5 Twitter Accounts to Follow for Vintage Historic Photos

vintage historical photos

Image courtesy of the @CoolOldPhotos Twitter account

“Photography can only represent the present. Once photographed, the subject becomes part of the past.” – Berenice Abbott, 1898-1991


In an era where technology enables us to take 30 selfies in a row just to post the best one, there’s something refreshing about vintage photography. An old photo captured in a spontaneous, unfiltered moment can feel magical—it’s the past coming back to life. Historical images open our minds to ideas beyond our everyday experiences, showing us what has changed with time and what has remained the same.


Paradoxically, one of the best places to share and find historical photos is on a modern platform: Twitter. Some of our favorite Twitter accounts to follow for historical and vintage photos include:


1: @HistoryInPix


You’ll have trouble finding a more eclectic group of historical photos elsewhere. This account has posted a “selfie” circa 1900, Pablo Picasso experimenting with light while painting, Biggie Smalls talking on his cellphone, and more. If you’re looking for breathtaking photos that run the gambit, this account is a must-follow.


For a real treat, check out this fantastic shot of Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison in 1968.


2: @oldNYCPhotos


Witness the evolution of the greatest American city through the people and buildings represented in this vintage collection. Discover your favorite NYC landmarks and districts in every shade of black and white.


See who was hanging out on a Manhattan street corner in 1907.


3: @CoolOldPhotos


Famous faces and places from the past reveal themselves anew, showing a different side to the past as we know it. Unscripted moments, cities in transition, and vintage advertising fill every post on this twitter account.


Since the end of October is near, check out this fun Halloween moment: John F. Kennedy with his kids in the oval office.


4: @oldfilmphotos


Beautiful shots of movie stars capture the glamour and romance of Hollywood. This account will have you taking a trip through the film archives with the stunning stills it posts.


Check out Sean Connery as he poses with the Bond car from Goldfinger.


5: @HistoricalPics


Vintage photos with a twist, this Twitter account will surprise you with the unexpected. You’ll see everything from high school fashion from the 80’s to the streets of Lebanon in 1957.


This account proves that even in the 1800’s they were taking funny cat pics.


Have old family photos of your own that you want to share on Twitter? The first step is to scan them before sharing the digital copies online—and we can help. Who knows, maybe we’ll be featuring your vintage photo Twitter account in our next post!