Tales From The Pictures We Saved – Episode 3: Remembering the Difference We Can Make

tales from the pictures we savedWelcome to this week’s episode of Tales From the Pictures We Saved. 


We’ve spent the past 26 years helping our customers preserve tens of millions of happy memories, milestones, achievements and events—all of which have incredible stories behind each and every photo.


And now we’re eager to share these stories with you.


In this week’s episode, we explore a ScanMyPhotos customer whose passion for photography documented a once-in-a-lifetime experience with her family as they traveled to Africa as volunteers.


Preview: “There are moments in life you can never re-create, no matter how hard you try. Moments that changed your life or the lives of others. The closest we can get to re-living these precious memories is through the pictures we take. This is what ScanMyPhotos customer Lynne Stahler has known this to be true for a very long time.

Do you have a photo story to share?

Contact us today and your tale could be featured on an upcoming episode!

This episode features music by Bensound.com. Lynne Stahler was voiced by Robin LaGoy. 

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In this week’s episode ScanMyPhotos, as Melissa went through the photo scanning process, she found that a simple mistake lead to a beautiful and touching moment in her life.

Pictures - Tales From The Pictures We Saved – Episode 3: Remembering the Difference We Can Make

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