How Digitizing Photos is a New Way to Unite the Nation

SUBJECT: The power of photography can build relationships and create harmony.

politics unite 300x300 - How Digitizing Photos is a New Way to Unite the NationThis is a politics meets pop culture story to bring back those happier moments before our country was so divided — we are living in tumultuous times politically.

If it were up to Elon Musk and Donald Trump, America would be divided. They want to pit people against each other through sheer rhetoric and force.

The alternative to their feverish, rhetorical darts of hostility is for businesses to take a stand — use their voice and platform to unite the country through storytelling.

When the nation is wildly divided politically, storytelling and photography bind and unite the country. One example is people are rushing to digitize their photo history — to share past memories, create smiles, and have harmonious discussions as they narrate the stories through the photos they preserve.

As a digital photo archivist, I can explain how photography to revisit more harmonious times can soften the rhetoric and unite. Sharing photo history with family and friends creates new memories. It shows the fun times people had before politics became a divider and compromised the American spirit of togetherness.

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