4 Top 35mm Slide Scanning Solutions for Your Old Pictures

SMP Slide Scanner 300x200 - 4 Top 35mm Slide Scanning Solutions for Your Old PicturesBest Tips for Digitizing 35mm Slides

In today’s day and age, if you ask a teenager what a PowerPoint slide is, chances are they might be able to tell you. If you ask that same teen to describe a projector slideshow, chances are they’ll have no idea what you mean. Pictures store a vault of history that must be preserved.

Yes, gone are the days when people would break out the projector and show friends and family the 35mm slides taken on a recent vacation. But just because those days are gone, doesn’t mean those memories are forgotten. In fact, many families have these old slides stored in boxes in the attic, collecting dust.


Well, if you happen to be one of these families, you’re in luck. We’ve pulled together the following slide scanner solutions that will get those old images back in use.

Store your physical slides somewhere safe


Just like photos, slides are prone to damage as a result of sunlight, temperature, storage methods, and improper handling. You’ll want to make sure you are storing your antique slides somewhere that is temperature controlled, out of the sun, and in an archival quality container. When handling, your hands should be clean or wear gloves made of a non-scratching fiber.


Organize slides in a method that works for you


Organization of old slides will help the digitizing and preservation process go much quicker. You can sort and catalog your slides by an event, date, or the people or places in them. The key is to select an organization that works for you and your collection, and then go from there.



Send them to a slide scanner service to digitize and preserve


Selecting a slide scanner service can be a challenge—who can you trust to digitize and preserve your precious antique items that contain valuable moments of your past?


We recently wrote an entire article on How to Find a Reliable Photo Scanning Service, but many of the same principles we wrote in that article apply here. It’s always a good idea to ask for recommendations and do your research to find a reliable scanner. Once you do, send them on in to get scanned.


Host a slideshow party


Vintage anything is extremely trendy at the moment. Typewriters, Polaroid cameras, antique appliances—all of these items will garner a lot of attention, especially from younger generations.


So, once you’ve digitized and preserved your old slides, take advantage of the vintage appreciation trend by hosting a slideshow for younger generations to enjoy. You can easily create a slideshow out of your digitized slides right on the computer using a free service like Slideshow Maker. This particular service even lets you add music.


If you happen to have an old projector (and have ensured the safety and preservation of your slides by digitizing them first), then you can easily give this party an old-school cool vibe.


And, of don’t forget to get your guests involved! Ask them if they have an old photo or slide they want to include in the slideshow.


So, if you’re ready to get your slide scanner project started, drop us a line. Our professional technicians will hand-scan each slide and carefully adjust the images to achieve the optimum color and density, ensuring each image is at its best.

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