Why to digitize pictures BEFORE a mandatory evacuation

During a mandatory evacuation, are you prepared?

When you have seconds to escape, what do you grab from your home? What would you do when a briskly spreading firestorm with hurricane-force winds threatens your family and home?

Thirty years ago, we chose Irvine as the home to ScanMyPhotos.com. It ranks among the safest cities in the nation and boasts a world-renowned master plan to protect homes and businesses. Our corporate headquarters is safely situated in a secured part of the city–far away from the scene of Monday’s danger zone.

emer2 300x260 - Why to digitize pictures BEFORE a mandatory evacuation For myself and a third of all Irvine, California residents, there was scarcely time to nestle people and pets–two of the three “P’s” [people, pets, pictures] and escape.

There was no time for racing through the house to find photo albums and boxes of long-forgotten pictures.

This preparedness message is shared for anyone who never experienced a menacing wildfire or hurricane disaster that threatened their home.

Irvine Emergency Evacuation Alert

A piercing, life-threatening emergency warning alert whooped on my phone. With smoky ash raining down, the wildfire storm was real. Embers swirled, and the stench of smoke hurt your lungs. A dark haze made visibility impossible.

Roads were blocked, and traffic gridlocked. I grabbed the family and pets as immediate evacuation orders were broadcast.

[Credit: KTLA-TV News]

This was not a test of the emergency broadcasting system but a real-world catastrophe. Overhead, I saw water-dropping helicopters and giant aircraft tankers unloading water and Phos-Chek fire retardant. The gale-force winds made direct water drops a challenge.

KTLA: Irvine Wildfire evacuationAfter safely evacuating, I saw my house on live local and national TV news programs.

The good news is our valiant firefighter heroes in Orange County, California, saved the day without any property damage. Sadly, two firefighters were critically injured.

This perilous experience is a reminder about what we have always discussed. The last thing you should worry about is your decades-past pictures, 35mm slides, film negatives, home movies, and VHS cassettes.

Scan My Photos Office Building

All must be digitized and stored off-site. Make multiple copies for safekeeping. Where are your photographs, and what about everyone you know? Are your family and friend’s irreplaceable snapshots digitized?


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MIVA Dragonproof Podcast: The World of Photo Scanning

Good Disruption: The Gift of Ecommerce – Dragonproof Podcast Episode 28

The holiday shopping season is always a disruptive event for online sellers – and in 2020, the added global disruptions brought on Covid have heightened consumers’ collective need for products and services that bring solace, humanity, and hope.

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There is no more precious object in one’s home than a family photo. We turn to these emblems of memories, experiences, and good emotions during times of stress and to celebrate all that we love. That’s why ScanMyPhoto’s unique photo digitization services are such a hit during holiday shopping seasons, and never more so than in 2020.

In this episode, Mitch Goldstone of ScanMyPhotos.com joins Rick Wilson for an update on how this business is preparing for the “good disruption” of the upcoming holiday period.

The ScanMyPhotos.com Story

Click here to view the New Yorker illustration referenced in the interview.

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ABOUT MIVA’s DRAGONPROOF eCommerce PODCAST: Online sellers don’t need to fear the Amazon dragon. As CEO of Miva, Rick Wilson’s experience overseeing solutions for thousands of successful online businesses has facilitated billions of dollars in ecommerce transactions. Now he draws on that expertise to explore the characteristics of sustainable, profitable ecommerce. Join Rick and his expert guests for this groundbreaking and ongoing masterclass on building an unbeatable online business.

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CONSUMER ALERT: Why Amazon Prime Day® is a Calamity for Small Businesses

NEWS ALERT: Why Amazon Prime Day® is a Calamity for Small Businesses. [Editorial by ScanMyPhotos.com]

Many consumers shop for the deal, but is #PrimeDay a discount? What are the hidden costs? This marketing gimmick scores massive media attention–Billions in free advertising.

