12 reasons why to get digital copies of every photo snapshot

12 reasons why you should digitize all those old pictures sitting in shoe boxes around the house before they’re lost forever


ScanMyPhotos.comYour parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents may have pictures of you that were taken when you were just a baby, toddler, little boy, girl, or even teenager. But these memories could be lost forever if you don’t digitize your old photos before they deteriorate and are no longer recoverable. Here are 12 reasons you should digitize all those old pictures in shoe boxes around the house before they’re lost forever.

You’ll have a backup: Your old photos are precious and should be preserved for generations. That’s why you need to digitize them now before they’re lost forever! Your family photos are priceless. And by digitizing them, you can share your family history with your loved ones. Your archives of stored-away family photos represent the best repository of your past. Preserving this nostalgia is a crucial way to connect with and share storytelling with your children, grandchildren, and other relatives. Keep your memories alive for future generations. Your one-of-a-kind photos must be backed up off-site.

 Twelve Reasons You Should Scan Your Old Photos before They’re Lost ForeverWhy to get digital copies from pictures

1. You can plan ahead for natural disasters, from hurricanes, wildfires, and water or smoke damage: We all know how devastating it can be when natural disasters like wildfires and hurricanes happen. If you’ve got precious family photos stored away in drawers, they could be lost forever when disaster strikes.

2. You can digitize to keep photos safe: Scanning will protect your archives of memories safe from natural disasters and provide peace of mind knowing that your family has digital copies of all of their memories. Digitizing pictures will give you peace of mind: If there’s a fire or something worse, your original photos will be lost forever.

3) You can share the photos more efficiently: With digitizing pictures, your pictures are safe and secure on your computer, backed up to the cloud, or both. Gone are the days of scanning old photographs and storing them in a shoebox in your closet, only to have them ruined by water damage from an unexpected leak. Digitizing all those old photos will help you organize them for future generations to enjoy when they can’t tell you which year that picture was taken or what memories it has for you. 3. It is also helpful if you want to share your stories with friends, family members, and other loved ones who live far away but don’t want to ask you whenever they want to see a photo 4. Uploading your scanned photos onto your computer turns it into a “back to the future” time machine. Now, all those treasured (or, in some cases – forgotten) parts of your history can be pulled up at a moment’s notice to be enjoyed and shared forever. If one of these hard drives ever fails (and eventually they will), all your precious memories will be gone forever.

4) You can edit the photos more easily: Scanning your old photos will make it easier to edit them. It’s also a great way to ensure you’ll be able to keep them for years to come. Digital pictures don’t fade, so digitizing them is a must if you want your kids or grandkids to look back on the people in your photos the same way you do. Plus, digitizing all of those old photos sitting in shoe boxes around the house is a quick and easy project that can be done over a weekend! Plenty of free tools or apps make it simple to get all those family memories off paper and into digital form. If you take care of your original photos by scanning them instead of printing them, they’ll last much longer than they would have. The quality is just better: Remember when grainy images were typical?

5) You can store them more securely: Scanning your old photos is a great way to digitize and keep them more securely. Digital pictures can be accessed from anywhere and don’t take up any room in your house. When you scan your photographs, they are saved as high-resolution digital image, which will last far longer than the original photograph. Scanned images can also be printed on demand or shared with friends and family through email or social media.

6) You can save space: Scanning your old photos into the digital world is a great way to preserve them. It also saves space since you don’t need as many shoe boxes. Plus, digitizing pictures means you can print a copy of your favorite photo at any time–no more waiting until you can get it developed at the drugstore. And when you take a picture with your phone, there’s no telling where that image will end up. Make sure you control what happens to your pictures by scanning and storing them in one place. And lastly, scanning all those old family photos creates new opportunities for future generations- whether they live nearby or across the country- to access their family history and share stories with each other.

7) You can organize them more effectively: Digitizing your old photos isn’t just about preserving the images for the future, it’s also about organizing them more effectively so you can find what you need when you need it. With a bit of preparation, digitizing your photos is easy and cost-effective. Take good care of your digital copies by storing them in at least three different places to avoid damage from natural disasters or loss due to theft. With the ScanMyPhotos.com 100% Happiness Pledge Guarantee, the process is easier than ever.  

8) You can add metadata to the photos: Digitizing pictures is the best way to preserve them for generations. When you digitize your pictures, you can add metadata like location, date, and who’s in the photo, making it easier to search through them later. You’ll also be able to share your photos with friends and family across borders and countries without worrying about copyright or legal issues. Many different digital formats are available for storing your photos on your computer or other devices like a CD or DVD.

9) You can create slideshows: Digitizing your old photos will preserve them for years. Here are 12 reasons why you should digitize all those old pictures sitting in shoe boxes around the house before they’re lost forever. Digitizing is a simple way to preserve your memories so you can share them with friends and family far away from home. 2. It doesn’t take much time or money to digitize your photos-you can do it all from the comfort of your own home. Rediscover your archives of family history for genealogy projectsPrepare for family reunions and anniversary gifts to distribute digital copies to your family and reconnect to strengthen relationships with old friends.

10) You can make gifts: You can make a photo book, frame or even make an ornament out of the photos. The best part is that you don’t need to be an expert. Many websites offer a variety of ways to digitize your pictures.

11) You can stop “data-rot“: All analog photos, slides, home movie film, VHS tapes, and film negatives experience deterioration. The images get discolored, fade, and magnetic tape for VHS cassettes only a few years before the images are unwatchable.

12) You can preserve them for future generations: The old photos you have lying around in shoe boxes are becoming increasingly difficult to find as time goes on. As a result, there is a chance that your children may never get to see what these fantastic memories look like. Although it can be complicated and take quite some time, it is best to digitize the pictures before they become lost forever! This way, you can preserve them for future generations.