Podcast: The Simple Mistake And The Long Lost Letter

Tales From The Pictures We Saved – The Simple Mistake And The Long Lost Letter

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tales from the pictures we saved

Welcome to the world of photo scannings Tales From the Pictures We Saved podcast.

We’ve spent the past 29 years helping our customers preserve tens of millions of happy memories, milestones, achievements, and events—all of which have incredible stories behind each and every photo.

And now we’re eager to share these stories with you.

In this episode, we explore the story of ScanMyPhotos customer Melissa Mayberry.

As Melissa went through the photo scanning process, she found that a simple mistake led to a beautiful and touching moment in her life.


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6 Tips to Preserve Old Photos for Future Generations to Enjoy

Preserve Old Photos The most popular method for storing old photos is one of the most damaging. That’s right, stuffing a box with photos, negatives, and/or slides and packing it away in the basement is like turning your memories into a ticking time bomb.

If you want to keep your photos safe from disaster and away from the ravages of time, then it’s time to properly store them. The following tips will help you preserve old photos so that they will be around for many years to come.

Use care when handling

It’s highly recommended to use cotton gloves when handling photos. There are unseen oils and dirt on our hands that could do some serious damage to prints over time. If you can’t use gloves, then delicately handle the photos at the edges when moving them around.

You should also keep your preservation project in an area that’s neat and clean, and away from damaging lights, extreme temperatures or humidity, smoke, foods or liquids. Imagine you’re an archivist handling ancient and precious materials—photos require that same kind of delicacy. While you may not see the damage right away, improper handling can wreak havoc on your photos over time.

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The Best Ways to Store Printed Photos

Art WallAll of you ScanMyPhotos fans know that the best way to preserve photos is by photo scanning.

Scan printed photos once, and you have digital copies that can be easily reproduced and shared at any time. But what about all of those printed photos you still have?

You might as well store and display them in a way that will preserve them – after all, they are the originals and you can still enjoy them while they are in good shape.

image1 1 223x300 - The Best Ways to Store Printed PhotosI did a little research to find the best ways to store and display printed photos, and here’s what I found (thank you National Archives!):

Use a mat when framing photos

Ever have a framed photo stick to the glass? This a very common occurrence, and it happens when the humidity gets into the frame. Unfortunately, it’s not always fixable (though a photo conservationist might be able to help). When you frame photos, use an archival quality photo-safe mat, which will add space between the glass and the photo.

Choose a cool, dry place for storage

Store your photos in the coolest and driest spot in your home, as dampness causes photos to stick together (and promotes mold growth on them – yuck!). It goes without saying that your finished basement is out unless it is dehumidified. Instead, choose a closet where an upper-level temperature stays pretty constant and cool throughout the year.

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One Cent Photo Scanning Flash Sale (regularly 16 Cents)




onecent3new 300x215 - One Cent Photo Scanning Flash Sale (regularly 16 Cents)In our 29-years in business, we never offered anything like this.

But, we never scored a recommendation by Oprah either, until now.

Yet we wanted to do something game-changing special for her millions of readers …. and for you.

Your 1¢ Photo Scanning FLASH SALE (regularly 16¢) Is On Now, But It Will Quickly Disappear
IMG 7990 300x225 - One Cent Photo Scanning Flash Sale (regularly 16 Cents)

Nearly 3,200 people took advantage of this first-time-ever discount to scan all their pre-digital photos. 

Why? Well, there was the Oprah recommendation. But, also because so many homes were devastated from the recent tornadoes in Alabama. Last year, billions of irreplaceable pictures were also ruined from hurricanes and wildfires. We even heard from a customer from years ago. She asked if we still had the thousands of pictures digitized for her? Sadly, she explained her house just burned down — the digital files were stored alongside her pictures. Not backed up off-site.

IMG 8103 222x300 - One Cent Photo Scanning Flash Sale (regularly 16 Cents)You know our passion to preserve photos.

Daily stories like these are so emotional that we wanted to help inspire you to have your pictures scanned.

PLEASE share with many. 


This story from The Weather Channel keeps happening. 

ScanMyPhotos.com Corporate Headquarters in Irvine, CA




The ScanMyPhotos.com Corporate Headquarters in Irvine, California has digitized 600 million pictures this fast.

This Unforgettable Sale Will Quickly Disappear. This Is Your Access To Our First-Time-Ever Special Event. Regularly 16-cents. Your cost is just one penny for each standard photographic picture digitized with the “Pay-Per-Scan” photo scanning service. All photo preparation rules apply and are limited to 10,000 per person/order/address.


MUST ENTER “1CentSale” coupon/promo code at checkout to validate. Without the code, the cost is 16-cents per photo scan. Please also review the following details and terms.


  • Click here or below for details and to order
  • $20 order minimum is charged when ordering and credited towards your order total. Example: buy one scan, it is $20; have 2,000 scanned it is $20; have 10,000 scanned it is $100
  • ONLY VALID TOWARDS ARCHIVAL 300 DPI Scanning (600 dpi is available along with many other popular add-on services)
  • Recommended: Order add-on extra services to enhance your order
  • Cannot be applied towards ANY prior orders, NO refunds
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  • You are responsible for paying to mail the photos to us and paying for return S/H. We do not send you a box
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  • Maximum photos scanned per customer/order/address is 10,000
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Ready. Set.

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More Add-On Ordering Options Are Available For Your Photo Scanning Project. Because we have been fielding many inquiries about how to enhance the orders with the popular featured additions, here is a list with prices to complement your orderCLICK HERE: we recommend you take advantage of several of the other add-on featured services to enhance your photo scanning project.

Please use this link to share with others so they too can enjoy this special one-time-only discount to digitize and protect all their photos. Remind all that the discount code will expire and disappear without notice.

More tips, and news profiles on ScanMyPhotos, including this link to a sampling of many national reviews, profiles, and raves. 

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