ScanMyPhotos Named One of the Best Photo Services of 2018

Pile of photo film slides with plastic frames of memories in vintage color style

When selecting a service to preserve one of your most precious possessions – photos of important memories and family history – do your research. Earlier this year, TOP TEN REVIEWS took on the challenge for you. As explained in the review:


[TOP TEN REVIEWS] knows that handing your treasured family memories over to someone else can be tough, especially if you don’t know who you can trust among the dozens of photo scanning services that pop up when you start your search.



Our team of insatiably curious and infallibly

customer service - ScanMyPhotos Named One of the Best Photo Services of 2018helpful digital service evaluators performed over 20 hours of research into several photo scanning services. Our goal was to find only the best, most reliable options for digitizing your photos, slides, and negatives to make it as easy as possible for you to choose between them to find the right fit. We judged these services as carefully as we would have if we were going to use them for our own photos or recommend their services to our favorite aunts.


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Disintegrating Family Photo Albums Transform into Touching Gifts

family photo albums

Lee’s family sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner 1958.

After digitizing pictures, here is how to better enjoy your photos

Years ago, photo albums were meant to organize our photos and keep them safe for future generations. However, unless archival-quality albums were used to store your treasured pictures, the acidic paper of a photo album can deteriorate printed photos over time.

This is the dilemma that ScanMyPhotos customer Lee Jackto is currently facing with her parents’ photo albums.

“My mom has about 25+ albums that are decaying rapidly—the pictures are turning yellow and are stuck in that acid-type folder paper. These albums contain pictures of me growing up, starting with my baby photos, and pictures of my parent’s wedding—overall there are about 50 years worth of photos in them.”

Lee did some online research to find a company that could scan her photos and restore some of the quality. She discovered ScanMyPhotos from a CNET recommendation and decided to move forward.

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The Work Project that Lead to the Preservation of a Family’s Legacy


Rich’s dad and mom, Marvin and Marge, back in 1955 when they were first married. Rich attributes his love for photography in large part to his dad who built a darkroom in their basement while Rich was in middle school.

Life never seems to lead us down one particular path. We often find the things we never knew we were looking for while doing something completely different. Such is the case with how Richard Vlosky discovered ScanMyPhotos through an online Google search a number of years ago.


“For some reason it caught my eye. There were these photos at work from a development project in Honduras after hurricane Mitch. The hurricane decimated the country, so we lead a team from our university and over the year-and-a-half lifespan of that project we took lot of pictures, slides, and prints. They had been sitting around for awhile so we needed to get them scanned and archived.”


Rich decided to send the photos to ScanMyPhotos, thus starting a years’ long relationship with company. After he sent in the work photos from Honduras, and got them back in such great shape, Rich decided to send in his personal photos as well.


“There were boxes and boxes of slides and prints taken over the years. We had dark room in the house growing up as my father was a photographer and my brother has a degree in photography—we are a family of photographers. There are thousands of prints and slides in these boxes. We also have 35mm slides and carousels full of slides—all containing every slide my dad took in his life before he passed away in 1985. He had cataloged every bundle of slides, and numbered and described every slide within each bundle. They date back to 1950. One time I tried to bring up the slide projector, but it was completely rusted shut. Since I didn’t want to buy another projector and didn’t feel like loading slides into a carousel, we had them scanned, too. All slides from 1983 until 2000—approximately 2,000-3,000 slides—were scanned. From there I made copies of DVDs and sent them to everyone in my life.”


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When a Good Deal Becomes the Preservation Project of a Lifetime

preservation project

The parents of Deborah’s mother-in-law on their wedding day.

ScanMyPhotos customer Deborah Harman wasn’t actively seeking a photo scanning company—but she found one by way of an amazing deal she couldn’t pass up.


When Deborah found out about ScanMyPhotos, and the current coupon we were offering at the time, her first thought was, “Oh, that’s a really good idea, I should do that!” So, she went ahead and placed an order to scan 2,000 photos. She assumed that would be more than enough to digitize the 25+ photo albums she had in her possession. As it turns out, her estimate was off—by about 5,000 pictures.


“I realized very quickly that scanning 2,000 wasn’t even going to make a dent. I started at the end of December 2013 and bought the last set of photo scanning boxes in June of 2015. Over a year and half, and between other projects, I went through all my photo albums and got the photos cleaned out, bundled, and then scanned.”


After the albums where done, Deborah hit a snag—in the form of scrapbooks.


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