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How to stop companies from sending daily promotions to your email

The Problem Faced By Consumers

When companies send excessive promotional emails, subscribers’ trust in their websites erodes. Rather than unsubscribing from annoying emails, please share this story with those companies’ Chief Marketing Officers, CEOs, and advertising agencies to advocate for change and raise awareness! Let’s make a difference together! Ask them to do what we did — ending promo emails.

Dishing out those massive “discounts” and teasing Black Friday weeks in advance raises questions. It might be a nifty idea for the company to get more inventive rather than solely relying on whopping discounts. Sometimes, those colossal discounts make it seem like the original prices were sky-high! Instead, smart enterprises should focus on addressing the issues consumers have and show them how your company can be a problem-solving wizard. Show what you do to build trust is a better value. 🌟

How to stop those promotional promo code deals sent to your inbox

How to wow customers with exceptional service instead of bombarding inboxes with promotional emails is today’s subject for PICTURE THIS! Discover a better way to earn trust with customers and #StopTheEmailOverload.

Let’s bid farewell to those overwhelming email floods. Consumers aren’t opening them anyway, or much less placing orders; instead, they are swiping to delete and unsubscribe for a clutter-free inbox. We launched an advocacy campaign to get other merchants to follow along — prioritizing meaningful customer connections without email overloads.

Black Friday Discount fallacy

Black Friday Discount fallacy

Saying Farewell to Promotional Emails

Is your inbox overwhelmed, engulfed with the noise from businesses sending nonstop promotions? Today, we announce a significant change at ScanMyPhotos. In an era where promotional emails flood our inboxes, we’re taking a bold step to end this clutter and bring you a better experience. This is very personal to us — customers entrust their lifetime of cherished photo memories. The last thing we want is to break that trust by overwhelming them with constant sales pitches.

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Our decision to stop sending promotional emails has been a game-changer. The feedback has been overwhelming. Do you agree that online shopping should prioritize exceptional customer care and quality service rather than bombarding customers with daily deals and promotions?
By eliminating the clutter of promotional emails, merchants should provide a refreshing retail experience that focuses on what truly matters- fair prices and quality products. We believe that the best deals are achieved by prioritizing the customer experience. Our commitment to exceptional quality has earned us glowing reviews from media outlets like The Associated Press, Forbes, and hundreds of feature articles.

The News Release 

Discounts and sales gimmicks might grab attention momentarily, but lasting success comes from prioritizing service and problem-solving. At, we’ve flipped the script, understanding that a seamless experience and addressing customer needs create genuine loyalty. It’s not just about a transaction; it’s about building relationships that extend beyond a one-time purchase, fostering trust and satisfaction. So, while others chase quick wins, we’re dedicated to providing solutions and services that resonate with our customers for the long haul.

(Irvine, CA) ScanMyPhotos has embarked on an important initiative to spare consumers from the inundation of promotional emails that overwhelm their inboxes. This decision is motivated by several key factors:

  1. Consumer Advocacy: The company recognizes the frustration and erosion of trust consumers experience when bombarded with excessive promotional emails from various businesses. Rather than expecting consumers to simply unsubscribe, The photo archival company is taking a proactive approach to advocate for change and raise awareness about this issue.
  2. Customer-Centric Focus: ScanMyPhotos, as a company specializing in digitally preserving old photos, values the trust and relationships it has with its customers. They understand that constantly bombarding customers with sales pitches through emails can undermine this trust and lead to inbox clutter, contrary to the quality-driven experience they aim to provide by uncluttering old pictures and not cluttering up your inbox.
  3. Industry Leadership: By eliminating promotional emails and emphasizing a quality-driven approach, ScanMyPhotos aims to set a trend in the industry. They invite other e-commerce businesses to follow suit and prioritize the consumer’s well-being by reducing the email clutter.
  4. A Fresh Era: This initiative celebrates a fresh era where inboxes are no longer flooded with promotional content. It encourages consumers to take an active role in advocating for change by sharing ScanMyPhotos’ initiative with other companies’ decision-makers.
  5. Simplicity and Quality: ScanMyPhotos believes in keeping things simple and wowing customers with exceptional service rather than overwhelming them with daily promotional emails. They are committed to providing a clutter-free, quality-driven experience on their website, blog, and social media.

In summary, ScanMyPhotos’ decision to stop sending promotional emails is rooted in a desire to improve the overall customer experience, end the email overload consumers face, and advocate for more customer-centric practices in the e-commerce industry. It’s a move that reflects their commitment to meaningful connections, quality content, and a clutter-free inbox for their customers.

