Divorce, Photos, and Procrastination: Why Waiting 20 Years Saves the Day

ScanMyPhotos customer Trudy Arnold faced the same awful choice as many parents when she got divorced: What to do with all of those cherished family photos?

As it turns out – nothing, at least, not for a long, long time. As she explained, “Twenty years ago when my children’s father and I divorced, it got down to the family photos, and neither of us could go through them at that moment. We put it in the terms of our agreement that’d we’d revisit them at a different time.”

Well, procrastination worked in her favor. Fast forward to last summer when she bought a ScanMyPhotos Groupon. Trudy knew she had 6 months to get her photos together, and that deadline turned out to be the best thing ever. Her 3 grown children, their dad and Trudy all got all of the photos.
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