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Each day, we receive feedback and helpful comments about the service to help you digitally preserve your photo memories. Among those reviews, several below, randomly added are helpful with tips as you prepare your orders for scanning.  Thanks to all those who contribute comments.  We do listen and always seek to learn to better enhance your entire experience with us. To share your feedback, reach us at [email protected]




A reasonable way to scan older photos
March 04, 2015


It’s a great deal; especially if you consider how much time it would take to scan your photos yourself. This is the second time I’ve used their services.
March 04, 2015


I was notified when my pictures arrived and also received an update as to the status of the scanning job. Very professional operation.
March 02, 2015


2nd time ordering because I was pleased with the first order and companies policies.
February 26, 2015


Their instructions are very efficient and explain things very completely. Just follow their instructions and you won’t have any trouble at all. It does take a little while for the order to be completed, but they sent me an e-mail when they received my package, another when they began working on it, and yet another when they sent me the completed order. Everything arrived in good shape, including all the pictures I had sent them for scanning.
February 25, 2015


I highly recommend this business for digitizing photos. Great service and a wonderful job.
February 20, 2015


Read and follow their instructions for shipping and additional options carefully. They do a great job and I was very satisfied with the results.
February 05, 2015


Fast service with good picture quality
February 05, 2015


Make sure to read the organization tips prior to sending – I’m sure it makes the process go a lot quicker – I got mine back really fast
February 04, 2015


Follow their packing directions carefully and it should all go smoothly.
February 04, 2015


Upgrade to 600 dpi. Worth it!
January 22, 2015



Absolutely the best money I have ever spent. I spent HOURS pulling out photos from old albums, 1978 to 2002 and to have them all scanned so that my children can have copies. I paid for the Soap deal and it helped a good deal on the oldest photos and Old Polaroid’s.
January 22, 2015


Make sure you stack your photos all the same side up. they may not all stay that way, but it helps to have them all oriented the same direction to begin with rather than having a random upside down photo on your DVD!
January 16, 2015


They were great and the customer service was awesome.
January 06, 2015


Great service, great job!!
December 30, 2014


I called twice to be sure I had the instructions correct. They were very courteous and helpful so if you aren’t sure about how to group and pack your photos, call them.
December 05, 2014


Get all your photos in one place, do the best you can to organize chronologically begin the counting process (25 to a bunch) – rubber band and continue until you have 1000. Then group into 50 per bunch. Stay with it! Don’t get discouraged.
December 03, 2014


Company is professional and personable
December 03, 2014


Did a great job and very quickly! Very happy with the end product.
November 24, 2014


They were prompt and the quality of the scans is great
November 21, 2014


Wonderful, thorough experience!
November 20, 2014


Great job, all my photos look great. Shipping and return were handled well. I’m planning to use them again to do some restoring of photos.
November 17, 2014


The quality of the scans was as advertised. It’s a relief to have my photos saved in a digital format. Much easier to share and work with too.
November 14, 2014


Great service! They did a great job on my photos and even had them oriented the correct way without an extra fee–unlike other similar businesses. I will definitely use them again.
November 13, 2014


They have great instructions, just read thoroughly and trust in the delivery! I was a little nervous sending precious photos in the mail, but they took great care in assuring they would come back!
November 05, 2014


Very easy to work with!
October 29, 2014


Use the small or medium flat rate box from USPS. It’s very affordable and works great for shipping the photos.
October 28, 2014


Their help line/chat was very informative and helpful. It was like talking one on one. They were patient and understanding.
October 27, 2014


Make sure you take ample time to assemble and post your photos. The instructions are clear but quite precise.
October 24, 2014


I have been very satisfied with ScanMyPhotos. I sent in 1000 photos and received a CD back. The quality is excellent. The process is fast! After I sent in my photos, it was less than two weeks before I had the CDs back. I paid extra to have them scan in order, since my photos were organized by date. I also chose scan any size and photo soap. The photo soap was worth it because it cleaned up the pictures and adjusted the brightness. I was so satisfied that I sent in another batch of 1000 photos!
October 24, 2014


They keep you informed on receipt, progress of scanning and return shipment.
October 20, 2014


They are very friendly and easy to work with – simply follow the instructions
October 16, 2014


Excellent service. Read all instructions thoroughly and you will have no problems
October 15, 2014


Make sure your pictures are in the order you want them and facing in a consistent direction.
October 15, 2014


