3 Tips for Capturing Unforgettable Sports Moments

Kids playing soccerWhether you are the parent of an athlete or a live sports fanatic, you may be singing It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year to yourself now that fall sports are beginning.

If you’re sitting at your child’s soccer, football, wrestling, volleyball or other fall sporting practices and games, you more than likely have several dozen shots during each event that are missing the main moment you wanted to capture.

The timing is too late, distance too far or you actually have no idea what you were even trying to document by the time you look at it later. Consider these tips before photographing action shots your next live sporting event.


Most of us are using our smartphones for the bulk of our photo taking these days. They are convenient, practically attached to our hands and let’s face it, the photo quality is great. The tips discussed are based on smartphone use.  


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The best way to prepare for catching the action shot of big scoring moment is to practice!

Plan and Practice

The best way to prepare for catching the action shot of big scoring moment is to practice! Every practice, warm-up or when someone else is the focus during a real game, play around with your camera and get your timing and settings right.

You can figure out how long of a delay there is before pushing the button to shoot and the capture, test the lighting and try out all of your presets before your kiddo or favorite team has the ball.

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Take Advantage of Phone Features

Think about which shots are the most important to you. Do you care more about seeing that score, the entire scene on the field or emotion on the player’s faces? How about an entirely different view – catch grandparent’s faces in the stands while they beam with pride watching their grandchildren playing well. Practice a variety of these type of shots as well.

Take Advantage of Phone Features

Nearly all smartphones have the functionality to capture the right moment for you. Shooting in burst mode is a great place to start. This is also sometimes called high-speed mode or continuous mode. Typically, if you just hold down the shutter button, your phone will automatically shoot many shots in a row. You have a much higher chance of getting the perfect action shot moment. This does slightly degrade the quality of the images, so that’s something to consider.

You should also test out the lighting presets on your phone to determine what’s best for the current game situation. Cloudy, night or bright sun all bring their own photography challenges. Before the game starts, play around with the lighting options on your phone so that the big touchdown isn’t ruined with glaring light.

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Fight the urge to have the perfect zoom and crop for every shot. Zooming on a smartphone degrades the quality of the image.

Worry About Editing Later

Fight the urge to have the perfect zoom and crop for every shot. Zooming on a smartphone degrades the quality of the image. It also limits everything in the frame. Maybe you could’ve caught a cool shot of the ball in the air, but it was zoomed too close. There may also be something really interesting happening on the sideline or outfield. It is very simple to do basic editing, such as cropping, within your phone after the excitement of the game is over.

Hopefully, you will capture that exact moment your child or favorite team scores using these tips for photographing action shots your next live sporting event. You will love being able to look back and see that exact moment of pride on their face.

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A fun way to tackle that mountain of family photos with StoryGlory

September is Save Your Photos Month, but this idea is so fun you won’t want to wait. This is the smartest, most fun and easiest way to preserve your family memories with voice and photos. StoryGlory is also private and advertising-free.

  1. Get the free voice memoir app from Storyglory (https://storyglory.me).
  2. Start with the first photo that makes you smile.
  3. Add a simple voice recording about what the photo meant to you at the time, and what it means to you now. (Don’t overthink it. You can always delete and start over, but the first take is usually the best.)
  4. Sharing is private, so send the story to others who would enjoy it, too, so they can add their memories as well.
  5. Enjoy, rinse, repeat! (It’s addicting.)

58a7832730bebf3d0b9d4883 StorygloryEnhanceStoryPhone - A fun way to tackle that mountain of family photos with StoryGloryEach story can contain as many photos and recordings as you like, so feel free to arrange your memories to suit your taste and interests. (Popular groupings are by era, person, or event.)

Once you get started, you’ll find that voice is a quick yet heartfelt way to capture the emotions embedded in so many of our family photos. The real challenge isn’t to finish but to begin.

Bring family stories to life through pictures and voice. Just start with a photo and narrate what you remember and feel.


Ready, set, go!

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Creating Nostalgia with Back-to-School Videos

instagram garden 300x200 - Creating Nostalgia with Back-to-School Videos

Preserve Favorite Back-to-School Memories

We all want to be those Pinterest-worthy parents, right? But, let’s be honest – we have mountains of stuff to do, especially at the beginning of the school year.

We have just spent the summer exhausting ourselves trying to balance family and work with the kids at home and now we start the school rush, followed by the holiday rush. It seems like there is always something going on. We know we should do something to document this time, but honestly, don’t have the time to dedicate to something complicated. Back-to-school videos are the perfect way to document and preserve memories in a simple and low-cost way.

backtoschool1 300x214 - Creating Nostalgia with Back-to-School VideosHow can you plan to make this a little less stressful? First, stop being pressured by all of the social media posts of perfect families! Next, think about the little memories that you would like to preserve for years to come and focus on those.