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How frequently do you receive daily messages like these below from companies you trust with your email address?

Stop the annoying, daily email ads from retailers.

An Inbox Free of Retailer Promotions

Imagine opening your emails and not finding a single retailer’s promotion. At ScanMyPhotos, this is now a reality as we sent our final promotional email to our subscribers. It seemed ironic for a company specializing in digitally uncluttering old photos to flood your inbox with deals.

Prioritizing Quality Content

In today’s digital age, promotional emails often disappear faster than a magician’s vanishing act, leaving us with cluttered inboxes. We understand that too many promotional emails can be more frustrating than engaging.

We can all relate to how annoying it is when our inboxes get too crowded with emails, right? It’s high time for retailers to step into a new era. To make room for real, meaningful connections, and let’s face it, nobody wants those constant email bombardments anyway.

Our Problem

We aimed to grab our subscribers’ attention with each promotional email rather than to be lost in the sea of ‘swipe-to-delete.’ Unsubscribing has become common, but we believe retailers can do better. Dazzle customers with engaging content that truly resonates with them. Solve their problem and listen to them.

A Trendsetting Decision

We believe that eliminating promotional emails can set a trend in a world overwhelmed with email clutter. We invite other e-commerce businesses to join us in making this change for the benefit of consumers.

Join Us in This New Era — Call To Action

Come on board, and let’s celebrate the start of a fresh era where our email inboxes aren’t flooded with promotional stuff. The next time one of those pesky emails pops up, don’t just hit that “unsubscribe” button; instead, share this story with their Chief Marketing Officer, CEO, and advertising agencies. Let’s make some noise for change!

If you have a fair price, you don’t need to discount. Our advocacy campaign to end the deluge of daily business email junk launched with a 38.5% open rate — Regularly, it’s about 7.5%. Feedback and social media clatter reveal that consumers prefer fair prices online. When did the Apple Store last send a 50% off email discount? [Never].



How to get companies to stop sending promo emails

About, founded in 1990, is a pioneering e-commerce company specializing in digitally preserving old photos. One billion pictures have been preserved. With a commitment to providing meaningful connections and reducing inbox clutter, the company has strategically decided to bid farewell to promotional emails and focus on quality content and service. Better than annoying emails, find all the best stuff on our website, Picture This blog, and social media. A digital treasure trove awaits you at ScannMyPhotos to help digitize your pictures and more! We aren’t just ending the era of promotional emails to give you a clutter-free inbox.

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A Refreshingly Simple Approach

When introducing people to ScanMyPhotos, we believe in keeping it simple. Rather than inundating your inbox with daily promotional emails, we focus on wowing our customers with exceptional service. In a time where inboxes are flooded with repetitive “last-minute deals,” we’ve noticed that many customers are growing frustrated with this marketing approach. It prompted us to reevaluate our competitors’ practices.

Valuable Customers Seek Knowledge

Interestingly, some of our most valuable new customers found their way to us because they were tired of the constant barrage of emails from other companies. This experience taught us a valuable lesson – distinguishing between those seeking knowledge and those who prefer flashy advertisements. It’s crucial to respect the former group’s desire to learn without overwhelming them with ads that appear faster than you can hit the delete or unsubscribe buttons.

The Story:

Explore how values the trust of its customers by avoiding overwhelming email promotions. Join us in ending the email flood and respecting your inbox.

A Special Bond of Trust

When a customer subscribes to our website, it’s like a special bond of trust. They seek inspiration, knowledge, and insights about what we do and how we can help them. Unfortunately, some companies have let people down by bombarding them with endless promotions, using subject lines like “final hours,” “last day,” “extended,” and “best deal ever.” Let’s make sure we always respect that trust!’s Tale of Email Chaos

Here is a tale of email chaos. It all began when a competitor went promo-email-crazy, driving their customers up the wall. Some disgruntled folks packed their bags and landed on our website instead. ScanMyPhotos aims to save your sanity by urging retailers to kick the annoying habit of bombarding your inbox with their email ads.

Let’s put an end to the email flood from these retail rascals! The photo archival pioneers safely digitize photo media that safely preserves your history. Our passion for quality has allowed us to preserve one billion pictures since 1990, earning us the nickname “Your Magical Digital Time Machine.” Plus, with our Xpress ScanFast same-day scanning, we can quickly provide your digitized photos!


We Are Grateful to You

Thank you for choosing ScanMyPhotos, where your photo memories are in expert hands.

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