Attention Photo Lovers: Google Cloud Vision API Enters Beta Testing

google cloud visionIf you’re overwhelmed with digital photo clutter, then Google has some good news for you. Google Cloud Vision API is now entering into the beta testing phase, which means anyone can now have access to this incredible technology.


What is Google Cloud Vision?


We now have the capability to take hundreds of pictures in the matter of mere moments. These photos are stored on a SIM card, hard or flash drive, or in the cloud and we swear that one day we’ll go through them one-by-one and categorize each photo. For most people, that day never rolls around—yet, inevitably, the time will come when you need to find one particular photo, asap. You’ll sift through thousands of pictures looking for that “nice one the whole family took together on the beach three summers ago,” and waste precious time trying to do so.  


This is where the development of Google Cloud Vision can help.


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5 Famous Photographers and What We Can Learn From Their Perspective

Famous PhotographersPhotography truly is an art form. We can learn it, study it, and dissect it, but sometimes art is just art. Yet, there are many photographers out there who have dedicated their life to this art form and they have so much to teach us.


Let’s go behind the lens of our favorite photographers to see what we can learn when we view life from their perspective.



Ansel Adams


The work of Ansel Adams is iconic. His black and white landscapes of natural scenes, typically taken in the American West, can be found on posters, book covers, wall art and calendars.


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Celebrating our National History

Scan My Photo - Celebrating 25 years of

The Journal:

Celebrating Our History with Presidents’ Day

George Washington PaintingWhat started out as a way to celebrate George Washington’s birthday turned into a holiday where we honor the memory of all U.S. presidents past and present.

For us here at ScanMyPhotos, this is a time to once again remember how precious it is to preserve our Nation’s history. Imagine what we could have learned about George Washington if photography or videos had been around—and carefully preserved—since 1776!

While this is only a pipe dream, we can make sure our current photos and videos stay safe for future generations to enjoy. You can start by transforming your analog photos, videos, and/or slides into digital formats today!

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A glimpse into the personal life of President Lincoln

A glimpse into the personal life of President Lincoln

A photo of President Lincoln and his son Tad Lincoln; part of a series of photos by Mathew Brady Photographs of Civil War-Era Personalities and Scenes.

Have a great vintage shot you’d like to see featured here? Share it with us on Facebook!

Photography Tips
Photography Tip

Vibrant colors add a lot to the photo. Even a little bit of blue sky does wonders as it brings in some elements of natural lighting. If you’re taking a picture of something with bright red in it, the red adds a layer to the photo you won’t get otherwise.

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How to use your scanned
How to use your scanned photos

Think outside the frame!

Use your scanned photos to create a unique work of art with these personalized photo canvas prints.

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“It is great to have all my photo’s scanned in of our girls when they were younger. I put all my photos in a photo box and no longer have the bulky photo albums taking up space.”

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Got the Winter Blues? Here are 4 Ways Photography Can Help

Got the Winter Blues

It’s February. The days—while slowly getting longer—are still quite short and we’re all spending far too much time stuck indoors. For those of us who are counting down the days until the sun is shining high in the sky, there’s some hope.

According to this Today article, doing things you enjoy can help pass the time in a positive way.

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Tips from ScanMyPhotos

6 Must-Read Articles to Help You Keep Photos in Top Shape
6 Must-Read Articles to Help You Keep Photos in Top Shape

Six articles will provide tips, tricks, and services that will help keep photos in top shape.

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Downsizing The Family
8 Unique Products to Try for Decorating Your Home with Photos

Surround yourself with happy memories using unique products and ways to decorate.

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Got the Winter Blues? Here are 4 Ways Photography Can Help

winter bluesIt’s February. The days—while slowly getting longer—are still quite short and we’re all spending far too much time stuck indoors. For those of us who are counting down the days until the sun is shining high in the sky, there’s some hope. According to this Today article, doing things you enjoy can help pass the time in a positive way.


This is where photography comes into play. While many great photographers spend their days outside trying to capture beautiful nature scenes, there is so much more you do while the weather keeps you inside. Here are a few photography ideas to try out that can help you beat the winter blues.


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How a Downsizing Project Became a Family Bonding Experience

downsizing project

“A photo of my aunt, mom, cousins and I trying to see our breath on a chilly Christmas Eve”

Living in New York City can be tough—the high cost of rent sure doesn’t guarantee a large amount of living space. So, when ScanMyPhotos customer Brandi Larsen needed to move into a smaller NYC apartment, she was faced with a downsizing dilemma.


One of the things taking up a lot of space in her current apartment was a whole bookshelf of photo albums that were practically disintegrating as time wore on. As she was preparing for the move, Brandi knew it was time to turn her analog photos into digital copies.


“The albums held every picture that I had before photos went digital. They were mostly high school and college photos, and a few my parents had given me from growing up—there were more than a thousand pictures. I had to ditch the albums to get everything scanned—and that part was difficult. There were notes, ticket stubs, and all sorts of memorabilia next to the photos so I took pictures of the album pages in order to hold onto the memories without wasting any physical space.”


