Oprah Magazine Spring Cleaning Tip on Photo Scanning

Did you ever hear the term “The Oprah Effect?”

According to a Google search, it is “a phenomenon resulting from the extensive power and influence of the television personality, Oprah Winfrey, in which products and celebrities that receive her endorsement achieve the greatest heights of popularity and success. For example, books mentioned in connection with her book club have become immediate best sellers.”

We can confirm the power of being profiled by Oprah and Oprah Magazine is real. This article on Spring cleaning just happened, and the orders for digitizing pictures were immediate. We actually noticed the article due to orders flying in. We ask customers how they heard about us? The answer: “O Mag.”

Excerpt: Camera roll. While you’ve got your phone out, take a trip down memory lane to organize your photos and free up some memory space. While you’re at it, you can even use a service like scanmyphotos.com to digitize any old family pics or special mementos, like the kids’ best art projects.

20 Spring Cleaning Tips for People Who Hate Chores. Here’s the secret to getting it all done.

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Digitize pictures to preserve your memories and unclutter your home as a fun and emotional Spring Cleaning project
omag4 - Oprah Magazine Spring Cleaning Tip on Photo Scanning
Excerpt from Oprah Magazine, February 2019