Had awesome customer service and the picture scanning turned out fabulous
October 15, 2014


I did get my pictures scanned with 600 dpi and it was worth the additional money. They did a great job.
October 13, 2014

Be sure to send all the needed paper work. They were very helpful and quick to respond.
October 13, 2014


What a wonderful service. I have been wanting to get my photos scanned forever, and now I am almost done with the help of scan my photos. Thank-you!
October 09, 2014


Their correspondence was perfect! I had not included all of the paperwork needed with the photos. They informed me, and then followed up that it had been received. Just got the scans back and they are packed for return properly and the DVD has my 1000 photos. Excellent company.
October 03, 2014


Fast, very professional staff.
October 02, 2014


A good service. Plan to use them again sometime when I can get better organized
September 30, 2014


Just make sure that all photos have no residue on their backs as they will not be scanned, and understand that this is for a disc that is only playable on a computer. Otherwise they were more than accommodating and very easy to do business with.
September 30, 2014


Their directions are detailed, but not complicated. Follow them, and you should be fine. There were specific instructions that, had we not read carefully, we would have missed and it would have either increased our cost or created problems. Of 834 photos, only a handful were unscanned/unscannable.
September 29, 2014


Very easy seamless process to prepare and send photos in. Hardest part of the process is getting your photos together to do it. I recommend adding some of the other features such as scanning in order and in correct orientation since that was a real time saver when you have thousands of pics to do. Turnaround time was very fast also. I was very pleased with final product.
September 26, 2014


Opt to pay addition for various sizes and a logical sequence in scanning. This is a great service to get you organized w years worth of pictures!
September 26, 2014


Make sure that your photos are all 4X6 – they will charge extra or not scan odd sizes.
September 24, 2014


They have been very prompt w/ my order and have provided plenty of information along the way.
September 18, 2014


Digital pictures are so much easier than prints to show and of course they can be used in emails, powerpoints and whatever. I am glad I used Scan My Photos.
September 18, 2014


Fabulous, seamless service. Boxed up the pictures and received them back in print and digitized form without a hitch. Great communication too. Thanks ScanMyPhotos!
September 18, 2014


Excellent customer service and communication.
September 17, 2014


It was great.
September 16, 2014


Read the instructions carefully! The company does a very good job at scanning your photos, but there are quite a few guidelines to follow.
September 16, 2014


Photo scans look ok maybe a little washed out. Was able to upgrade to 600 DPI, which I liked. I also liked the fact that you could call and talk to a person.. Something new.
September 15, 2014


Everything was well explained and delivered as promised- I will be back!
September 12, 2014


Read all of the instructions carefully when preparing your package. They have a lot of extras which you might consider, but have had a positive experience with their customer service department. They have a live chat feature on their website which I appreciate.
September 11, 2014


Read their instructions carefully. Pack photos tightly, facing same direction. They send email of status from receipt, scanning and return. Used many times, very responsive to queries. Great company and service. You will have shareable, digital copies of photo moments that cannot be recreated.
September 11, 2014


Fantastic experience. They communicated receipt, beginning of job, and shipment with tracking number. They let you know that they understand the sentimental value of the photos. I’m recommending them to family and friends. Love the results. I did 4000 pictures.
September 11, 2014


Very good customer experience. Very professional and quick. Service was just as promised. I am very satisfied.
September 10, 2014


They do charge extra if the prints are not to their specifications
September 09, 2014


Smooth transaction. I got my pictures and disc back sooner than anticipated.
September 05, 2014


Very professional. I called 3 times because I had questions. They always answered my questions completely. The e mailed me when they received my package, when they began scanning my photos and when they sent them back to me.
September 04, 2014


Great customer service!
September 03, 2014


I opted to order scan in order, sizes other than 4X6, photo soap (fixing any flaws), the 600 dpi, and the photo book that shows the thumbnail of all the scans. I was very pleased with the results and the price was right!. It was a great experience. I would recommend ScanMyPhotos, and will use them again.
September 02, 2014


Great service. Nice having digital copy of physical pictures. Definitely recommend.
August 29, 2014


Very quick service. Easy instructions to follow as far as sending the photos in. Received notification of receiving my photos, then when being processed, then when shipped out with tracking. Great job.
August 29, 2014


Great updates and job on photos!
August 29, 2014


Lots of options available to organize your photos! Great service. Lots of communication regarding order status. We will use them again and highly recommend them!
August 27, 2014