ScanMyPhotos Named One of the Best Photo Services of 2018

Pile of photo film slides with plastic frames of memories in vintage color style

When selecting a service to preserve one of your most precious possessions – photos of important memories and family history – do your research. Earlier this year, TOP TEN REVIEWS took on the challenge for you. As explained in the review:


[TOP TEN REVIEWS] knows that handing your treasured family memories over to someone else can be tough, especially if you don’t know who you can trust among the dozens of photo scanning services that pop up when you start your search.



Our team of insatiably curious and infallibly

customer service - ScanMyPhotos Named One of the Best Photo Services of 2018helpful digital service evaluators performed over 20 hours of research into several photo scanning services. Our goal was to find only the best, most reliable options for digitizing your photos, slides, and negatives to make it as easy as possible for you to choose between them to find the right fit. We judged these services as carefully as we would have if we were going to use them for our own photos or recommend their services to our favorite aunts.


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Why 3.5 Trillion Pictures Are Missing From #InstagramStories

Taking pictures for InstagramThere is a dark hole, an ocean-sized, colossal something missing from Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat Stories. Pictures!

If you have used one of these popular personalized visual newsfeeds to share your narratives using photos rather than words, you probably just posted recent pictures.  Yet, there are 3 1/2 trillion untold stories. That is how many photographs are still analog and not yet scanned.

This means a whole world is missing when you post just recent pictures to Stories. What about your decades-past adventures to revisit, once those snapshots are scanned and uploaded to your camera roll? As you share those personalized photo essays and adventures, pictures from your childhood and decades ago will enhance the experience.

fb2 300x200 - Why 3.5 Trillion Pictures Are Missing From #InstagramStoriesSure, there are loads of fun filters and effects to enhance your Stories, but there is no easy way to upload your past if your pictures are stacked away in photo albums, boxes or mildewy bins in the garage. Imagine adding masks, interactive filters, and frames to those past pictures. Was that really you with the big hair in the 1980’s disco attire?

Just as simple as creating a Story, your past pictures–transforming you back-in-time– are also a few clicks away from getting digitized. To get your history professionally scanned and uploaded to your camera roll for adding to #FacebookStories, #InstagramStories, and #SnapchatStories, this link has all the details.

Photo Scanning Reviews: What People Are Saying About ScanMyPhotos

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The Demise of the Staff Photographer: Daily News Cuts Entire Department

Daily News nameplate 1 300x90 - The Demise of the Staff Photographer: Daily News Cuts Entire Department

It is still as if we are in a nightmare as the New York Daily News, founded by Joseph Medill Patterson in 1919, fired its entire photography department and half of its newsroom staffing. It is a shocking turn on a growing trend.

Yes, newspapers are struggling, but photojournalism requires more than a smartphone. News outlets are increasingly relying on the public – requesting free photos from people on social media and sending out reporters with smartphones. Today, journalism and a free press matter more than ever.

To paraphrase President Obama’s admonition, not to boo but vote, do not just tweet about this, but join us. Our CEO is a native New Yorker and a thirty-year subscriber to the ninth-most widely circulated daily newspaper in the United States. What can you do? Subscribe to the NY Daily News, and every other publication you currently view for free online. How to subscribe.

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? In 2016 one of these papers cut their photographers from the payroll Can you tell which paper’s cover photo was shot by a professional? Sports photography is a skill – capturing the best moment of the action takes years of practice and a trained eye.


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2018 iPhone Photography Awards

Jashim Salam

Jashim Salam

Winners of the 11th annual competition were announced today. The contest (not affiliated with Apple) celebrates the quality of camerawork mastered by iPhone users. This year, submissions included less selfies and food photos, focusing more on faraway places and capturing the human experience.


Competition founder Kenan Aktulun told the Wall Street Journal, “I don’t think iPhones will replace other cameras, but users are definitely getting more fluent in visual storytelling.”

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Millions Get Nostalgic With Photos Every Thursday During #TBT

How to Scan Photos For Posting on #TBT

A sizzling hot trend in social media happens every Thursday. From celebrity baby photos to average social networking fans sharing yesteryear family celebrations, millions of people are having fun and getting nostalgic by sharing their decades of rediscovered legacy photo snapshots during ‘Throwback Thursday’ [“#TBT”].

TTBT Ruleshe popular photo-scanning apps, like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and of course, Twitter are the ideal source for sharing these decades-past photos.  Just remember to tag each picture with the #TBT hashtag to get noticed.

Even businesses are adopting this online sensation by sharing long forgotten photo flashbacks when their companies were just starting out. Casinos in Las Vegas are a fun example to view legendary buildings of yesteryear and famous luminaries on immense vintage marquee signs which are no longer with us.

“Posting old pictures from your childhood to 1980’s-style fashions on leading social media platforms is easy, just include the “TBT” Hashtag. The challenging part is how to get thousands of analog pictures and 35mm slides digitized?  This is where plays an integral role. Nearly 63% of all our photo digitization orders worldwide are linked to people participating in ‘Throwback Thursday,’” said Mitch Goldstone, president & CEO,

“The photo digitization service has scanned more than 300 million pictures and is a primary content provider for the hyper-popular #TBT trend.  Without ScanMyPhotos,” said Goldstone, “most shared pictures would be relegated to just recent digital photos from smartphones.”

“There is an urgency to digitize analog photos to preserve all those breathtaking pop culture and family memories. The number one new reason is ‘Throwback Thursday,’” according to Goldstone

How it Works to Get Photos Scanned

Prepaid Photo Scanning BoxOrder a prepaid fill-the-box and fill it with upwards of 1,800 photos. Free 3-way S/H s included for $170.  Several popular add-on scanning services are available.


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