The Business of Bulk Scanning by Digital Imaging Reporter

Tech journalist, TV personality and contributor to a dozen publications, Ted Kritsonis, reports on the state of digitizing pictures for Digital Imaging Reporter (May 2018) with this feature primer on why scanning pictures is trending.

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Out of the Shoebox: Bulk Scanning Gives Old Photos a New Purpose

Excerpt: Why take a look at bulk scanning? Well, it’s perhaps impossible to approximate how many printed photos exist in people’s personal collections. Add 35mm slides and negatives and that number only balloons further.

There’s plenty of debate over printing photos shot in the digital age, but what about digitizing prints from bygone eras? Call it shoebox scanning or another term, but some vendors have targeted this niche market as a solid revenue stream and sustainable business.

Bulk Scanning Solutions:, headquartered in Irvine, California, is among the most prominent. The company has digitized 500 million photos, 35mm slides and film negatives that were shipped to the company in special boxes. Its photo-imaging scanners, set up in separate clean rooms, are capable of digitizing about 1,000 photos in five minutes.

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5 Tips for Bird Photography

Bird Photography


By Vanessa Mallory Kotz


Part of the joy of spring is the sound of bird song and the bright flash of a colorful wing or the surprise of red on a robin’s breast. Yesterday, I had to run an errand at a government building, one of those things we all dread but must do. As I was about to enter, I saw a duckling on the sidewalk. The awkward juvenile was no longer yellow and tiny, but the little guy/gal was still fluffy and vulnerable. It waddled back and forth and in small circles, quacking anxiously. A man, who clearly worked there, barred it from entering the door in a little dance with the creature.


“I think Mom and Dad went to the lake and lost count,” he said as I stopped to watch, feeling an intensely maternal concern for the bird. “I’ve been watching them for a week, and the mother duck is very protective.” We were joined by another woman, and our trio of concerned citizens cooed and clucked over its plight. Eventually, the man sashayed the duckling toward the bushes and safety. For a moment I had forgotten my grim errand. I also forgot to take a picture. What a missed opportunity! I was close enough to see the details of the webbing on its little flippers and the gleam in its worried eyes. So, I wondered, if I had the chance again, how could I best capture the moment on camera?

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Hidden Family Stories Digitized From Photo Albums Uncovered

600 million pictures digitized by led to emotional stories from decades of family photographs–shared in new “Tales From The Pictures We Saved” podcast series

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Tales From The Pictures We Saved

Podcast stories shared by people with generations of nostalgic family photos and why they are so important

A missing brother, a long-lost letter from a loved one, a heartbreakingly beautiful gift given to a wife on her deathbed are just some of the stories uncovers in the new podcast “Tales From the Pictures We Saved.”

If a photo is worth a thousand words, imagine the novels that could be written based on the millions of print photos stored right now in the homes across America.

“On the surface, it looks like we’re in the business of scanning and digitizing photos, but it’s about so much more,” explains CEO Mitch Goldstone. “Every box of old photos contains more than pictures. It contains stories of our loved ones, precious memories, and moments captured in history. Over time, we started to hear about how the process of preserving and scanning print photos kicked up these powerful stories in our customer’s lives—it was heartwarming and emotional.”

While interviewing customers about their experience with the company, ScanMyPhotos realized each customer had a remarkable story to tell.


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4 Top 35mm Slide Scanning Solutions for Your Old Pictures

slide scannerBest Tips for Digitizing 35mm Slides

In today’s day and age, if you ask a teenager what a PowerPoint slide is, chances are they might be able to tell you. If you ask that same teen to describe a projector slideshow, chances are they’ll have no idea what you mean. Pictures store a vault of history that must be preserved.

Yes, gone are the days when people would break out the projector and show friends and family the 35mm slides taken on a recent vacation. But just because those days are gone, doesn’t mean those memories are forgotten. In fact, many families have these old slides stored in boxes in the attic, collecting dust.


Well, if you happen to be one of these families, you’re in luck. We’ve pulled together the following slide scanner solutions that will get those old images back in use.

Store your physical slides somewhere safe


Just like photos, slides are prone to damage as a result of sunlight, temperature, storage methods, and improper handling. You’ll want to make sure you are storing your antique slides somewhere that is temperature controlled, out of the sun, and in an archival quality container. When handling, your hands should be clean or wear gloves made of a non-scratching fiber.


Organize slides in a method that works for you


Organization of old slides will help the digitizing and preservation process go much quicker. You can sort and catalog your slides by an event, date, or the people or places in them. The key is to select an organization that works for you and your collection, and then go from there.


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TechCrunch: ScanMyPhotos, “One of the Coolest Services in the World”

TechCrunch Reviews Photo Scanning Service, ScanMyPhotos

Named as “one of the coolest services in the world” is a weighty affirmation for any business, but when it comes from TechCrunch, that is a whole new calibration.  For details, please click here.

Technotopia, a podcast about how technology will change the world for the better is hosted by John Biggs. This week, shares insights about the future of photography, memory, and media. Our CEO, Mitch Goldstone, shares backstories and details about the business of photo scanning.

How to subscribe to “Technotopia, a podcast for a better future”

Technotopia is a podcast about a better future by John Biggs. You can subscribe in Stitcher, RSS, or iTunes and listen to the MP3 here.



Full disclosure here, we are passionate and loyalist John Biggs fans and have been for years. He is the first we follow on Twitter each day (all day), and are inspired by his TechCrunch stories and entrepreneurial pursuits. John is also the indirect reason for this blog. His widely regarded book, along with Charlie White, “Bloggers Boot Camp: Learning How to Build, Write and Run a Successful Blog” was our roadmap for steering every element of publishing this blog.

[Repost from Nov. 2017]

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