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10 Most Popular Travel Destinations According to Your Photo Albums

EVERYONE has travel photos. But, what are the most popular subjects?  In a 3 month study announced today by for #TBT (Throwback Thursday–the popular social media hashtag for sharing pictures)–of the 14,450,000 analog photo snapshots digitized over the past quarter, we know exactly what the most popular travel destinations are.


Of the 14,450,241 analog photo images submitted to for digitization during Sept 1, – Dec 31, 2015, 68.2% (9,855,064) were travel related.


Ever wonder where the most popular travel destinations are?  The top of Mt. Fuji? The Sydney Opera House? Or maybe the Sear’s Tower in Chicago? While these are all good guesses, the real answer to this question might be hiding in your family’s photo albums.


Old family photo albums are something nearly everyone in America has in common. Each Thursday, millions of people share decades-past pictures using the trending social media hashtag #TBT (Throwback Thursday).  You, a relative, or a loved one is most likely in possession of decades-old analog photo snapshots and 35mm slides that are fading away—pictures of far-flung places in long-forgotten times that are subjected to the ravages of time. This is where comes in.


Since 1990, the e-commerce photo digitization service has scanned and preserved more than 300 million pictures—and we noticed a major trend in theses snapshots along the way.


According to Mitch Goldstone, president & CEO of, “travel pictures represent the largest category of photos we’ve preserved—which is even greater than the number of traditional family, holiday and special occasion photos we’ve scanned. In fact, nearly 70% of all pictures digitized by are travel related.  We discovered this fact in a survey conducted on the most popular travel destinations that are spotted in the print photos.”


The most popular travel pictures survey analyzed subject data from 14,450,000 analog photographs, 35mm slides and film negatives from September 1 to December 31, 2015—and the results were fascinating.


Based on the frequency of each picture submitted for digitization, the ranking of the top travel destinations according to your photo albums includes:


1) Walt Disney Resorts (28.40%, 1,074,754 images scanned)
It comes as no surprise to us that the magical worlds of Walt Disney tops our lists. We’ve seen countless photos featuring everything from Disneyland in 1955 to its newer theme parks today. The Magic Castle was the most popular picture from photo albums across the U.S. and internationally. Other Disney attractions and the Mickey Mouse character were close runner ups.

2) Las Vegas (27.90%, 1,055,832)
The bright lights of Vegas are the second-most photographed destination in scanned photos. We’ve seen Vegas grow and change over time including neon signs, long-gone hotels, the Vegas Strip, the Fountains of Bellagio, and food buffets.

3) New York City (12.20%, 461,690)
The most-popular NYC scene is of families gathered for a pose in front of the former World Trade Center. This is followed by Broadway theater marquees, Rockefeller Center, and the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.

4) U.S. National Parks (7.40%, 280,042)
Of course, America’s amazing National Parks break into the top five of this list, as we’ve seen plenty of smiling faces at Yosemite, Yellowstone, the Statue of Liberty, and the Grand Canyon.

5) Washington D.C (6.70%, 253,551)
Our Nation’s capital also makes it into the top five with landmarks like the Capitol, the White House, and other museums and monuments.

6) Rome and The Vatican (5.83%, 220,627)
These two popular Italian destinations have had many, many photos taken of them over the years. So, remember, when in Rome, take lots of photos!

7) London (2.80%, 105,962)
The top spots photographed in London include Big Ben, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and those iconic red telephone boxes.

8) Paris (2.37%, 89,689)
The city of love is another popular spot spotted in family albums. The Eiffel Tower and the Louvre are two particular favorites.

9) Beach scenes (0.90%, 34,059)
Warm sands and the bright blue oceans of tropical islands and resorts in Tahiti, Hawaii and Caribbean make plenty of appearances.

10) The actual Berlin Wall and photos after it was removed (0.80%, 30,275)
In addition to the Berlin Wall, we’ve scanned many other military pictures from WWII, Vietnam and Iraq wars, combat scenes, and more.

Honorable Mentions

The following honorable mention locations are also often spotted in scanned photos:

• Olympics and sporting events
• Amsterdam canals
• On-board cruise ships
• The Great Wall of China
• Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo
• Abbey Road in London
• Machu Picchu
• Leaning Tower of Pisa
• African villages, safari’s and wildlife
• Interior of airport terminals


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8 Seriously Sweet Valentine Day Gifts for Photographers

valentine's day gifts for photographersOne of the sweetest holidays of the year is coming up, but do you know what you’re getting the special photographer in your life? Rather than the usual flowers and chocolates, try giving them something that’ll help them preserve precious moments forever.


The following Valentine Day gifts for photographers would be great to give to anyone who loves to take and cherish a good photo.


AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR/DSLR Cameras and Accessories


Want to give a gift that also doubles as a date idea? Give your loved one this backpack for all their photography gear and then plan an adventure for the two of you to find some incredible scenery to snap up. Pack a lunch and make it a day!


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