Why Preserving Photographic Evidence of Climate Change is a Priority

Photographic preservation of climate change data is a priority at ScanMyPhotos.com and why digitizing government agencies’ pictures are being provided without charge


This photo of disappearing glaciers was captured by Ameer Boii

(Irvine, CA) Scientific evidence for warming of the climate system is unequivocal. Climate change is real.

As Andrew Freeman at Mashable explains:  For the second time since 2000, the U.S. is poised to pull out of a major climate treaty that the country itself fought hard for. Unlike the last time this happened with the Kyoto Protocol in 2001, however, the Paris Climate Agreement, which President Donald Trump is preparing to pull the U.S. out of, is widely viewed as the last, best chance the world has to avoid potentially catastrophic global warming. Also unlike Kyoto, the new agreement is entirely voluntary, making a withdrawal even more extreme. Scientists think that global climate change, if left unchecked, could bring withering droughts, more intense storms, devastating sea level rise, and more frequent and severe heat waves to many parts of the globe.


  1. Trump Signs Executive Order Unwinding Obama Climate Policies.
  2. Our response to why the coal industry has been replaced by cleaner and newer renewable energy technologies.
  3. White House official: Trump plans to pull US from Paris deal

Beyond words, what are you doing to protect and support science – showing that carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels contributes to global warming? Decades of scientific data may be destroyed due to the Trump administration’s dowdy demands that politics quash facts.

Recently, the White House was looking at having the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) take down its website with educational resources and links to climate-change data. This vital data from the EPA and other federal agencies – charged with safeguarding clean, livable air and water – have a reservoir of research which may disappear. There are millions of analog photographs from research into the effects of climate change on public health, the environment, and natural disasters. The pictures don’t lie, but they represent a treasure trove of essential information on how our world is changing. Archived analog photos are used by scientists and educators worldwide, yet they are at risk of being literally destroyed.

As the Trump administration seeks to tighten controls and discourage dissenting views on climate change, American businesses are raising their voice and responding. Scanmyphotos.com is now providing free photo scanning for preserving these records. Details below.

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NYT: How Small Firms Can Defuse a Political Threat

ScanMyPhotos.com was profiled in The New York Times “Entrepreneur” column written by Constance Gustke.  Click here to read the February 22, 2017 article.  We were inspired by the story shared by Nicole Morgenthau, owner of Finch Knitting and Sewing Studio in Leesburg, VA.

EXCERPT: Outspoken on Issues

ScanMyPhotos.com has professionally digitized more than 300 million photos

Some online businesses have been fully prepared to court controversy, regardless of the effect on sales.  Mitch Goldstone, co-founder of ScanMyPhotos, an e-commerce company that digitizes family photos, has always taken strong political stances, unafraid of how it could affect his 26-year-old business based in Irvine, Calif.  He even appeared on CNN in 2015, after Mr. Trump declared his candidacy, to explain why he was opposed to him. These actions resulted in hundreds of angry phone calls for a few days, he said.  Still, Mr. Goldstone did not back down from his outspokenness. He offered to scan photos free for all customers for one month if Mr. Trump won the general election.  Mr. Goldstone kept his word. And ScanMyPhotos has now scanned thousands of photos, he said, and won over some Trump supporters as paying customers.  “You have to speak up and have a voice,” said Mr. Goldstone, whose business employs 20 people. “I’m trying to demonstrate the value of integrity. And I need to keep my word.”  Mr. Goldstone also benefits from a huge market. His company has digitized 300 million photos so far, he figures, but 3.5 trillion photos in the country are still in paper form.

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Mr. Trump Won and We Are Keeping Our Word, Free Photo Scanning

In one very special way, all American families are winner’s from President-elect Donald Trump’s victory, because ScanMyPhotos.com has arranged to digitize the nation’s photos for free.* 


scanmyphotos_logoMr. Trump won the 2016 presidential election, and ScanMyPhotos.com is keeping its promise for free photo scanning [Pay just $14.95 for return S/H].


During the campaign, we made a wager and shared the views of many tech companies, but we lost.  However, integrity, credibility, commitment, and keeping our promise matters most. That’s been the cornerstone of and the reason why we have been in business for 26-years. Our passion is to help preserve generations of family’s photo memories.


Over the next month, ScanMyPhotos.com will digitize your photos without charge* for up to 500 4″×6″ standard pictures per family/address.


*THE TERMS: Cannot be combined with prior orders. Each order of up to 500 standard 4″x6″ photographs must be mailed as one order, send up to 500 photos in one box.  No walk-ins.  A $14.95 return S/H is required. Expires December 9, 2016. All 4″×6″ photos must comply with photo preparation guidelines [with a 4″x6″ size limitation]. Many add-on services for an additional fee are available. Domestic U.S. orders only. Void where prohibited, applicable sales tax required, no cash value, and this offer may be subject to cancellation without notice for any reason. Helpful video on how to prepare your pictures. We are here to help.  Please use our live support concierge help desk to ask questions on ordering. MUST COMPLETE, PRINT AND INCLUDE THIS ORDER FORM WITH YOUR ORDER 


ScanMyPhotos,com, founded in 1990, has preserved the history of families around the world, on a very large scale by digitizing more than 300 million analog pictures. Background and more info available at ScanMyPhotos.com


Behind-the-scenes tour of ScanMyPhotos.com via KTLA-5 TV News


Scanning Companies Will Digitize Your Old Photos, Fast


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Photo Industry Executive So Confident Donald Trump Will Lose the Presidential Election That They Are Making a Huge Bet

UPDATE: This Op-Ed was published in The Hill

Excerpt: Fast-forward to this nightmare of a presidential campaign we are living through, and my opinion of Mr. Trump has been ripped apart and ground into the dirt. We have all learned that he is not, in fact, a successful entrepreneur. He’s a fraud and a con artist, and he’s been lying to us for years.




