New Free App, Adobe Slate, Helps Photographers Build Beautiful Web Pages

Slate 300x200 - New Free App, Adobe Slate, Helps Photographers Build Beautiful Web PagesThere are so many good things about the new Adobe Slate app that it’s hard to know where to start.


That said, we think this app’s very best feature is its cost. Adobe isn’t typically known for offering free products, which is why the ability to download this app at no cost upfront or monthly is such a big win.


The next big plus is that this app allows you to create beautiful web pages with no coding or design skills required. In fact, it helps users build parallax pages—which is the perfect format for photographers to showcase their craft.


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Outside Headquarters

Each day hundreds of thousands of photos are safely delivered for digitizing at our headquarters. Throughout the day, there is a tenderly gentle dance as couriers are delivering and picking up decades of family photos that are awaiting scanning or returning.
Delivery trucks line up each day at in Irvine, CA

Delivery trucks line up each day at in Irvine, CA

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A Touching Tribute to Love: The ScanMyPhotos Project that Became a Life Changing Experience

Old camera filmA photo is so much more than just a photo—each one is a moment of life and love captured as keepsakes.


While we all hold our photos dear, no one may understand just how precious and vital photos can be more than recent ScanMyPhotos customer, Brett Stepanik.


Brett, a freelance photographer and photo assistant, struck up a conversation with the Jones* family at a dinner party. The family had a special photo-scanning project that needed the help of someone with a deep sense of empathy, who would understand the gravity of their situation. Fortunately for them, it was a good thing they turned to Brett.

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Vintage Photos on Pinterest that Will Make You Smile

476px-Taylor,_Elizabeth_10Whether it’s a recipe for how to make a homemade water blob or an article on how to set up a S’mores buffet at a wedding, a search on Pinterest can yield incredible results.


The gang here at ScanMyPhotos is always (p)inspired by what we find on the visually dynamic social site, but we wanted to take things a step further. Since we love to preserve and observe historical photos, we did a search for vintage photos on Pinterest and were not disappointed with the results.


You could easily spend hours scrolling through all the old photos and stories that people have pinned (we did!), but, after a while, we discovered that the best photos were featured in articles and blogs. If you really want to smile at the past, check out the warm-n-fuzzy vintage photo articles we found on Pinterest.

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Photo Sharing Apps’ Biggest Problem SOLVED

Do you share photos online? In today’s all-digital world, if you are like most tech savvy disbursers of information, the most commonplace pictures shared are of what you ate last night or those instant moments captured on your mobile device. But, there are 3.5 trillion old school photo snapshots that are still analog.


The challenges for the top photo sharing apps, and cloud storage services like DropBox and Box is how to digitize those past nostalgic memories. #ThrowbackThursday (#TBT) is another popular trending tool for showing off pictures from decades ago.   Each of the below photo sharing apps, along with all the rest have a bog problem. Faced with trillions of still analog pictures, the biggest problem in photography is how to easily and affordably get pictures scanned. Using a bulk photo scanning service like is a smart solution for revisiting past pictures to then upload and share. What is your favorite photo sharing app and are you using it for also sharing past pictures that are now digital?


Our Favorite Photo Sharing Apps and tools:


Facebook Camera is the fastest way to share photos with your close friends and family members on Facebook. Browse through a feed of your friends photos, upload multiple photos at once, and add filters to make your photos look unique.


Instagram lets you customize your photos and videos with custom built filter effects and cinematic stabilization. Share unlimited photos and videos in a photo stream.


Snapchat is used for sharing personal photos and funny videos with friends. Snap a photo or a video, send it to your friends, and it will instantly disappear in seconds after they view it.


Flickr fans take photos with the app and instantly share images with Flickr groups, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. There are filters, editing features to share those high-resolution photos.


Dropbox is a cloud storage leader for archiving and sharing your photos with easy access from your mobile device. The free service includes up to 2GB if data. The average order, where 2,500 pictures are digitized is more like 6GB, which requires an upgrade to the DropBox Pro service. Continue reading

Reviews On The New Layout From Instagram App

4 - Edit_iOS-022515A few weeks ago, Instagram shared an exciting announcement with iPhone users: the launch of their new Layout from Instgram app.


Now that the dust has settled from the original announcement, we wanted to find out if this new app has been living up to the hype.


The reviews we’ve uncovered so far have been mostly positive. For anyone who may be interested in downloading the Layout from Instagram app, we pulled together a list of some of the best reviews we’ve seen to give you a better idea of what to expect.


iTunes Customer Reviews


Excellent App for its purpose. Been playing around with this app since it was released and so far I haven’t come across anything I could say is a downside. I love that you don’t need Instagram to use the app or get use of the app. It runs smooth, hasn’t been a bane on battery life with all the pic snapping I have done. I love photobooth mode, very intuitive…EXCELLENT job Instagram team. You nailed it.” –Gwill80

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CNET Outsourcing Photo Scanning Story

Sharon Profis @SharonProfis and Jason Cipriani @MrCippy from CNET published this story on how to “scan and archive your old printed photos,” which includes a section on outsourcing photo digitization.




Outsource the work to someone else

If all of this sounds like one giant headache, consider outsourcing your photo scanning to a professional, paid service. For example, scans, crops, edits, and archives your photos starting at $.16 a piece, depending on the scan quality you choose. Alternatively, the company can send you a box that you fill up and they scan for a flat rate of $145. According to ScanMyPhotos, it typically hold 1,800 photos.

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