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How to Survive, Thrive and Beat Amazon at Its Own Game

To overcome Amazon’s market power invent products they cannot sell to compete and win

We didn’t write the book on Amazon, Brad Stone, the Senior Executive Editor at Bloomberg News did–he wrote the two primers on the history of the online retailer. After reading both books, jumped in.

You too should study and learn how to beat Amazon at its own game. This lesson will inspire businesses across the country to also trounce Amazon.

This has been a 30-year work in progress. As a photo industry executive, my business lessons led to this moment and a shrewd primer on how to take on Amazon.

A Quick Read:

  • The top techniques to beat Amazon are service, deals, human touch personality, and personalizing the customer experience.
  • How to deplatform from Amazon’s Marketplace and save on commissions, returns, pay-to-play fees, and getting hacked by their business practices.
  • Why it is anything but a privilege to post your products on the Amazon Marketplace.
  • Nobody can create a better shopping and fulfillment experience, be more empathetic to customer concerns than dealing directly with an independent business.
  • While Amazon’s customers are primarily loyal to JUST price, retailers are best skilled to focus on customer loyalty to build brand evangelists.
  • Take advantage of the brief product descriptions and write a voluminous catalog of detailed information to describe everything about your products and company.
  • The leading misstep is focusing just on price. It is all about service. Nobody knows your products or cares more than you. But, when you can, create a game-changer discount like our FREE PHOTO SCANNING.
  • Use your internal logistics and infrastructure to your advantage. Focus on the immediacy with instant support and make adjustments to meet customer demands.

How Beat Amazon At Its Own Game Revealed:

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