You are forced to pay $119 before you save a penny. If you are not an Amazon Prime member, good luck, you can’t play their game. This is a pure definition of a “pay-for-play” scheme.  You are charged an annual Amazon Prime fee of $119 before you even click to order anything.

Bloggers, the media, and influencers crow about the #PrimeDay deals but fail to explain the caveat. The first rule. There is a $119 upfront signup fee.

The other problem is how shopping during Prime Day is an assault on America’s small businesses.

While it sounds like Amazon is compassionate for supporting (sic) small businesses; there is a backstory. Prime Members who order over $10 at a small business will receive a $10 credit towards a future purchase; let us understand more about this spiff. It is a scheme.

Are small businesses required to be an Amazon merchant — listed on its platform? What is the hefty fee for every purchase that goes to Amazon?

This is why I place orders directly with restaurants. To help them. When you use GrubHub, UberEats, and other delivery apps, upwards of 30% is taken off the top. Buy direct to support companies, especially during a pandemic and economic calamity.

Courtesy: Kevin Muldoon

Penny Photo Scanning ($40 min applies to your order)Companies like ScanMyPhotos.com sell directly to consumers. No middleman agent to collect fees. We are not ambushing Amazon, but showcasing that our everyday lowest prices are a real deal. Example: get digitize 4,000 photos for $40 with the ScanMyPhotos.com penny photo scanning service.

Details here. And you are supporting America’s small businesses.

UK shoppers urged to shun Amazon Prime Day to support small businesses.”

Amazon Prime Day 2020: Prime Day Sucks, Here’s Why.” By ANDREW ROBERTS.


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BIG News! Actually 30 Years of News To Review Photo Scanning

Before trusting a photo scanning service, read the reviews. See the news profiles. At ScanMyPhotos.com, we have hundreds of stellar media reviews–spanning 30 years– to showcase how we do our magic for you.


This Photo Scanning Service More Than Delivers


“Another pleasant surprise: The excellent quality of the scans. Every photo was vibrant, clear, and color-corrected. We were beyond impressed with the entire service, speed, and quality, and have already recommended it to several friends. It makes a fantastic and affordable holiday gift for a loved one — and helps clean up the house while preserving memories permanently before they fade away.”

Scott Kramer, Forbes — Read Forbes Story

Tips For Living: Why It’s A Good Idea To Digitize Your Old Family Photos And How To Do It


“’ The need to digitize pictures is more relevant than ever due to the hurricanes and natural disasters,’ he said in an email to the Deseret News. ‘This is 100 percent preventable if pictures are scanned and uploaded to the cloud.’”

Trent Toone, Deseret News — Read Deseret News Story

smp30years 300x146 - BIG News! Actually 30 Years of News To Review Photo Scanning 

Digitize Your Photos to Preserve Your Memories


“Companies like the aptly named ScanMyPhotos.com will send a box to your home — large enough to pack up 1,800 photos, says the company — with prices starting at $145 (cost is determined by DPI requirements). Turnaround time is two to three weeks. They also offer hand-scanning of 35mm slides and film negatives.” Mark Salzman, AARP — Read AARP Story

Best New Ways To Scan Your Old Photos


“I organized a group of 100 shots by year, labeled them with Post-its, and sent them off via FedEx to ScanMyPhotos.com, based in Irvine, Calif. Within a few days, my prints had been uploaded and the originals were back safely in my possession. With the $145 prepaid service, the company sends you an 11-by-8.5-by- 5.5-inch box and asks you to stuff it full—that’s around 1,800 snapshots, according to company Chief Executive Mitch Goldstone.”

Joanna Stern, Wall Street Journal — Read WSJ Story

How To Preserve Old Photos: 7 Ways To Keep Antique Family Photos Looking Their Best


“Try ScanMyPhotos.com … which will all take your boxes of photos, create digital files, and return the originals to you in perfect condition.” Juliana LaBianca, Readers Digest — Read Readers Digest Story

Preserve Your Irreplaceable Memories With ScanMyPhotos


“The ScanMyPhotos.com service is fast, inexpensive, and relatively simple to use. Having tried to scan my own photos, and then having ScanMyPhotos.com do them all for me, I can say that it is money well-spent to use the service.”

