(Video) CNN’s Clare Sebastian Interview with ScanMyPhotos.com on Mr. Trump

CNN’s Clare Sebastian asks CEOs whether Trump will make a suitable president. Click to view.



CNN Los Angeles

Background: This was the prior Open Letter to Mr. Trump.


ScanMyPhotos.com was among the first tech companies to vocally address and challenge Mr. Trump, explaining why he’s a horrible example for entrepreneurs. The objective of my advocacy campaign is to explain why he’s more like the Norma Desmond character in “Sunset Boulevard” and ‘Lonesome’ Rhodes from the 1957 film, “A Face in the Crowd.”


Overview from my CNN interview, lost on the proverbial “cutting room floor”:

• Smart business owners understand and celebrate diversity of people and ideas


• Mr. Trump is the Seinfeld of politics, there’s nothing there. On his campaign website there are no policy statements, just a commercial listing in detail all the properties he owns, and a very prominent “donate” button; even though he professes to be so wealthy and not needing any money


• Although he’s leading in the polls, even Herman Cain was rating higher at the same time four years ago


• His poll numbers have more to do with the same fascination we all have in watching a high-speed police chase. It’s gripping “entertainment,” yet we all know that it’s not going to end well


• Many of my loyal and hardworking employees are of Hispanic descent, and when he made those immigration comments he affected millions of Americans


• By boycotting an Iconic American company, founded in the 1800’s, and risking the 165,000 jobs at Macy’s – because his feelings were hurt – is a bad precedent and demonstrates his destructive leadership skills


• His call for a giant wall on our southern boarder, motivated me to launch a fact-finding trip to Berlin. I’m planning to visit and study the history of the Berlin Wall first hand. There were two walls, one massive iron wall (thus the “Iron Curtain” moniker), a vast empty space called the “killing zone,” and the more familiar cement wall, which was located within the East Berlin boarder. If anyone from the west approached it, they would be shot. Imagine the optics of Mr. Trump’s wall and our government shooting children and moms?


There was much more shared, with the emphasis on my advocacy campaign to engage other tech companies to speak up.