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Why We Are Raving On Google Photos’ Photo Books

Sure. You know our passion for preserving photographs. But, your memories can take on a whole new dimension after those analog pictures, 35mm slides and film negatives are scanned. The next step. The newest innovation in photo sharing to inspire your creativity to archive, share and enjoy all your photos, including those digitized by ScanMyPhotos.com is the new Google Photos Photo Books. We are raving!

The secured home for all your photos and videos, with Google Photos, your pictures are automatically organized and easy to share. If you use Nixplay, your entire library of pictures are added to your Photo Books and available for ordering digital photo frames.

Photo books from Google Photos: Give the gift of memories to the people you care about. Starting at just $9.99, photo books are crafted responsibly using premium materials and are an easy, affordable way to share life’s best moments.

[From the Google Photos website]

  • Customize your book in minutes. Easily move pictures, add a title, and choose a cover design. And unlike photo albums, you create a photo book once and can order copies for everyone.
  • Find your best shots quickly. Start with a simple search of a person, place, or thing. Then, Google Photos will save you time by locating the right pictures and helping pick the best ones — automatically.
  • The best memories delivered. All photo books are printed using premium materials that are responsibly sourced. Get started today from your phone, tablet, or computer.

How to download pictures:

An easy tutorial on how to use Google Photos’ Photo Books

How to download your pictures to create photo albums from Google Photos


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Same-Day Expedited Photo Scanning Is Here

JUST ANNOUNCED: SPEEDPASS–No waiting. Why same-day expedited professional photo scanning is here and at no additional charge from ScanMyPhotos.

sameday scanning 300x175 - Same-Day Expedited Photo Scanning Is HereWhat’s new from the world of photo scanning? Now same-day SPEEDPASS scanning has arrived at ScanMyPhotos, but for a limited time.

● Place your fill-the-box, or pay-per scan photo scanning order today and it will be digitized the same day it is received. Free shipping includes your returned digital media. If you want your pictures returned too, it’s $19.95 extra per box.scanning.

● Limit 25,000 photos per order

● MUST TYPE: “Free rush same day photo scanning” under “special instructions” at check out.

Why Same-Day Photo Scanning Has Finally Arrived

As the trend toward buying stuff online has soared, so too does the desire to get things instantly. Why wait a month, two months or more? This is a big pivot as ScanMyPhotos changes the way scanning pictures works. Why take the time with a DIY scanner costing hundreds before a single photograph is digitized?

As many companies now offer the new same-day fulfillment model, it was incumbent on us to lead way within the world of photo scanning. This compelling value proposition represents a major shift to help solve the biggest challenge in photography: how to affordably and quickly digitize your lifetime of pictures.

freeshipping - Same-Day Expedited Photo Scanning Is HereYou asked for more convenience and quicker same-day scanning and we listened. Immediately upon receiving your photo order when you type “free rush same day photo scanning” under “special instructions” at checkout, your order is rushed to the front of the line. [Sorry, this only applies to pictures, not 35mm slides, film and other services, or prior orders].

As the pioneer and dominant player in the field of professional photo scanning, we are always listening to you and studying ways to become more efficient and meet your needs. Whether it’s for last minute anniversary gifts, family reunions, an unfortunate memorial service or just to finally get your photo preservation project off your to-do list, photo scanning is extra fast.

Photo Scanning Reviews: What People Are Saying About ScanMyPhotos

That is why we are announcing today this expedited and enhanced speedy-fast service. Playing on our strengths, a great deal of work went into our logistics and workflow processes to meet this new demand.

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Why This 50 Percent Photo Scanning Discount Was Announced?

ScanMyPhotos corpoate headquarters in Irvine 300x138 - Why This 50 Percent Photo Scanning Discount Was Announced?Question: How to Memorialize Ten Years Since The New York Times’ Profile Putting Photo Scanning on the Map? Answer: Give You a 50%* Discount to Inspire You to Safeguard Your Lifetime of Pictures

Save 50%* To Professionally Digitize Your Lifetime Of Pictures Due To The New York Times’ Photo Scanning Review

674845401 - Why This 50 Percent Photo Scanning Discount Was Announced?

Why ScanMyPhotos.com designed this unique discount* to scan your pictures: Ten years ago David Pogue wrote “Your Photos, Off the Shelf at Last” in The New York Times (August 14, 2008) and helped put the world of bulk photo scanning on the map.

While commemorating the tenth anniversary is traditionally celebrated with gifts of tin or aluminum, we are breaking with tradition. A metal alloy just doesn’t make sense for what happened on August 14, 2008, when the nation’s most admired tech columnist, David Pogue put us on the map.

Back then, the personal-technology columnist profiled ScanMyPhotos.com for his popular New York Times “State of the Art” column to identify the urgency to digitize pictures. Subsequently, it led to last month’s milestone as we digitizing our 600 millionth picture.

Background on David Pogue: the same year (1985) our CEO, Mitch Goldstone graduated from the University of Southern California’s School of Business and Entrepreneurship Program, Mr. Pogue graduated summa cum laude from Yale, with distinction in Music. His next ten years conducting and arranging Broadway musicals lead to winning four Emmy awards, two Webby awards, a Loeb award for journalism, and an honorary doctorate in music. His resume is legendary. This 2015 example of his songwriting, singing and dancing in “CES The Musical,” is among our favorites.