ScanMyPhotos.com has digitized 300 million photos

Photo Industry Executive So Confident Donald Trump Will Lose the Presidential Election That ScanMyPhotos.com Will Digitize the Nation’s Photos If He Wins




(News Release) –– ScanMyPhotos.com, the country’s leading digital photo scanning company, has pledged to digitize the photos of anyone, including immigrants, living in the U.S. for free if Donald Trump wins the upcoming presidential election.


“This is a historic election, and we are making a big bet on Hillary Clinton’s victory with this offer,” noted ScanMyPhotos.com President and CEO Mitch Goldstone. “If Mr. Trump is elected, it will be a serious detriment to our nation’s future. The least we could do is help Americans celebrate their past and their own personal histories.”


The offer is straightforward: ScanMyPhotos.com will digitize up to 500 4” x 6″ photos per family per address if Mr. Trump wins, should Hillary Clinton win, we all win anyway.. Each order must be mailed separately and comply with photo preparation guidelines; it cannot be combined with prior orders. Because we return photos after scanning is complete, each customer must pay $14.95 for return shipping and handling and applicable sales tax. This offer may be cancelled at any time. No walk-ins accepted. Expires December 9, 2016.
For ScanMyPhotos.com, this is not a gimmick but a bet on our country’s future. “During our 26-year history, we have actively engaging in the political process,” Goldstone commented. “And because more than 75% of ScanMyPhotos.com customers are female, we want them to know that we stand with, support and celebrate them.”


Conditions for Free Photo Scanning:


If Mr. Trump wins the 2016 presidential election, ScanMyPhotos.com will digitize the nation’s photos without charge, up to 500 4×6″ standard pictures per family, address. Cannot be combined with prior orders. Each order of up to 500 photographs must be mailed separately, no walk-ins, and a $14.95 return S/H is required. domestic U.S. orders only.  Expires December 9, 2016. All 4×6″ photos must comply with photo preparation guidelines. Void where prohibited, applicable sales tax required, no cash value, and this offer may be subject to cancellation without notice for any reason. Helpful video on how to prepare your pictures



ScanMyPhotos,com, founded in 1990, has preserved the history of families on a very large scale by digitizing 300 million analog pictures. Background on ScanMyPhotos.com. More info available at ScanMyPhotos.com


View this behind-the-scenes tour showcasing how ScanMyPhotos.com digitizes upwards of 300,000 each day, via KTLA 5 TV News




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(Video) CNN’s Clare Sebastian Interview with ScanMyPhotos.com on Mr. Trump

CNN’s Clare Sebastian asks CEOs whether Trump will make a suitable president. Click to view.



CNN Los Angeles

Background: This was the prior Open Letter to Mr. Trump.


ScanMyPhotos.com was among the first tech companies to vocally address and challenge Mr. Trump, explaining why he’s a horrible example for entrepreneurs. The objective of my advocacy campaign is to explain why he’s more like the Norma Desmond character in “Sunset Boulevard” and ‘Lonesome’ Rhodes from the 1957 film, “A Face in the Crowd.”


Overview from my CNN interview, lost on the proverbial “cutting room floor”:

• Smart business owners understand and celebrate diversity of people and ideas


• Mr. Trump is the Seinfeld of politics, there’s nothing there. On his campaign website there are no policy statements, just a commercial listing in detail all the properties he owns, and a very prominent “donate” button; even though he professes to be so wealthy and not needing any money


• Although he’s leading in the polls, even Herman Cain was rating higher at the same time four years ago


• His poll numbers have more to do with the same fascination we all have in watching a high-speed police chase. It’s gripping “entertainment,” yet we all know that it’s not going to end well


• Many of my loyal and hardworking employees are of Hispanic descent, and when he made those immigration comments he affected millions of Americans


• By boycotting an Iconic American company, founded in the 1800’s, and risking the 165,000 jobs at Macy’s – because his feelings were hurt – is a bad precedent and demonstrates his destructive leadership skills


• His call for a giant wall on our southern boarder, motivated me to launch a fact-finding trip to Berlin. I’m planning to visit and study the history of the Berlin Wall first hand. There were two walls, one massive iron wall (thus the “Iron Curtain” moniker), a vast empty space called the “killing zone,” and the more familiar cement wall, which was located within the East Berlin boarder. If anyone from the west approached it, they would be shot. Imagine the optics of Mr. Trump’s wall and our government shooting children and moms?


There was much more shared, with the emphasis on my advocacy campaign to engage other tech companies to speak up.


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