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If you’ve got loads of photos sitting in boxes and albums, going digital with them can seem like an overwhelming task. We get it. That’s why we invited Mitch Goldstone, co-founder, and CEO of ScanMyPhotos.com to join us for a conversation to share his tips to make the job less time-consuming and more enjoyable. To make it even easier, ScanMyPhotos is offering a 50% discount on his “fill the box” service with promo code: “tagthatphoto.”

And once your pics are digitized, the next step is to get them organized. That’s where Tag That Photo’s face recognition wizardry helps automate the tagging process.

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  • TagThatPhoto starts by scanning each photo and using visual landmarks – (eyes, nose, and mouth) to find every face.
  • TagThatPhoto’s secured algorithm analyzes all the pixels and landmark measurements and calculates a unique code for every face.
  • Once you tag a name to that facecode, our software quickly and accurately matches it to other photos of the same person.
  • Tag faces with fewer errors & faster than industry leaders – including Microsoft and Google. With Tag That Photo, you’ll be a tagging machine!
  • Powered by Applied Recognition’s patented face recognition engine, Tag That Photo finds and recognizes faces better than any other desktop product.

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NEWS PEG: With hands in the air, we nearly gave up in frustration, but instead…

It was frustrating to hear how so many family photos are destroyed by natural disasters. that is why free photo scanning is now a thing.


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Irvine, CA–This summer is going to be devastating. Across the country, an entire lifetime of family photos will be obliterated–destroyed from hurricanes and wildfires.

The challenge is how to preserve irreplaceable family history—decades of precious nostalgia?

Last year, even our CEO got caught in an emergency evacuation text alert. He had 30 seconds to rush in and grab the pets. When disaster strikes, from storm surges to encroaching firestorms, there is no time to gather pictures.

At first, nobody believed pictures could be digitized this fast. Now, the top comment is “why are pictures scanned free?”

We tried everything to save families’ photo history from natural disasters.

So many advisories and shared stories from people who lost everything, yet there are still trillions of snapshots at risk from a summertime of hurricanes and wildfires.

To inspire everyone to plan ahead, ScanMyPhotos.com announces FREE PHOTO SCANNING

David Pogue, the bestselling author and “CBS Sunday Morning” correspondent wrote the book on preparing for natural disasters and profiled how ScanMyPhotos.com helps protect pictures from climate change disasters.

Yet, stories like this past Weather Channel report keep happening.

The pandemic led to 40% of all photo scanning projects being placed by grieving families preparing for Zoom memorials. Now, 70% of orders are from families readying for summertime reunions to share their nostalgia.

Carl, the breakout tech innovation story is how digitizing pictures are now free! ScanMyPhotos.com is on a philanthropic mission to remove any barriers from planning ahead—to guarantee there are no more heartaches like the stories from after a disaster decimates a lifetime of pre-digital snapshots.

“It was frustrating to listen to the stories of why people didn’t plan ahead,” explained the 30-year photo industry executive, Mitch Goldstone, CEO at ScanMyPhotos.com, which has digitized 700 million pictures.



Free Photo Scanning at ScanMyPhotos

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How to Survive, Thrive and Beat Amazon at Its Own Game

To overcome Amazon’s market power invent products they cannot sell to compete and win

We didn’t write the book on Amazon, Brad Stone, the Senior Executive Editor at Bloomberg News did–he wrote the two primers on the history of the online retailer. After reading both books, ScanMyPhotos.com jumped in.

You too should study and learn how to beat Amazon at its own game. This lesson will inspire businesses across the country to also trounce Amazon.

ScanMyPhotos vs AmazonThis has been a 30-year work in progress. As a photo industry executive, my business lessons led to this moment and a shrewd primer on how to take on Amazon.

A Quick Read:

  • The top techniques to beat Amazon are service, deals, human touch personality, and personalize the customer experience.
  • How to deplatform from Amazon’s Marketplace and save on commissions, returns, pay-to-play fees, and getting hacked by their business practices.
  • Why it is anything but a privilege to post your products on the Amazon Marketplace.
  • Nobody can create a better shopping and fulfillment experience, be more empathetic to customer concerns than dealing directly with an independent business.
  • While Amazon’s customers are primarily loyal to JUST price, retailers are best skilled to focus on customer loyalty to build brand evangelists.
  • Take advantage of the brief product descriptions and write a voluminous catalog of detailed information to describe everything about your products and company.
  • The leading misstep is focusing just on price. It is all about service. Nobody knows your products or cares more than you. But, when you can, create a game-changer discount like our FREE PHOTO SCANNING.
  • Use your internal logistics and infrastructure to your advantage. Focus on the immediacy with instant support and make adjustments to meet customer demands.

How ScanMyPhotos.com Beat Amazon At Its Own Game Revealed:

When it comes to the personalized service of digitizing irreplaceable family photos, it is all about reputation, service, and personalization.

Question: How Rapidly Can You Have Thousands and Thousands of pictures digitized?

A: Buying a DIY scanner from Amazon sets you back hundreds of dollars before digitizing your first picture. It also takes longer than reading all our reviews and profiles. At ScanMyPhotos.com it is this fast.

In minutes, thousands of pictures are professionally digitized. So far, we have preserved more than seven hundred million nostalgic family memories. Most are then shared on the popular photo-sharing apps and now displayed during summertime family reunions.

The Photo Scanning Deal That Beat Amazon:

ScanMyPhotos.com designed this 50% discount for bulk photo scanning to take on Amazon and just in time for sharing a legacy of nostalgia at summertime family reunions. How to save 50% on digitizing photo snapshots and pay as little as $85 to scan about 1,800 pictures with free delivery*

Mitch Goldstone, CEO, ScanMyPhotos.com

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