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Capturing the Moment: 5 Photos to Take on Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Photos

The author’s family, Mother’s Day 1980

By Vanessa Mallory Kotz


Mother’s Day is this weekend, and it’s a perfect opportunity to take family photos that will last for a lifetime of memories. Whether you are a mom or love someone who is a mom, take the time to record the moment, and then get back to celebrating your favorite ladies. Here’s a list of five shots to plan for during the special day.


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The Business of Bulk Scanning by Digital Imaging Reporter

Tech journalist, TV personality and contributor to a dozen publications, Ted Kritsonis, reports on the state of digitizing pictures for Digital Imaging Reporter (May 2018) with this feature primer on why scanning pictures is trending.

Out of the Shoebox: Bulk Scanning Gives Old Photos a New Purpose

Excerpt: Why take a look at bulk scanning? Well, it’s perhaps impossible to approximate how many printed photos exist in people’s personal collections. Add 35mm slides and negatives and that number only balloons further.

There’s plenty of debate over printing photos shot in the digital age, but what about digitizing prints from bygone eras? Call it shoebox scanning or another term, but some vendors have targeted this niche market as a solid revenue stream and sustainable business.

Bulk Scanning Solutions:

ScanMyPhotos.com, headquartered in Irvine, California, is among the most prominent. The company has digitized 500 million photos, 35mm slides and film negatives that were shipped to the company in special boxes. Its photo-imaging scanners, set up in separate clean rooms, are capable of digitizing about 1,000 photos in five minutes.

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Just Added To Enhance Your Photo Scanning Order: Your Concierge Expert

Concierge expert to seamlessly oversee your order, from start to finish

Elite Concierge Expert ServiceSign Up for Your Own Elite Concierge Expert at ScanMyPhotos

The “Elite Concierge Expert” ScanMyPhotos service provides new, added benefits as you tap into our team of personalized assistants. This customer-centric service is a blueprint, built on our 28-years of experience to deliver an enhanced, superior service as we help you digitize your nostalgic photo memories.

We understand that there is a definitive difference between a fine dining experience and waiting in line at a fast food restaurant; that is why we have dedicated experts ready to be assigned to your order.


  • You are assigned to an Elite Concierge Experts who also oversees a dedicated team of photo technicians just for you
  • Receive a new, added level of comprehensive and expanded personalization for your photo scanning order
  • More efficient access and an easier way to connect with us throughout the entire process — from your first touch to your completed scanning project being returned to you.
  • You are our highest priority, as we seamlessly oversee your order, from start to finish
  • We remove the complexity of all your “how-to” and other questions as our highest priority to optimize your experience with ScanMyPhotos
  • Added access to directly communicate with your own personal assistant with expedited attention who will already be familiar with your order
  • This Elite Concierge Service from ScanMyPhotos is just $12.95 extra per order.
  • To order and include a dedicated concierge expert click “Add to Cart” as you are placing your order, and we handle the rest.
  • It is instant, automatic and nothing else is needed.
  • Whenever you need to reach them, just call, email or use our online help desk and you are directly connected after adding this to your order.

Behind-the-scenes tour at ScanMyPhotos via KTLA-TV


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5 Tips for Bird Photography

Bird Photography


By Vanessa Mallory Kotz


Part of the joy of spring is the sound of bird song and the bright flash of a colorful wing or the surprise of red on a robin’s breast. Yesterday, I had to run an errand at a government building, one of those things we all dread but must do. As I was about to enter, I saw a duckling on the sidewalk. The awkward juvenile was no longer yellow and tiny, but the little guy/gal was still fluffy and vulnerable. It waddled back and forth and in small circles, quacking anxiously. A man, who clearly worked there, barred it from entering the door in a little dance with the creature.


“I think Mom and Dad went to the lake and lost count,” he said as I stopped to watch, feeling an intensely maternal concern for the bird. “I’ve been watching them for a week, and the mother duck is very protective.” We were joined by another woman, and our trio of concerned citizens cooed and clucked over its plight. Eventually, the man sashayed the duckling toward the bushes and safety. For a moment I had forgotten my grim errand. I also forgot to take a picture. What a missed opportunity! I was close enough to see the details of the webbing on its little flippers and the gleam in its worried eyes. So, I wondered, if I had the chance again, how could I best capture the moment on camera?

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