The ScanMyPhotos Insane One Cent Photo Scanning Deal, Here’s Why

photo scanning dealONE CENT PHOTO SCANNING

What can you buy for one cent? Over a hundred years ago, a penny could buy you a train ticket, a copy of The New York Tribune, or a pledge to support the women’s suffrage movement. These days, however, you’d be hard-pressed to find any item that costs just one cent—until now.

In honor of ScanMyPhotos’ 28th anniversary in business, we’ve decided to celebrate by harkening back to the good ol’ days—the days that are often captured in the vintage print photos our customers send to us to scan. For a limited time, you can take advantage of our One Cent Photo Scanning Sale and celebrate our 28-year milestone with us.

Yup, for just a penny each, you can, scan, digitize, and preserve your precious print photos.

We’re offering this insane deal as a thank-you to those individuals responsible for our nearly three decades of success in business: our cherished customers (and employees).

How to scan your photos for one cent each

From now until October 15, 2017, you can enjoy a 1¢ rate for each photo you send using our Pay-Per-Scan Photo Scan Service.* CLICK TO ORDER


Each customer can send a limit of 20,000 standard (3×5″ – 8×10″) photos to scan at this rate, but you must include a printout of our promotional flyer in with your order (promotional flyer below). The fine print* stuff is posted below, and a $20 minimum charge is required, but that applies towards all of the popular add-on features and towards the return S/H charge


Promotional flyer

You must print out this below flyer (or the entire blog post) and include it with your order to receive the discounted photo scanning rate!

photo scanning

How to pack your photos for scanning and shipping to ScanMyPhotos

Watch this video:

Or you can check out these step-by-step instructions.

For more information about the photo scanning process with ScanMyPhotos check out these articles and videos:

And of course, a BIG thanks goes out to all of our customers (and wonderful staff) both past and future! Without you, we wouldn’t have such a momentous occasion to celebrate!



  • This offer is not eligible for our Prepaid Fll-The-Box Service, or any other service, other than “pay per photo scanning,” just for this.
  • Return S/H not included
  • $20 minimum charge per order
  • If no printout is included with your photos, no refund afterwards, or discount applies. Photos must be prepared as described in the above preparation guidelines
  • Terms and restrictions may change, and applicable sales tax may apply.
  • Other vouchers, discounts, promo codes, or prior order reimbursements can be applied to this special promo.

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Why We All Need to Observe Fire Prevention Week

fire prevention2017 has seen more than its fair share of natural disasters—floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and several unprecedented wildfires.  While all of these occurrences could spell disaster for your home and precious memories, we wanted to take this time to get a jump on Fire Prevention Week, which occurs the second week of October.


Fire prevention is essential when it comes to keeping your home, valuables, and family safe. And even if you live in an area not affected by wildfires, you’ll still want to prepare. But before we dive into the prevention tips, let’s take a look at the facts first.

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6 of the Best Fall Photography Tips to Use this Season

Best Fall Photography TipsBest Fall Photography Tips Revealed 

Happy autumn! As the beginning of fall marks the autumnal equinox, and with it brings some of our favorite things like cool nights, clear days, gorgeous foliage, and pumpkin-flavored everything!


This is also our favorite time of year for photography. You can’t beat autumn backdrops for photos, whether you’re taking pics of the family for holiday cards or trying to capture nature’s beautiful color displays.

As you set off with your camera in hand, here are a few tips on to get the best fall photos.

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How do you remove a photo stuck to glass? Here are some ideas.

Photo stuck on glass frameHave you ever had a photograph in a frame for so long that it has become stuck to the glass and can’t figure out how to get it off?

I recently ran into this problem after my family had some new family portraits done. My wife decided it was time to update some of the picture frames around the house and found one photo, despite being only in the frame for a year, had become stuck to the glass.
I’ve collected the three most common DIY tips from around the web that I found while I searched for my own solution to this problem. Just like most everything in life, everyone has an opinion and what worked for me, may not work for you and only do what you are comfortable doing with your photos.
These may or may not work for you so proceed with caution.


We have loads of other helpful photography tips here




First and foremost, before you do ANYTHING, make a digital backup of the image. If something goes wrong while you are trying to peel the photo off, the picture could be ruined. You will either need to locate the negative to make a new one or, even worse, if there is no negative, the picture will be lost forever.

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Google Photos, The Ultimate Users Primer

We are often asked how best to preserve and safeguard pictures once everything is digitized. The two word simple answer is the free storage site, Google Photos, where all your photos are safely backed up and organized so you can find them fast, and share those decades past memories.

PC Magazine’s feature’s editor, Eric Griffith published a primer on “Tricks to Master Google Photos, and we’re sharing some of Eric’s best tips with you.

The Power of Google Photos To Organize Your Pictures [excerpt]

  • Play With Search: You should definitely search in Google Photos, using terms common and obscure. Google’s auto-tagging of images is pretty amazing.
  • Pinch to Change Your View: Pinching or expanding your two fingers on a single image to zoom in or out is standard. Google Photos lets you change the look of the entire mobile app by pinching, so you can zoom from “comfortable view” all the way out to the by-year view, with stops at days and months in between.
  • Quick Select Pics: Hold your finger on a picture to select, then just start dragging your finger and all the pictures you touch will be selected.
  • Apply the Same Edits to Multiple Shots: If you’ve perfected the edits on one image, you can apply it to a bunch of them.
  • Back Up With Wi-Fi Only: In the mobile apps, you can turn off “Photos (or Videos) back up using cellular data” in the settings under Back up & sync. It’s a good idea for those with a limited data plan.

  • OUR FAVORITE TIP: Recover Items for 60 Days: Deleted an image you want back? Go to the menu (on mobile or web), and select Trash. Your deleted images hang out here for a couple of months before they’re truly gone.

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