Tony Bradley, Forbes — Read Forbes Story

Product Review: ScanMyPhotos.com


“If you’re looking to preserve and share your pre-digital photographic history while enjoying the clutter-less security of digitization, ScanMyPhotos.com is a good way to go.” David Friedlander, Life Edited — Read LifeEdited Story

Three Ways To Preserve Your Precious Photos Before Disaster Strikes


“ScanMyPhotos.com handles photos from 3”x 3” up to 8”x 10” and they also offer a photograph restoration service, as well as slide and negative scanning. Processing takes about 5-10 days and is done at their lab in California. There’s an option for expedited processing at an additional cost.” Andrea Smith, HuffPost — Read HuffPost Story

Turning Your Vacation Photos Into Works Of Art


“For affordable bulk scans, ScanMyPhotos.com is an old standby (you can read David Pogue’s review on nytimes.com).” Stephanie Rosenbloom, New York Times — Read New York Times Story

The Importance Of Scanning Your Memories


ScanMyPhotos.com joins me to discuss the ins-and-outs of scanning. What is the state-of-the-art? And what are some pitfalls that you should be aware of.”

Fredrick Van Johnson, This Week In PHOTO — Read This Week In PHOTO

Expert Decluttering Tips For Your Great Pandemic Purge


“Digitizing those mountains of old physical photographs can preserve precious pictures for safekeeping while also clearing lots of clutter. “While traveling is off limits as families stay safe at home, there is a way to revisit past adventures while decluttering your lifetime of photo snapshots,” says Mitch Goldstone of ScanMyPhotos.com.” — Andrew Lisa, Cheapism — Read MSN Story

5 Expert Tips for Organizing All Your Old Photos Right Now


“Services like ScanMyPhotos.com will also do the brunt work for you in digitizing and organizing your memories, with their most popular offering being “fill-the-box” photo scanning,” Perri Ormont Blumberg, Southern Living — Read Southern Living Story

Memories In A Shoebox: Digitizing Old Photos Unlocks A Flood Of Mixed Emotions


“Though I have a scanner, it works far too slowly (and I’m too lazy) to process more than a thousand photos (my husband contributed his own stash). So, I followed Sharon Profis’ advice and carefully packed a box with prints and sent it to Scanmyphotos instead. My experience was great and it only took a week to get my photos back. If you have a box of pictures sitting around, it’s an easy way to secure them. If you’re pushing the 2,000-photo mark, go for the $145-prepaid box, which the company says will fit about 1,800 prints.”

Kent German, CNET Read — CNET Story

As You Declutter, Take Time to Rediscover Family Treasures


“Meanwhile, ScanMyPhotos chief executive Mitch Goldstone reports that sales of the aptly named company are at a four-year high because of the pandemic. Starting at $145, ScanMyPhotos will ship a prepaid box you’re meant to load with about 1,800 pictures.”

Ed Baig, AARP — Read AARP Story

How To Rescue, Repair And Revive Old Family Photos


“If you see your family pictures starting to fade away in their shoeboxes, crumbling photo albums or moldering slide carousels, fear not. There are easy ways to save your valuable images — and maybe even make them better. Shipping them off to a professional scanning company for digital conversion and retouching is one easy approach. Services like … ScanMyPhotos.com are easily found on the web and do fine work.” J. D. Biersdorfer, New York Times — Read NYT Story

Home Decor Dilemma: What To Do With Old Photos


“ScanMyPhotos.com, recommends scanning and saving the originals ‘These precious records hold value to more than the person who earned them,’ he added. ‘They are more than a bragging right. They are part of your family’s history and should be preserved.”’

Marni Jameson, Herald-Tribune — Read Herald Tribune Story


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