Lifetile: Photo-Sharing App, “We All Have a Story to Tell

Guest post by Richard Grant, founder and CEO of Lifetile, the photo-sharing app to capture, save & share your most precious photo memories – in one place. We ALL have a story to tell.


  • Lifetile is a simple and secure way to capture, save and share your most precious memories – all in one place – creating a visually stunning timeline of big life events.
  •  Lifetile creates a digital shoe-box of your favorite photos, videos, music, documents and web links, enabling you to enjoy and share your memories today or simply keep them safe for tomorrow.
  • Lifetile gives you total control over your content, so you can keep your memories completely private, only share with friends and family, or make them accessible to everyone.

    Lifetile, the photo-sharing app to capture, save & share your most precious photo memories – in one place. We ALL have a story to tell.

  • Capture your children’s early years, record family life and draw together memorable moments such as weddings, parties, special days and holidays.
  • Quickly and easily sort, caption and tag each big life event to create an enduring digital legacy – the story of your life – that can be enjoyed for many years to come.
  • Lifetile is free to use. Ready?  Go to to create your account, or download the app from the App Store.



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You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.


That’s what they say….or in some cases sing.  But it’s true.  It’s true for so many things.  An ex-lover.  Your health.  Your hair.  Or in my case… father.


It wasn’t planned.  It started with a relaxing holiday for my Mom and Dad to the United States…followed by a little difficulty breathing, then a doctor saying “you should go home, you’ve got lung cancer”.  Three months later my father had died.  A rapid decline from good health to losing his battle with mesothelioma, an asbestos related cancer.


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100 Years of Photos Reveal an Incredible Family History and Journey

100 years of photos

Jessica’s great grandmother, Helen, standing in the corn field of her family’s farm in Wisconsin.

Sometimes when we think back to the lives of our great grandparents, we conjure up thoughts of stuffy, Victorianesque people who never seem to smile in a photo.


This was simply not the case with ScanMyPhotos customer Jessica Taylor and the story of her great grandparents, Lew and Helen. The legacy of this couple—who were married during the Great Depression era—can put the coolest of cats to shame. And it’s a legacy that Jessica made a priority to preserve.


“I got an email from ScanMyPhotos about a special sale, and I knew we had a bunch of old family photos stuffed in drawers that we needed to scan so grabbed it right away. The dates of the photos span from the 1890’s up until the 1990’s. Most were in pretty good condition, but some were starting to fade.”


The photos revealed an amazing cross-country journey and a touching love story.


“My great grandparents grew up in Wisconsin. When my great grandpa Lew joined the navy, he traveled to San Diego and decided he wanted to move there. At the time he and my great grandmother were only dating so he proposed and asked her to move out to San Diego with him. She said yes, and in 1937 they drove out to the West Coast on the back of his Harley Davidson motorcycle. The deal was she could go back to the farm in Wisconsin every other year to visit family. Now our whole family (aside from some cousins) are all in San Diego.”


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Why the Over-35 Crowd Needs to Start Using Snapchat Today

Using SnapchatAsk any teen with a smartphone where they spend most of their social media time and, chances are, their answer will be Snapchat. Since its launch in 2011, Snapchat has been a hit with the teenage and young adult demographic, but now expansion is in the cards. This social app is growing its target base, and has the over-35 crowd in its sights.


Yet, there are many challenges ahead.


First and foremost, many people over the age of 35 (and some younger) are mostly baffled by this app. They want to know: How does it work? What does it do? And why would I want to use it?


Before we dive into the basics, the reason why we find using Snapchat so compelling boils down to one simple word: connections. This app, like many other social media applications out there, is all about making meaningful connections between people—and it does so in a way that’s very different, and sometimes even more meaningful than Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


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A Year in Pictures: The Best Photos of 2015

best photos of 2015 As we count down the last few days of 2015 and ring in the New Year, there is a lot to look back on. So many moments—some special and wonderful, others shocking and sad—happened all over the world (and beyond) this year. Through photos we were able to capture only a fraction of these moments to either re-live the good times or keep them as a reminder of what needs to change in 2016.


Here are some of the articles that we feel capture the best photos of 2015. As we review these amazing photos, the one thing we can all agree on is that we’re looking forward to all the wonderful new moments 2016 has in store.


The Coolest Images From National Geographic’s 2015 Photo Contest@Gizmodo


Every year National Geographic opens their photography contest to photographers around the world. The photos that win are the cream of the crop selected from the thousands of submissions that were entered. You won’t want to miss these incredible photos.


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For the past 25-years, we carefully listen to customers… and we have many, as has digitized 300,000,000 pictures.  Although our photo scanning business is not cyclical, as orders arrive for special customer projects year-round, the holidays mark a special time for sharing decades of nostalgic pictures.


This year we are doing away with a one-day Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale and instead are offering a first ever mega sale beginning today. It is a flash sale that will expire without notice.  Pay as little as $72.50 to digitize about 1,800 standard photos to DVD with free 3-way S/H, and all add-on featured services are included.  Pay just about 4-cents to scan each photo with free S/H. Order before 3PM (PT) today and your prepaid fill-the-box order will be shipped out the same business day.



Happy Holidays from the entire ScanMyPhotos Family,

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To celebrate the holidays with a 50% discount, and to help in our mission to digitize your entire family’s decades of photo memories, enjoy this first ever, mega holiday sale! We already digitized 300 million pictures. Here are two recent news profiles profiling our professional photo scanning service, which was founded in 1990, and is headquartered in southern California

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