Beyond his role as tech critic for Yahoo Finance, you can read David’s monthly columns in Scientific American and watch his science shows on PBS’s “NOVA.”  He’s been a correspondent for “CBS Sunday Morning” since 2002. And, spoiler alert, he is also the brains behind the Techno Claus beard. As a best selling author, we would need a supercomputer to tally all the tech tomes he’s written which are available at Amazon of which he’s sold more than 3 million copies.

pic6 300x199 - Why This 50 Percent Photo Scanning Discount Was Announced?Much has changed since that article. Last year, one billion pictures were destroyed by flooding in Texas. The advent of photo-sharing and storage apps created a safe home to preserve those pictures. The smartphone happened, yet missing were all those photo albums and shoeboxes of analog pictures not yet digitized. There are still about 3 1/2 trillion analog snapshots to digitize.

Better than cake, to help celebrate this ten-year anniversary, ScanMyPhotos.com created this unique discount towards our most popular photo scanning service.

To instantly save 50% on fill-the-box photo scanning, with free 3-way delivery and same day scanning, enter “POGUE10” as the promo code at checkout. Under “special instructions” at checkout, type “free same day scanning,” and your order will be digitized and prepared for return the same day it is received. Just spend over $199 to activate the discount (example, your final cost is just $99.50)

Many popular add-on featured services are also available at our regular, already low prices to enhance your experience.

Details and to order…

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HuffPost: Preserve Your Precious Photos Before Disaster Strikes

Hurricane preparedness tips 296x300 - HuffPost: Preserve Your Precious Photos Before Disaster StrikesOne billion pictures were destroyed just from the flooding due to the ravages of Hurricane Harvey last August. The recent wildfires have caused more devastation.

Now, more family memories were ruined by the recent wildfires. While this past Weather Channel explains why there is an urgency to protect your pictures, the Huffington Post shares these new insights and three solutions. Reported by Andrea Smith,  the award-winning technology reporter, producer, consultant, and speaker, shares smart tips to digitize your pictures.

ScanMYPhotosExteror1 300x86 - HuffPost: Preserve Your Precious Photos Before Disaster Strikes

Three Ways to Preserve Your Precious Photos Before Disaster Strikes


You hear it in each heartbreaking interview with a suddenly-homeless person. “We lost everything, our family photos, our wedding pictures, it’s all gone.”

With the ongoing fires in California, as well as the recent floods and hurricanes that ravaged several states and Puerto Rico, destroying an untold number of homes, it’s time to think about digitizing your precious memories. Losing everything you own in a flood or fire is an unimaginable thought. The good news is clothing, furniture, and even entire houses can be replaced, but charred photos are lost forever.

Yeah, I know, it’s the holidays and you’re busy, but before you move onto the next thing and completely forget about those shoe boxes of old photos tucked away in the attic, or the dusty albums your grandparents left behind, convert them to digital because no one ever counts on a disaster happening.

Scanning Service

pic2 200x300 - HuffPost: Preserve Your Precious Photos Before Disaster Strikes

We recently talked to Mitch Goldstone, President and CEO of ScanMyPhotos.com on my Parenting Bytes podcast.

You can listen to the interview to understand both how important and how easy it is to do, but he said the most popular option is the fill-the-box photo scanning service. Here’s how it works:

For $170, you order a pre-paid box, which you fill to the brim with photos. It holds up to 1800 (I sent in 1300) and the cost includes three-way shipping; a box to you, box to them, box back to you. Organizing the photos can be tricky because most people want to group them chronologically, but they ask you to group by size. You can top each group or select photos with an index card noting the subject, and that will get scanned as well.

ScanMyPhotos handles photos from 3”x 3” up to 8”x 10” and they also offer a photograph restoration service, as well as slide and negative scanning. Processing takes about 5-10 days and is done at their lab in California. There’s an option for expedited processing at an additional cost.

ScanMyPhotos.comLogo 300x100 - HuffPost: Preserve Your Precious Photos Before Disaster Strikes

The pictures are scanned at 150 dpi resolution, which is great for sharing on social media and adding to a family slideshow. Higher resolutions (300 and 600 dpi) are available at an additional cost. When you receive your box back, you’ll get all your original pictures, along with a DVD with all the scanned images on it. You can order an extra copy, or have them burned to a flash drive, all for an extra cost. From there, you can upload them to your computer, organize them however you want and easily share them with your friends and family.

Now comes the important part. Make copies of that DVD or flash drive and put them in locations outside of your home. Whether you give them to a relative, send them to your kids, or store them in your safe deposit box at the bank, make sure you have a copy outside of your home, just in case.

In addition to storing a disc with my sister, I also uploaded all the images to Google Photos which uses its image recognition software to help me organize them into albums. And I have the extra security of knowing they’re stored safely in the cloud.


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