How to keep Thanksgiving and the holidays safe and fun during Covid-19

Thanksgiving 2020 Is Canceled, According to Family Historians Polled by

Now that traditional Thanksgiving family gatherings have been canceled this year, according to family historians polled by Most holiday traditions aren’t possible because of the pandemic.

Eight Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving From Afar. Now That Thanksgiving is Canceled, What To Do?


thanksgivingcancel 300x300 - Thanksgiving 2020 Is Canceled, According to Family Historians Polled by ScanMyPhotos.comOnline virtual gathers will replace traditional Thanksgiving holidays this year as the pandemic ushers in a ‘new normal.’ Anthony Fauci Urges Americans To Reconsider Thanksgiving Gatherings Amid Pandemic.

One hundred family historian chroniclers agreed that Thanksgiving 2020 will be very different due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

When Charles Dickens wrote A Tale of Two Cities, the historical novelist began with “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Back in 1859, he could never have imagined today’s canceled culture pandemic led to mostly just the worst of times.

Even Thanksgiving, falling on the fourth Thursday in November has been canceled. Why Nostalgia Will Replace Turkey Dinners on #Thanksgiving




  • Anyone searching for “when is Thanksgiving 2020?” will understand why, according to one hundred family historians, traditional family holidays will not occur this year.
  • According to historian chroniclers across the nation, Thanksgiving will be different due to the pandemic. In reply to a July 10-30th poll conducted by, they explained this holiday season would be very different.
  • Rules will be bent, and this Thanksgiving will become the year of virtual, long-distance gatherings as families stay safe while social distancing.
  • Missing this year will be who carves the Thanksgiving turkey and who bakes the pies?

8 Ways to Surround Yourself with Cherished Moments to Celebrate Thanksgiving From Afar:

  1. Tune into the Stephanie Miller’s Sexy Liberal Virtual Tour Thanksgiving

    Visit Virtually, Online: Send invitations to your friends and the entire family to gather at a specific time during Thanksgiving for a virtual video call celebration while everyone is safe at home. “Zoom” live-action during your turkey dinner. Share stories. Watch and listen to the collective conversations to celebrate with your siblings, parents, distant relatives, and friends. Technology will unite and connect without ever leaving home. Make sure everyone understands how and when to log in.

  3. Share Decades-Past Snapshots: Gather and digitize your old-school photos snapshots to reminisce and narrate the stories behind past Thanksgiving dinners and share the stories behind the memories when you cannot be together in person.

  4. Select a Game For Everyone To Play: Jackbox is a gaming service that allows you to Facetime with your friends while playing virtual games.

  5. Virtual Memory Wheel: Connects and gets everyone to engage. Become part of the story, while socially distancing. Have everyone select ten of their all-time most memorable pictures from past Thanksgivings and family gatherings. Share all the pictures online, and narrates the story behind the photos.

  6. Smile, It is Family Photo Time: Take a family photo, complete with all virtual guests. Use a collage photo app to assemble each picture into a family keepsake and order photo gifts for everyone.

  7. Guess Who? Cards: Have everyone submit two anonymous memes or message cards describing something excellent and unusual that happened to them in 2020. Add a third card with an aspiration for something they had hoped to do in 2020 but were unable to do. And one more identifying the best book, favorite TV show, movie, song, or event they enjoyed during the past 12 months. Then have everyone guess who wrote each Guess Who?

  8. Prepare Before. Send a Gift and Traditional Dessert: Before Thanksgiving, send matching bouquets and a favorite family dessert to all your guests to enjoy together during your interactive Zoom, party.

Major retailers already announced they would close on Thanksgiving. Many others are doing without the traditional day after “Black Friday” sales as the coronavirus pandemic continues. Parades are not the only canceled tradition. Large Thanksgiving dinners are out too.

For those seeking an opt-out to escape family drama, the excuse why you cannot visit in person during Thanksgiving has already been made. No explanation is needed. Multigenerational families, separated by distance and time apart, can instead all gather together online.

Because traditional Thanksgiving parties are canceled, there are ways to gather online for holiday reunions virtually. Thanksgiving is a wonderful time filled with family and joy. Often it is the only time during the year when the entire family gathers together.

