California Wildfire Wakeup Call — Scan, Save, Protect Now (USA Today)

Jefferson Graham, tech columnist at USA Today shares mandatory tips for backing up your pictures. We just heard from a former photo scanning customer whose home was destroyed in the Woolsey, California firestorm. The scanned photos were not archived off-site. If only she had read Jeff’s column before. But, this is a wake-up call not just to digitize and backup your lifetime of pictures (because this keeps happening), but to keep the images off-site.

California wildfire wakeup call — Scan, save and protect now (USA Today)

Excerpt: This week, Trevor Hughes saw up close the devastation that comes with those massive California fires, when people found their belongings and memories burned up, leaving them homeless in a flash.

Outside of the devastating human toll, “When you’re watching and looking at a disaster like this, it really forces you to think about what you own, how safe it is, and where your valuables are stored,” says Hughes, a USA TODAY reporter who covered the fires in Paradise, California, that turned an entire town to ash.

Things have been very rough in Malibu as well to the south, where the whole town was evacuated in the wake of the fires. ($170 to scan 1,800 photos, free shipping)