How One Road Trip Led to a Quest to Build a Family Archive

Ever dream of traveling the country to experience each region’s unique lifestyle and cuisine, take in the grandeur of the national parks, and soak up everything our major cities have to offer?

Well, one of our customers, Seth Johnson, did just that with his wife – and that trip was the reason they got their photos scanned. While most people might get their photos scanned after a major trip, they had their photos scanned beforehand. When he explained why, it made perfect sense:

“My wife and I got married in our mid-30s, and we both had a large number of photos. Two years after we got married, we decided to move out of our house and into an airstream trailer and travel around the country. We didn’t have room to take much with us, but we knew if we had our photos scanned we could take them. So we did! They were sitting on a hard drive, and we’d plug the hard drive into Apple TV and watch our photos.”

He and his wife learned a lot about each other on that trip: She had won a science contest in high school and got to go to the Galapagos Islands, while he was able to share photos from the five summers he worked at a Boy Scout camp in northern Wisconsin. Lots of great memories!

While the idea of a year-long road trip sounds awesome, preparing for a trip like that was intense: They had to rent out their house, decide which of their belongings to sell or store, let their clients know they’d be freelancing from the road – the list goes on. Seth had originally started scanning his photos, but he got through maybe a hundred and stopped. Not only was it very slow-going, but he had thousands of photos to scan and a scratch on his scanner that was ruining the scanned images.

As Seth said, “It was nice to box them up, send them off, and get them back a few weeks later. The quality of what we got back was amazing!” They were so thrilled with the results that they ended up sending boxes to Seth’s mother-in-law and parents so they could get their own photos scanned. The goal: Build a big family archive that can be shared with everyone.

Though they haven’t created any photos books yet – “It’s on the to-do list!” Seth told me – he and his wife are talking about doing one for their baby daughter. His parents put together an album for him of them, their house, trips, special events, etc., and he treasures it. “We’d love to do the same for our daughter,” he said. With so many memories to share, she will surely adore the book.

If creating visual family histories – or just preserving photos for future generations – is on your to-do list, send us your photos today!