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Prepare for the Worst, Expect the Best: Observing National Preparedness Month

Preparing for Hurricanes, wildfires, and other climate disasters. This keeps happening, yet is one hundred percent preventable. 

National Preparedness MonthWe’re in the business of preservation, so when National Preparedness Month rolls around each September, we take it very seriously. Disaster can strike anywhere, at any time, and for no reason whatsoever—but we can make sure we’re prepared.

Sponsored by FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security, National Preparedness Month was started to encourage everyone to be proactive in our approach to disasters. In fact, each week of September has its own theme:

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  • September 1-5: Flood
  • September 6-12: Wildfire
  • September 13-19: Hurricane
  • September 20-26: Power outage
  • September 27-30: Lead up to National PrepareAthon! Day (September 30th)

But it doesn’t stop there—you can prepare for anything. Start by making a plan for you and your family in any worst-case scenario you can think of. You’ll want to break your plan out into four different steps:

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How to produce your own collaborative and interactive film festival

Sad news as Regal Cinemas–the Second-largest U.S. cinema chain is closing its doors again–and suspending operations at all U.S. locations. We created this plan for producing your own collaborative and interactive film festival — a family documentary from your pictures.

“Entertainment is the relief from loneliness to escape into a story.” [Reed Hastings, co-founder, Netflix].

blogt1 300x200 - How to produce your own collaborative and interactive film festival Here is a fun family archival project to create your own virtual production, as so many events and activities are postponed. This collaborative family legacy film festival will unite everyone together while safely practicing social distancing.

Take a break from watching streaming TV shows, and make your own presentations.

Become an aspiring tech mogul to produce an event to virtually share your adventures and nostalgia with the entire family and your friends. Technology has made moviemaking nearly cost-free and more accessible than ever. You already have all the content–those treasures tucked away in shoeboxes and photo albums.

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create your own family documentaryTHE SCRIPT
To create your own breakthrough blockbuster event, invite your family to participate. Have everyone gather and digitize their lifetime of photo snapshots, 35mm slides, film negatives, and movie film. Add in more recent pictures and videos from everyone’s smartphone camera roll.

  • Send an invite to participate in your family legacy documentary and explain its purpose;
  • Gather photos and pictures of important memorabilia;
  • Interview everyone to learn the stories behind the pictures;
  • Organize the content;
  • Draft an outline and script for your documentary;
  • Edit then share your masterpiece.

create your own family documentaryHOW TO UPLOAD PHOTOS
Create a Google Photos account for everyone to access and upload their favorite content. Set parameters for contents and limit the editing.

Those goofy snapshots and less-then-artistic images often tell the best story. It is all about storytelling.

Chronologically categorize or package the images by events or separate chapters for each person. Ask everyone to select their favorite tunes to accompany the show. Imbed brief TikTok elements to surprise and enhance production. Use an app like Pixgram to customize your video and photo slideshow with music. Try Montaj to design photo and video montages. Kizoa is an online video editor, movie maker, and slideshow creator to enhance your social media production.

create your own family documentaryAnother favorite is Cute Cut, a user-friendly slide-and-drop app to draw on your videos and add effects, textures, shadows, and borders to personalize your snaps. Add voices to narrate the story behind the pictures.

Use a free app like Canva to add personalized gifs and memes as titles to explain each scene.

To bring people together for celebrating and commemorating your family history is to use Cameo. Hire your favorite celebrity to add a personal touch with a uniquely produced message.

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9 Touching Stories that Show the Power of Photos

power of photosIf you go to any news site right now, you’ll likely see stories about national disasters, crises, crimes, accidents, and political upheaval. But sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’ll read a truly touching article that brings a smile to your face or possibly a tear to your cheek.


For us here at ScanMyPhotos, we love to read any human interest story involving the power of photos. Our customers have shared countless tales with us and we’ve stumbled upon many incredible stories around the web.


To spread the love, we’d like to share a few of these amazing articles that highlight just how powerful our photos truly are.

1: Following in His Grandfather’s Footsteps: Man Redoes Classic Family Vacation Photos – via @nbcnews
Using his grandmother’s detailed travel notes and his grandfather’s photos, Christian Carillo set off on an adventure that would re-connect him with his grandparents in a very special way.


