A fun way to tackle that mountain of family photos with StoryGlory

September is Save Your Photos Month, but this idea is so fun you won’t want to wait. This is the smartest, most fun and easiest way to preserve your family memories with voice and photos. StoryGlory is also private and advertising-free.

  1. Get the free voice memoir app from Storyglory (https://storyglory.me).
  2. Start with the first photo that makes you smile.
  3. Add a simple voice recording about what the photo meant to you at the time, and what it means to you now. (Don’t overthink it. You can always delete and start over, but the first take is usually the best.)
  4. Sharing is private, so send the story to others who would enjoy it, too, so they can add their memories as well.
  5. Enjoy, rinse, repeat! (It’s addicting.)

58a7832730bebf3d0b9d4883 StorygloryEnhanceStoryPhone - A fun way to tackle that mountain of family photos with StoryGloryEach story can contain as many photos and recordings as you like, so feel free to arrange your memories to suit your taste and interests. (Popular groupings are by era, person, or event.)

Once you get started, you’ll find that voice is a quick yet heartfelt way to capture the emotions embedded in so many of our family photos. The real challenge isn’t to finish but to begin.

Bring family stories to life through pictures and voice. Just start with a photo and narrate what you remember and feel.


Ready, set, go!