Create a New Year’s Resolution Vision Board for 2019

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADid you know that one of the biggest recent break-out pop stars, Meghan Trainor, created a vision board to map out her success? Before she made it to the top of the charts, she used a vision board to remind her of what she wanted to achieve, including a record deal, and a photo of the Grammy’s. Trainor then went on to achieve those things and more—and you could do the same in the coming New Year.

Now’s the perfect time to create a New Year’s resolution vision board that will help you paint the picture you want to see for your life in 2019.

What is a vision board?

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How to Make Your 2019 New Year’s Resolution Stick

resolutionGetting organized is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions to make—and it’s a resolution we wholeheartedly endorse, especially when it comes to preserving your precious memories. But as the year wears on, the likelihood of achieving these resolutions wanes.


In order to help you stick to your resolution, we pulled together a list of tricks that will make it much easier in 2019.


Break Your Big Resolution into Smaller Goals

If your resolution feels insurmountable, then it will be! See if you can break out your big goal into smaller more manageable goals. For example, if your resolution is “Get more organized,” try breaking it out into smaller tasks like:


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Legacybox and Southtree vs ScanMyPhotos: The Photo Scanning “Review”

Comparing and contrasting (mostly contrasting) Southtree® and Legacybox® to®

[updated 4-26-19]

This is tough to share as we celebrate the competition. We keep adding updates and hope to share one more that they fixed their problems. But seeing tweets like this from their CEO urging customers to post positive reviews is alarming and in the wrong direction, in my opinion, there is a problem. The disenchanted are having fun explaining why they will not post a positive review. Many same-day positive reviews quickly appeared that were seemingly timed just after our original post?

image1 300x143 - Legacybox and Southtree vs ScanMyPhotos: The Photo Scanning "Review"Before reading this report. An update. professionally digitizes all your photos this fast.

While we have scanned six hundred million images, it is news stories like these that made us so popular, but no order is more precious or important than yours. We are here to help. For loads of photo tips, news updates, and crazy-discounted deals, sign up to receive free updates.

Before choosing a photo digitization service, and there are many smart options available, But, first read the reviews. Sure we all get an occasional one-star review and there is usually a backstory behind it.

What you are hearing and reading about Legacybox and Southtree is why we are sharing our opinion. Listen to their customers. This below narrative explains why to review every company before ordering.

You know you are in trouble when former customers share their stories with the competition. In the case of ScanMyPhotos, our order desk regularly hears stories from people who first went to Legacybox and its other brand Southtree  [“AMB Media LLP“].


IMG 9652 300x187 - Legacybox and Southtree vs ScanMyPhotos: The Photo Scanning "Review"

[12/19/18 UPDATE: The new Legacybox Sirius Radio advertisement we just heard proclaims that they are the “most trusted” photo scanning service. We beg to differ].

Character counts in relationships and when deciding whether to trust a business. It is often the intangibles, those signals you pick up that determines how credible a company is. When it comes to businesses, an easy monitor is to Google them. Type: “[business name] + complaints,” “[business name] + reviews,” “[business name] + BBB,” or “[business name] + Yelp.”

The best way to win over customers is by being honest. Work extra hard as a service provider and to excel with a higher level of service. Honesty is always the best policy, especially when supported by a guarantee of exceptional service! When you order from them, see if there is an added charge for digital media? When you buy gas for your car, should you pay extra to pump it, or ordering at a restaurant and forced to pay extra for it to be delivered to the table? We are reading more complaints that they charge extra to get your digitized content returned.

We compiled an ocean-sized list of reviews and even three consumer affairs TV news links from Massachusetts, Arizona, and California that were shared with us. Having pioneered bulk photo scanning, ScanMyPhotos had looked the other way when digital imaging vendors infrequently did things that hindered the important legacy of helping many preserve their pictures.

Beyond the complaints are these separate TV news consumer reports filed across the nation in three top markets concerning Southtree and Legacybox. Check for yourself, but here is a sampling of the worst of the worst NBC-10 Boston TV Consumer Report

ABC-7 San Francisco TV Consumer Report

CBS-5 Phoenix TV Consumer Report

Yelp Reviews

Sitejabber Reviews*** Hey, funny to see nearly a dozen updated all five-star reviews posted within days of our report being published. #Ethics!

