4 Tips for Wow-Worthy Travel Photos

SMP architecture 1845606 640 300x199 - 4 Tips for Wow-Worthy Travel PhotosNow that summer has unofficially started, we’re dreaming of vacation. Exciting trips are one of life’s sweetest pleasures, and an album chock full of great pictures will make those memories last a lifetime. But if you think you need to invest in fancy photography equipment or a new camera to get incredible travel photos, think again. While it certainly doesn’t hurt to have the latest gear, the camera on your smartphone is perfect for traveling.


So, whether your summer plans include camping, weekend getaways, a serious trip abroad, or all three, we want to help you capture the experience with great pictures. Check out the tips below for suggestions on how to take the best travel photos!


Take pictures that are special and unique to you


If you can buy a postcard with a similar composition, consider adding your own take on the subject. Go for a different angle, or capture the smaller details—like certain unique patterns you see in the local architecture or a particularly alluring flower in a local park.  


While we don’t suggest you skip taking shots of noteworthy structures, like the Eiffel Tower, think about the types of images that only you can capture. How about a silhouette of your loved one’s expression as they admire the tower for the first time?


Use the Rule of Thirds


Ask any photographer for tips and they’ll likely mention the Rule of Thirds. To use this tried-and-true rule, imagine your frame divided into three equal parts both horizontally and vertically. Many cameras and photo apps will automatically add this tic-tac-toe grid to the viewscreen to help. The idea is to line up the subject of the image where the lines intersect, making sure it takes up at least two-thirds of either the horizontal or vertical segments.


Capture depth


The best way to capture a vast landscape or stunning structure is to utilize the foreground, midground, and background of a frame. To do this, find an object that sits in either the foreground or midground of the shot, like a large rock in front of a mountain range, and use it to add a sense of scale to the landscape.


Add people


Speaking of scale, a great landscape shot is even better when it includes the smiling faces of friends and family in the frame. Not only will including people in your shot give viewers a sense of connection to the image—even if they don’t know the person in the picture—but it also makes the photo personal. For bonus points, try getting a candid shot, too! 


Now, if you haven’t gotten around to planning a summer trip yet, there’s still plenty of time to get inspired and book the perfect getaway.


And, if you have analog photographs of past vacations you want to digitize, contact us today!