endless convention halls, CES is just another Zoom call, just another video stream. I’ve hit conference fatigue and I know you probably have, and I noticed that this year the excitement was lacking everywhere. Nothing amazing happened at this year’s CES and if we continued to depend on virtual events, nothing ever will.

I hope for the day we can roam those busy halls again, getting hands-on experience for all the newest tech we could bring back to ScanMyPhotos, but it is entirely plausible that next year’s CES may be canceled as well. What would happen if in-person events went away entirely?

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As CES 2021 Goes Virtual, This Is How to Soften Las Vegas’ Economic Calamity

FIRST DRAFT: Onsite analysts of the Las Vegas economic calamity as #CES2021 goes virtual. How to help donate to support the Las Vegas community.

[UPDATE: From 200,000 attendees to just one: Here’s what Vegas looks like during CES 2021]

Do you remember three years ago when a major power outage hit CES? The nearly two-hour blackout at the North and Central halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center turned out to be just a blip, a minor inconvenience.

In response to the profound and escalating economic calamity in Las Vegas, I am doing something. While in-person events and networking events are off the table, I am watching CES from LAS VEGAS!

For three decades, I have made the annual January pilgrimage to CES. Among my favorite events was spending hours at Eureka Park and watching “The Last Gadget Standing,” where the most innovative new products vied for the coveted best new gadget award. I would meet with and learn about the best tech innovations. Nobody could have imagined this week there is *just* one person standing at CES.

CES 2021 is all-digital

Each January, the largest tech event in the world was attended by about 170,000 people, with thousands of exhibitors crammed into its 2.97 million square feet of exhibition space. CES had an estimated economic impact of over a quarter billion dollars on the Las Vegas economy. This week, hotel rooms, which were $500+ during past shows, are now under $30.

This is what the CES media center looked like in the past, brimming with an assemblage of international journalists covering thousands of tech innovations. [via ScanMyPhotos,com].

In September, I was in Las Vegas for meetings and was dismayed to witness the economic calamity firsthand. So much was closed, many permanently. I have photos and videos of a desolate city.

While other techies are watching the all-digital, virtual CES 2021 show at home–on their computer screens–I am on a mission to *safely* watch and help the local economy.

While safely staying at a hotel with my computer plugged in, my passion is to help with economic patriotism. Whatever is open, I am supporting and leaving big tips.

I remember when companies like Samsung and Google would send thousands of employees from around the world to converse there. Both even contracted to rent most of the MGM SKYLOFT Suites for conference space. Imagine the economic losses? The 18 Wheeler Trucks unloading multi-million dollar exhibit displays at the LVCC. All gone.


Now for the ask: For everyone virtually attending CES what were your past years’ CES travel and entertainment budgets? The money you spent on airfare, hotel, entertainment, taxis (Uber), fancy dinners, and from bars and nightclubs to tips and Starbuck Lattes? With all the saved money, please consider contributing to help those economically affected in Las Vegas.

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WSJ Raves on ScanMyPhotos Photo Digitizing Service

WSJ Raves on ScanMyPhotos Photo Digitizing Service

Hello, ScanMyPhotos community. We proudly share with you this Joanna Stern Wall Street Journal feature tech story on “The best way to digitize old photos, tapes, and discs and leave them in your memory.” Learn why now is the ideal time to rediscover your decades of nostalgia memories to organize, digitize, and share. This New Yorker cartoon illustrates why this matters now more than ever.

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Wall Street Journal reviews photo scanning service, ScanMyPhotosWall Street Journal reviews ScanMYPhotoswsj3 222x300 - WSJ Raves on ScanMyPhotos Photo Digitizing Service

WATCH WSJ+ Live: How to Prepare Your Digital Legacy With Joanna Stern



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The High-Tech Texan, Michael Garfield, shares his top technology gift ideas

What the top tech gift ideas profiled on CBS NEWS: Top Tech Gift Ideas Includes

The High-Tech Texan, Michael Garfield, shares his top technology gift ideas for the holiday season. Watch Houston’s leading morning talk show, hosted by Deborah Duncan. Weekdays @ 9am on @KHOU  #GreatDayHouston

UPDATE: Listen to Michael Garfield’s iHeartRadio interview.


HoustonThe High-Tech Texan® Show” Saturday 11a-1p CT [iHeartRadio and KPRC-AM]. U.S. Syndicated. Watch. “Great Day Houston” (CBS). @garf, @hightechtexan, @GoGarfGo,

The High-Tech Texan, Michael Garfield, shares his top technology gift ideas for the holiday season. ScanMyPhotos segment begins at minute 2:30.

You can listen to Garfield’s radio show, “The High-Tech Texan Show” , Saturdays 11 am -1 pm on iHeartRadio and KPRC-AM.

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“Decluttering Tips for your Big Pandemic Purge” By Microsoft News

Cheapism, the widely popular site profiled Cheapism features product reviews and recommendations for every budget. Personal finance and money-saving tips on home, travel, food, technology, and healthy living.

Written by Andrew Lisa and published by, here is the story: “With people across the country cooped up at home, it’s more important than ever to maintain a liveable space. The COVID-19 crisis makes decluttering for the whole family, from kids to seniors, a necessity whether it’s a fast job or not, but it also forces some changes in how you have to go about trimming the fat and getting organized. Here are a few expert tips on how to downsize safely so you can make the most out of the space you’re stuck in.”



Digitize Old Photos: Digitizing those mountains of old physical photographs can preserve precious pictures for safekeeping while also clearing lots of clutter.

one cent photo scanning by“While traveling is off limits as families stay safe at home, there is a way to revisit past adventures while decluttering your lifetime of photo snapshots,” says Mitch Goldstone of “Gather all those shoeboxes and albums to digitize long-forgotten pictures.” In reality, however, scanning them one by one or even batch by batch into your printer’s scanner is simply not a practical use of time.

Entrepreneurs with professional equipment have stepped in to fill that void, many at a very reasonable price. Goldstone’s company, for example, will digitize 4,000 photos for $40, or a penny per photo.

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