Amazon Marketplace Reviews

Better Business Bureau(r) *** Search Google for “Southtree+BBB” to view

Complaints Board Reviews

Well, you get the picture. And it is not pretty.  Why so many negative posts?


Competition is always embraced at ScanMyPhotos, as it raises the tide of awareness for digitizing pictures. With trillions of still-analog photos to scan, the market is bigger than any one company. But, when a company egregiously records a stream of complaints, it is time to stand up. And, standing up we are.

We actually embrace and recommend other specialty scanning services all the time for work that they excel at. In the case of Legacybox and Southtree, not so much.

Many may be aware of our decades of consumer and business advocacy campaigns, from litigating against the banks and credit card companies (leading to massive reforms to the runaway hidden costs of accepting credit cards and a $6.2 billion settlement), championing women and diversity issues, climate change, to supporting and occasionally challenging the photo imaging industry. Now, our sights are aimed at Legacybox with the hope this becomes a teachable moment to have them improve their game and improve the issues that are publicly shared by their customers.

This narrative explains why when comparing Legacybox and Southtree to ScanMyPhotos, ScanMyPhotos “gets the edge,” just as they penned on their “Analog: A Legacybox Blog” as they compared themselves to Costco, ScanCafe, FotoBridge, iMemories, and get this, even Southtree without identifying they are one and the same.

Charging about $1.10 to digitize a single photo ($11,000 for 10,000 photos is …. well, you fill in the word. Why pay $1.10 each and wait “6-8 weeks? And that may be without including the final digital media. Just the scanning. Want DVD’s with that? The price is an added $79.99.

Then there was this from Tech Crunch as they tried to rebrand again. “The corpse of Kodak coughs up another odd partnership.”

There are even tools for identifying real versus fake review posts, like ReviewMeta and FakeSpot. Click on each to see what we saw. While we are not drawing any conclusions, and can’t verify this content, the data raises questions from the company’s Amazon Marketplace reviews.

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NYT Tech Tip: How to Rescue, Repair and Revive Old Family Photos

First a humblebrag for J.D. Biersdorfer who has been answering technology questions for The New York Times for 20 years and is an 8-time author (co-order), including the widely popular 11th edition of “iPod: The Missing Manual.” 

J.D. is also co-host of the Pop | Tech | Jam podcast.

In this issue of Tech Tip, J.D. writes a timely report on how to preserve your pictures. In a year when billions of irreplaceable photographs were destroyed from the ravages of natural disasters, and because this keeps happening, we hope many will add this to their to-do list. 

Excerpt: If the march of time is eroding your personal picture archive, give your beloved images new life. 

If you see your family pictures starting to fade away in their shoe boxes, crumbling photo albums or moldering slide carousels, fear not. There are easy ways to save your valuable images — and maybe even make them better.

Shipping them off to a professional scanning company for digital conversion and retouching is one easy approach. Services like Memories RenewedDigMyPics and ScanMyPhotos are easily found on the web and do fine work.

[Courtesy of The New York Times, Dec 19, 2018]
IMG 6227 970x842 - NYT Tech Tip: How to Rescue, Repair and Revive Old Family Photos

AAA’s Via Magazine Recommends ScanMyPhotos

More than 3 million members of the Automobile Club of America (AAA) receive the acclaimed Via Magazine (Jan/Feb 2019) which includes a special “Smart Guide” feature on organizing your photos.  Click to read the article. [To access use this Zip code: “94200′].

According to their website, Via is the magazine for 3.2 million AAA member households in Northern California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Oregon, southern Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Alaska.

Each issue promotes the enjoyment of travel in the West, with features articles and departments including Weekender, On the Road, and Events. Additionally, Via regularly includes advice on traffic safety, automotive use, and how members may get the most from their AAA membership. And this issue dscusses how to scan your pictures

Via Magazine - AAA's Via Magazine Recommends ScanMyPhotos

[courtesy Via Magazine]

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