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UPDATE: Thanks, David [Pogue] for your Tweet [Twitter.com/Pogue] after your “CBS News Sunday Morning” segment. Great job and we’re loaded with inquiries. You really identified an important and urgent issue for having people solve their “data rot.”

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Dear friends,

You may have known that over the past seven months, “CBS News Sunday Morning” was producing a segment profiling how to preserve your photo and other analog memories. The Cover Story by reporter David Pogue aired this morning, but, last evening we unfortunately were advised that due to editing the show, much of the ScanMyPhotos.com interview and presentation on how we do our magic ended up on the CBS News cutting room floor.

The TV segment was another excellent David Pogue tech piece on a topic that impacts everyone. As always, he did a great job simplifying and identifying the ‘data rot’ issues.

The challenge is, in anticipation, we significantly expanded our infrastructure, staffing and built a fresher, more advanced website to handle this nationwide exposure.

YOUR HELP IS NEEDED: Because we are still linked on the CBS News site as the source, please share this update with your relatives and friends so they too can enjoy ScanMyPhotos.com and our newly enhanced photo imaging and archival services. As you may have seen on the program, there is an urgency to digitize your old photos and make new memories from all our other new services, including our Kodak photo kiosk products.

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The CBS News Sunday Morning” TV cover story
by reporter, author and NY Times tech columnist, David Pogue discussed “data rot–the tendency of new technologies to abandon recording and computer formats faster every year, leaving more and more audio, video and computer files behind.”

From the CBS website:

“Data Rot Sooner or later, it affects every audio recording, every video recording and computer file. Contributor David Pogue looks at what happens when technological progress leaves your most precious memories and recordings behind. Remember when you replaced that old film camera with that brand new videotape camera to record the treasured moments of your life? Well, where are they now? Does that camera still work? How about that old VCR? Have you graduated to DVDs yet? It’s funny how technology can promise us the world and then take it all away with the next generation of contraptions. Sunday Morning contributor and New York Times technology reporter David Pogue will explain how we can preserve our precious memories in our Sunday Morning Cover Story.”

more info on profiled organizations:
Computer History Museum
Library of Congress
New York Public Library

*DID YOU KNOW: The famed trumpeter Wynton Marsalis later recorded another version of the theme, also on a piccolo trumpet, which is currently in use for the introduction to CBS News Sunday Morning.

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