2: A Touching Tribute to Love: The ScanMyPhotos Project that Became a Life-Changing Experience – via @scanmyphotos
A ScanMyPhotos customer helps a husband plan the gift of a lifetime for his dying wife. This story is a heartwarming tear-jerker that’s a must-read.


3: Group reunites families with lost photos – via @koamnews
When photos go missing it can feel as if you’ve lost a limb. When a tornado strikes, a family feels they’ve lost their photos forever—until they get the surprise of a lifetime.


4: Newly married couple find an old picture of themselves playing on the same beach as children just a few feet apart – via @MailOnline
Destiny can be an amazing and funny thing—especially when an ordinary vacation photo turns into a significant moment captured in time.


5: A Forgotten 1912 Photo Brings Family Memories Flooding Back to Life – via @scanmyphotos
A damaged and mostly forgotten photo can withhold thousands of words and memories. One ScanMyPhotos customer managed to unlock one photo’s secrets with our restoration services.


6: Photo helps New York family find missing son – via @CNN
When a picture of a young man huddled on the streets of Washington D.C. shows up on USA Today Sunday, it sparks a response that you need to read to believe.


7: Woman’s detective work reunites Charlotte family with old photos – via @theobserver
Knowing the power photos hold, one woman seeks to reconnect a box of old photos with their rightful owners.


8: Storm-damaged photos salvaged at Katrina event – via @NOLAnews
A tragic event doesn’t mean total disaster for our memories. As this article proves, damaged photos can be restored and help victims of natural disasters turn their new house into a home.


9: Jim Collar: Historical photo brings a surprise – via @PostCrescent
When an old 1945 photo hits the front page of a newspaper, it brings Jim Collar a big surprise and provides us all with a great story.

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#DoSomethingGrand, Scan Your GrandParent’s Photos For #GrandparentsDay

Grandparents’ Photo Memories Must Be Saved, Says

scanmyphotos loves grandparents 300x169 - #DoSomethingGrand, Scan Your GrandParent's Photos For #GrandparentsDay

Celebrating Grandparents’ Day is a year-round triumph to memorialize the extraordinary lives and history from those we love.

On Sunday, September 13th, we celebrate a wonderful holiday that honors the grandest of people in our families and lives. National Grandparents Day is one of our favorite holidays here at ScanMyPhotos, but sometimes the day will sneak right past everyone without much notice or fanfare.

Prepaid Photo Scanning BoxIf you forgot to do something special for your Noni or PapPap, it’s not too late! You can give them the gift of preservation by sending a ScanMyPhotos e-gift certificate their way.

It’ll be a great way to honor their legacy and memory for generations to come. Or order prepaid fill-the-box photo scanning for them to rediscover, collect, and have all those nostalgic memories digitally preserved.

4 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Grandparents Day

grandparents1 300x199 - #DoSomethingGrand, Scan Your GrandParent's Photos For #GrandparentsDay


When “AARP The Magazine,” wrote about photo scanning and its several profiles on ScanMyPhotos, and listed us as a top tech gift, it launched a crusade – advocating that readers should start thinking about genealogy, preservation of memories and sharing photos for today’s all-digital world.

But, the challenge was how to embrace technology to affordably archive and preserve shoeboxes of family photos. This story from one of our most beloved customers explains why this day is so emotional and a reason to celebrate

ScanMyPhoto’s Customer Helps Grandparents Connect with Grandkids via Technology

From Huffington Post: “35 Meaningful Questions To Ask Your Grandparents
Whether in a simple conversation or a legacy video, asking these questions can teach you a lot about your family history and your grandparents’ life.” By Brittany Wong.


Having solved the biggest problem in photography [working to digitize the world’s photos].

grandparentsday 300x199 - #DoSomethingGrand, Scan Your GrandParent's Photos For #GrandparentsDay

ScanMyPhotos is now on a mission like no other. Grandparents Day is like our Christmas / Hanukkah. The beaming smiles engendered as families revisit and learn about their heritage is priceless.

On National Grandparents Day, let your families tell their individual stories through a lifetime of pictures and cherished photo memories. Afterward, continue on your family genealogy project with

Click to learn more about and how we’ve professionally digitized 600 million photos, especially for grandparents

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