WashPost Photo Organizing Tips

Thanks to Jamie Davis Smith for her extensive Washington Post “On Parenting” tips for organizing photos. These tips are an important way to better organize, unclutter and enjoy decades of analog photos.




Tackling the back-log. Most parents have tons of unorganized photos going back (at least0 until their child’s birth. While this system is relatively easy to implement, it may seem daunting to go back and organize six or 10 years worth of photos. The good news is that you can organize your older photos gradually. Set a goal of finishing a year’s worth of photos over a month or two or even six. Looking through your old photos will be a fun trip down memory lane and you will probably enjoy the process. As you are going through your old photos remember to delete the ones that aren’t keepers. If you are unable to determine in which month old photos were taken or find it too time consuming to do so, concentrate just on organizing the photos by year and pay attention to creating folders for special events like “Johnny’s First Day of Kindergarten” or Halloween so that you can easily find them later.



If you have printed photos you may want to scan them yourself or use a service like www.ScanMyPhotos.com to do it for you.



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